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  1. Patriots / Ravens DST - Rest of Season

    I actually have both as well and am holding on to them. I really like the Ravens this week as the Rams have been struggling so much and the Ravens have been playing so well on defense. The Pats have obviously been amazing but Dak has been on a bit of a roll and the last time they played a really good QB in the Ravens it didn’t go well. Dak is no Lamar, but still, he can run when he needs to. Zeke is obviously no slouch either. The Pats may shut them down but the Ravens play feels safer to me with how bad Goff has been. He seems to be in a major funk.
  2. Drop NE DST?

    I would keep them as you'll clearly be able to use them some games in the playoffs, but I also wouldn't want one of my potential opponents to have them. If you're set at all your other positions they're more valuable than a flyer on some mediocre player I think.
  3. Week 17 he’ll sit I would guess. Probably not before then I wouldn’t think.
  4. Defense for this week

    You think? My only worry is Jones has had some games where he’s put up a ton of stats.
  5. Veto a trade question

    I guess if it’s fair it’s ok.
  6. Trade Advice: heavy trade before deadline

    No way. I keep the 30-45 points a week from Jackson would much rather have him over Watson. Thomas is much better than Hopkins so far this season. Cook is amazing but not that much better than Jacobs for this trade.
  7. Defense for this week

    I feel like the Ravens have the much easier matchup and Dallas has been in a bit of a roll. I think I’m leaning Baltimore right now.
  8. Defense for this week

    Should I stick with NE vs. Dallas or go: Baltimore vs Rams Bears vs NYG Part of me wants to just start New England because they've been lights out except the Ravens. However the Ravens are playing the Rams who have been horrible lately on offense. The Bears seem to be ranked the highest of all by most experts so far.
  9. Who to grab off of waivers (FAAB)

    Glad I’m not the only one. It feels like he has massive potential this game. At worst it feels like it’s a game where he gets a touchdown to me. Plus I’m playing against the guy who has Carr so any touchdown pass to Williams I’d at least match him if not get the slight edge with yardage.
  10. Who to grab off of waivers (FAAB)

    So people on here and rankings from experts I like have Marquise Brown above Curtis Samuel and Samuel above Tyrell Williams to play this week. I was hoping someone would be able to explain the reasoning Brown is so high and what I’m missing. I know the Texans secondary is really bad but so is Atlanta’s and Cincinnati seems to be the worst defense of all, so Williams seems like the logical play to me, but everyone has him below those two, McLaurin and Juju. Just wondering if there’s something obvious I’m missing as to why so high on Brown and low on Williams. I have a feeling this week is going to be a playoff deciding game between me and my opponent so it feels like a big choice what’s receivers I’m playing. Thankfully I didn’t go Juju and Golladay already has one of my spots. Two to go.
  11. Kareem Hunt

    Meh. Walker is just a throw in. Great trade for you. Was he a Browns fan? Underrated strategy for trades is to offer someone a player who’s a big fan of the team they’re on. They always have a huge bias and are more willing to do it.
  12. Kareem Hunt

    Did you trade Chubb straight up for Evans and Henry or throw someone in? If so that was not a good move by that guy, even if Hunt were never on the Browns.
  13. ROS: Jared Goff or Nick Foles?

    I'd say Goff because of the unknown of Foles and he is capable of good games, but I'll tell you, this is his last chance with me this week.
  14. Do I stand a chance?

    I would give him the edge, but your team is good too and you have a strong chance. You both have guys that can absolutely go off so whoever has 1 or 2 of those this week will probably win. As an aside, unless you just REALLY want to beat this guy for personal reasons, you're probably getting the 1 or 2 seed in the playoffs. So I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  15. I think my team is well rounded for my championship run

    Kind of agree with the rest if I'm being honest. I would guess you're points against are pretty low compared to the rest of the league, but hey. Wins are wins at the end of the day and you got em. I think a problem you will run into is Josh Allen's schedule is getting much harder after Sunday, Golladay isn't the same until Stafford is back, Chubb should still be very good, but there will be less carries with Hunt back and I wouldn't want to play both until further notice. Ekeler probably got you some wins early, but Gordon is the guy now. Adams coming back should help you. I think if you can somehow work a trade where you get another solid starter at back and an upgrade at QB you might be in good shape for a run. Who else is available at QB on waivers assuming it's a 1 QB league? There might be someone pretty good still sitting out there.