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  1. Players to target!

    Desean Jackson has great late round value Even though they are both going early, I think Robert Woods and Calvin Ridley are both going to be closer in points to Cooper Kupp and Julio Jones respectively, so I'd rather wait to get those two guys a couple rounds later than Kupp and Jones.
  2. Is this a fair trade?

    thank you
  3. Team A (1-7 record) is giving away Tyreek Hill and Damien Williams to Team B (5-3) who is giving away John Brown and Royce Freeman. 12 team PPR scoring
  4. Commissioner Advice

    I've got a problem that I need some advice on. Team 1 (3-4 record) offered Team 2 (1-6) his next years 1st and 5th round draft picks for Todd Gurley, James Conner and Tyreek Hill. Team 2 wants to accept it. There are no vetos in our league, all trades are decided by me. Also the default yahoo settings, which we use, allow for draft picks to be traded. I've never been a real fan of it and I've never changed it because no ones ever tried to trade draft picks. Clearly Team 2 is tanking and with this trade the balance of the league will shift dramatically for this year and next. What are your thoughts on vetoing this trade? Should I allow for it to go through or veto it? Thanks.
  5. Trading for Mahomes

    Ok say you're .500 and you've been streaming QB's all season bearing inconsistent results and you have a balanced roster. Would you give up WR/RB 1's or 2's?
  6. Move Kittle or Waller

    Both are great options. I'd feel slightly safer having Kittle just because he performed well last year and Waller was a no name. Both have already had their byes too so I'd say trade whoever you can get the most value out of in return. This is a good problem to have.
  7. Trading for Mahomes

    What would you be willing to give up to acquire Patrick Mahomes in fantasy?
  8. Flex help please

    Murray because of the volume
  9. Which Mixon Trade to Make?

    Also I would definitely pick up Dorsett
  10. Which Mixon Trade to Make?

    I wouldn't do either of those trades. I'm still a Mixon believer. I definitely would not do the one for JuJu as they are pretty much in the same boat: two really good players in awful situations. And I think Hunter Henry just had his best game of the season. I understand that he was one of the better tight ends going into the season but I don't foresee too many more game scripts where Melvin Gordon only gets 8 carries and Keenan Allen only gets targeted 6 times. Having said all that, if you're set on trading Mixon I would prefer the Henry one, but I'd rather see you either stay put or try and get more out of it.
  11. Kamara Trade

    How do you feel about trading Alvin Kamara for Patrick Mahomes, Marlon Mack and Devonta Freeman? Here is my current roster in a 12 team PPR league: QB: Gardener Minshew RB: Alvin Kamara RB: Leonard Fournette WR: Mike Evans WR: Cooper Kupp TE: Hunter Henry Flex: Terry McLaurin Bn: Matt Breida Bn: Davante Adams Bn: Chris Thompson Bn: Sam Darnold Bn: Latavius Murray
  12. I'd still be hesitant. I like Carson over Mack too. Having said that, I still think you could make the argument for making that trade. It's not like it's incredibly unfair. I just side with Gordon, Boyd and Evans.
  13. I'd still be hesitant. I like Carson over Mack too.
  14. Gamble on Hill playing?

    Last I heard, Hill was "trending towards playing," but still risky because we don't know how ready he actually is. Personally I'd go with Moore