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  1. Final Start/Sit Help

    It was tied exactly going into this game. I had Mostert and he had Emanuel Sanders but I pulled it out with Mostert’s good game. Gordon scored almost the exact same as Mostert. Closer than I liked towards the end but it worked out. Thanks for the advice all season!
  2. Final Start/Sit Help

    Thanks for all your advice so far this year and hope you all won a championship. This is the second week of the championship matchup and I could use any advice. It’s a 10 team superflex league and I’m the team on the left in my attachments. My biggest question now is Melvin Gordon or Moestert at the Flex. The experts mostly have Gordon a good amount higher, but with the 49ers having something to play for, My gut says to play Moestert as I could see the Chargers playing a bunch of Justin Jackson or something like that. Any advice is appreciated!
  3. Final Start/Sit Help

    Thanks for the explanation. I ended up going Moestert. Just a gut feeling to play him.
  4. Final Start/Sit Help

    Thanks Montana. What am I missing here that every person has Moestert that low? He’s gotten double digits for how many games now and a good amount of carries. Has Seattle’s run defense been that good as late?
  5. Not a dime.

    That sucks man but don’t give up. We’ve all been there. I liken Fantasy Football to Poker. You can be the best in the world and even then you’re going to get beat by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing at some point. We can pour over all the stats we want but at the end of the day we’re trying to predict the future and really have no control. It’s just playing the odds. In a 12 team I would only allow 5 players in the first round and the 1 sees gets a bye. In my league it’s 10 team and we used to allow 6. I had an awful beat by the 6 seed. Now we do 4 spots so at least if You lose you lost to a good team.
  6. Start/Sit for this week

    10 Team Standard: RB: Elliott RB: Carson Flex: WR: WR: Choosing between Gordon, Miles Sanders, Mattison, Mostert for flex and two of Lockett, Golladay, AJ Brown, and Perriman for receiver. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Start/Sit for this week

    Thanks! I have a feeling Perriman will have a good week too. My gut says to play him, but the rankings say Lockett. My gut also says to play Sanders but everyone has Gordon higher. I'm a little worried about the fumbles causing reduced touches.
  8. Dick move or am I overreacting?

    Eh, if he’s fighting for third I think it’s fine, and I’m not too bent out of shape about it either way.
  9. Was in a spot where I could lose because I played against Lamar but best of two weeks he scored me 92 points. Crazy how good he has been as of late.
  10. Help managing my team the next two weeks

    So I think I will drop Boyd for Perriman, if someone takes him over me I may go ahead and drop Boyd for Pollard. I think TE are all just meh so I may wait until next week and grab the best available.
  11. So I'm in the championship but it's best of week 16 and 17. I'm worried about week 17 as I'm not sure who's going to be sitting and what players I won't have available, so I'm trying to get ahead of it a week in advance as I have $0 FAAB left. I'm wondering if Andrews will sit that last week, and even if he doesn't, Lamar probably will, so should I be targeting a TE? If the Cowboys win, are they benching Zeke if they beat the Eagles on Sunday, in which case I should pick up Pollard to play? Will Seattle bench Carson? Perriman is still out there. I may not play him over Lockett or AJ Brown, but I'm considering picking him up so he isn't going to be played against me. Any help would be appreciated! QB: Carson Wentz QB: James Winston RB: Ezekiel Elliot RB: Chris Carson Flex: Melvin Gordon WR: AJ Brown WR: Kenny Golloday TE: Mark Andrews Defense: Ravens Kicker: Younghoe Koo BENCH: Jared Goff Tyler Lockett Miles Sanders Tyler Boyd Raheem Mostert Alexander Mattison Patriots D/ST
  12. Help managing my team the next two weeks

    Here is my opponent's team
  13. Help managing my team the next two weeks

    The question is, who do I drop for those 3? I've got two defenses, but the guy I'm playing's best option is the Cowboys. Do I risk him playing Baltimore against me? I could drop Tyler Boyd, but he would most likely start him vs Miami as he's a Bengals fan. Half my worry with dropping players is willingly giving my opponent people to play against me.
  14. Help managing my team the next two weeks

    No problem. Just fixed it!
  15. Jameis Winston appreciation thread

    Yeah it sucks not having those guys but how do you possibly sit in after what he’s done?
  16. Week 17

    So in my league we do best of two weeks, and week 17 is the last of the two for the championship round. What are some players to pick up a week early that I might have to play because of starters sitting? I’ve got Mattison already and Pollard seems like he could play if the Cowboys and Eagles matchup next week settles that division. Who else should i grab?
  17. Should I stick with Koo?

    That's a good observation actually. Hmmmm. I really want to keep Koo with the upcoming matchups but is he worth dropping as I'm up 30 points? I could also drop Tyler Boyd but he plays Miami next week or Mattison, but I think I'll use him week 17.
  18. Should I stick with Koo?

    I was about to make a similar thread. I don't really like him against San Fran, but he's got the Jags and Bucs the next two weeks so I don't want to drop him. I had a nice 57 point lead until last night playing against effing Lamar Jackson and now it's down to 30 with me having Andrews and the Ravens already played. Wondering if I risk playing Koo or grabbing Crosby or Meyers.
  19. To Mark Andrews or not to Mark Andrews..

    Asking myself the same question with Higbee out there still but I'd have to drop someone for bench room.
  20. Receivers this season

    Is it just me, or do the receivers especially suck this year? Looking at a list of top 25 scoring leaders, it’s so underwhelming. Who on that list would you say “That guy has been awesome this year”? Michael Thomas for sure andHopkins has picked it up. Godwin, Golladay, Kupp, Cooper, Chark, Allen were really good for a stretch but have dropped off. Juju, Adams, Hilton, Woods, Cooks, Beckham, Hill, Theilen, Diggs are all busts whether it’s their fault or not. Evans is hurt but was as boom or bust as you can get. Very strange year for the position to me.
  21. Receivers this season

    He has. I was suprised to see him so high on that list.
  22. Week 15, Trust in Russ/Lockett or Bust?

    I'd play him over those two, but I just grabbed AJ Brown and him playing him over Lockett. I don't trust him really until I start to see otherwise or have nothing better.
  23. Already trying to add AJ Brown in an empty slot. Should I drop one of the following for Mostert? Mattison (we play week 17 so I may use him) Tyler Boyd Juju Miles Sanders I’ve got both the Patriots and the Ravens but I really don’t want to drop one of them and have them played against me. For starting backs: Zeke, Carson, Gordon. Starting receivers: Lockett, Golloday.
  24. Should I drop one of these for Mostert?

    Dropped Juju for him. Thanks guys. I may not even play him with my strong RB lineup of Zeke, Carson and Gordon, but we have that stupid week 17 matchup. They could sit any of those guys so I need as many good backs as I can.
  25. Should I drop one of these for Mostert?

    I was kind of thinking the same. I have a slight worry he’ll do well because of talent or someone will grab him but my gut says with Hodges it’s not happening.