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  1. Should I do this trade?

    Absolutely not. I wouldn’t trade Sutton for Tate straight up I don’t think. I would try to aim higher with Ertz if your goal is a solid WR.
  2. So I've got only $5 left of my FAAB, but who should I target this week with Lockett on bye? Marquise Brown vs. Houston Curtis Samuel vs Atlanta I'm right now going to play Golladay for sure, Tyrell Williams for sure, and I would choose between McLaurin vs Jets, or Juju vs. Cleveland. Should I pick up one of those two guys to play over the last options, or is it smarter to play one of McLaurin and Juju and pick up Josh Gordon instead even though it's a bye week considering Lockett could be missing some time? Thanks in advance.
  3. Trade advise. Accept??

    Ah. My bad. Well then make the trade.
  4. Help. Should I accept this trade?

    Yeah like that trade
  5. Confused, Which 2 WR's do I start?

    I would still OBJ. Steelers are great. Diggs has a tough matchup with Harris but I would play him just because he's so talented and the possible upside. Then I would also play Sanu.
  6. Trade advise. Accept??

    Nah. Keep Kamara and Godwin. Dak is still 4th in scoring and plenty good enough to win. Godwin is still top 4 in scoring, and has an easy schedule coming up. Should be better than Edelman. Plus obviously Kamara is still one of the better backs in the league.
  7. Who to grab off of waivers (FAAB)

    Well good problem to have but I got both M Brown and Samuel. Now I’ll have to decide between the two. Brown I think is better and the #1 but Atlanta’s secondary is SO bad.
  8. DJ or DeDe, JAC

    I would play Chark in that case.
  9. DJ or DeDe, JAC

    I like DJ Moore vs Atlanta.
  10. Really thinking of trading Saquon...

    I would do Zeke for sure. Probably Fournette too.
  11. Who to grab off of waivers (FAAB)

    Do you think Marquise is a better matchup than Samuel against Atlanta?
  12. Who to grab off of waivers (FAAB)

    Any other thoughts?
  13. TRADE - Mahomes/Howard for Cook

    I wonder if in the 3 weeks or however long you've been here, and you get in arguments with everyone on the forum, do you ever stop and think, "Huh. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm the problem?" I don't know. Maybe that's asking too much.
  14. Who to grab off of waivers (FAAB)

    Well I don't actually need to drop him as I'll be dropping the Bears DST (NE was on bye)
  15. Emmanuel Sanders or Tevin Coleman??

    Yeah Coleman. More touches but also more likely to score a touchdown or more.
  16. Do I have a chance of winning?

    You certainly have a chance. Both of those guys have a big chance to get touchdowns.
  17. Who wins?

    I think A definitely. Probably a nod to B if it were even but the 20 point lead is probably too much to overcome.
  18. Golladay or Juju?

    That’s why I was leaning too.
  19. Golladay or Juju?

    I don’t like either now with Stafford out. Just acquired Golladay 3 days ago in a trade too. Sigh.
  20. T Lockett questionable: Replacement?

    Hey we’re good! Questionable tag removed. I figured he would probably play in the end. From my experience the questionable tag isn’t necessarily a big deal as it seems at least 3 players have it every week, and when I searched Lockett there wasn’t much talk of an injury which also is a good sign. When you see the doubtful tag, that’s when the worry should set in because that means they’re more than likely not going to play. Here’s hoping he has a big game and wins us our matchups.
  21. Josh Gordon for OBJ

    Absolutely not. Gordon is droppable. OBJ still has trade value. You can get a lot better for him, or trade way less if you really want Gordon.
  22. I probably would because it helps your receiver situation a lot.
  23. DK Metcalf

    Crowder most. Don’t drop Diggs.
  24. Kickers

    Probably not a very exciting thread compared to the big time trades, but what is your guys’ strategy on kickers? It seems an overlooked position and also hard to predict. I’ve got Joey Slye right now he’s been pretty good this year. He’s playing GB. I also see Brett Maher vs Min Zane Gonzalez vs TB Chris Boswell vs LAR I normally wouldn’t stress about it but I really need to win and need any edge I can. Gonzalez seems appealing going against TB. I’m assuming they’ll be in the red zone a lot.
  25. Who do I drop for a defense?

    Gordon. I already dropped him