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  1. Rolling the dice....Gallman, Collins, or McKissic

    I had this exact dilemma. I went with McKissic, on a gut instinct that could just be indigestion (it's thanksgiving up here.) Collins and Gallman are in better situations, but McKissic is probably the best athlete. He certainly has more burst than Lacy or Rawls. I was was looking for a dart throw to pan out ok ROS, I weighed athleticism over opportunity (which isn't always very smart), and I'm a Seahawks fan, so that influenced my decision. Collins is probably the safest long term, he does have Mark Ingram comparables, West is not good and Buck Allen is unlikely to become a workhorse, so he could be a ROS low-end rb2. But he has two fumbles already and was cut by my team so I wrote him off. Gallman is in a pretty good situation this week, that offense is starting to roll, and he's walking into a 50/50 share. I don't see a ton of upside, but he could be a weekly rb3. Full disclaimer: I'm just a dummy that likes playing ff, I try to get as much info on things as I can, but I'm still wrong all the time. I'm basing my opinion on what other people have written, and pure speculation on my part *edit 12 team ppr also.
  2. WDIS

  3. RB2: Abdullah or Gallman

    Abdullah for me
  4. Moncrief or John Brown?

    I'd go brown
  5. Bunches of Funchess and full of fuller sorry if I'm too late
  6. Duke, Fitz, or Thielin at flex?

    How the heck did you get Evans and Jordy? Is it a dynasty league? If so, kudos on adding hunt, looks like you're winning that league for the next 5 years. Those are 3 really good options at flex. I'd go DJJ. I can't believe you have to make that choice with a big bye week going on. I have Fitz and Theilen in a full ppr and start them both every week. And how does someone who drafts that well still take Howard?
  7. Week five wide receiver help needed

    I would stick with what you have. I'm still pissed I missed out on Diggs in both my drafts, I'm a huge fan of his game
  8. Gore or Abdullah

    I'd be more comfortable with Gore than Abdullah
  9. So I'm in a full point ppr, my team is going really well because I'm the only guy that targeted mostly WR's in our draft. The problem is I lost Dalvin Cook, and I'm starting Frank Gore and Tariq Cohen ROS lol. I picked up Jerrick McKinnon and Wayne Gallman. Now I'm debating if I should have picked up JD McKissic instead of Gallman. I don't have room for both, and I won't be talked out of McKinnon, he's a superior athlete to Latavius Murray and I'll die on this hill. I love him! Gallman has a clearer path to success, but McKissic has more burst than Lacy or Rawls, better hands, and the Hawks always have a pretty good offense from the midpoint of the season on. Ok, please poke holes in my logic and confirmation bias, this is why I'm posting this. Gallman or McKissic, and why?
  10. I'd advise Ajaji and Howard, but I could see Jones or DJJ outrproducing Howard this week in ppr. In a full point ppr I'd personally start Ajaji and DJJ
  11. RB & Flex

    both your packers
  12. Merry Christmas Homies

    Merry Christmas !
  13. Think I just won this trade...

    Earlier in the season I traded Cooper and Gates for Lacy. I'm now playing that owner and he started them both for a combined 2 points. Although Lacy has been a total bust, that really worked out well. If only my ff luck would translate to real life occasionally. Merry Christmas all!
  14. Martavis Bryant

    Okay here's a question. I'm in this 8 team league that's with a few buddies that are new to ff. The guy that set the league designated 4 wr slots, 2 rb, no flex. I've traded for Peyton and Brees, I have Martavis, and Gates and Rothlisburger are both on waivers. I want to pick up Gates, but I also want to try for big Ben because wtf not, this league is my third, not for big money, and kind of a joke anyway. I want a qb monopoly come trade deadline. Should I drop Bryant to get both, or just target one or the other?