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  1. Best & Worst Fantasy Draft Picks 2014

    Loving Jordy Nelson, hating Cordarrelle Patterson.
  2. Tre Mason

    I have absolutely stopped trying to figure out Jeff Fisher and the Rams at this point.
  3. Tre Mason

    Stacy was dressed, active and healthy. He stood on the sideline the whole game with his helmet in his hand looking pissed.
  4. This season is just a formality

    Gotta be honest, I did not. For a second.
  5. This season is just a formality

    That was a crazy ending. Even as a Rams fan, I'm thinking that last play should have been reviewed and maybe reversed.Wow.
  6. Poorest show on turf

    Well, to be fair, he came in banged up from the week before with a calf, so he was a somewhat risky start to begin with. What's most amazing about this offense is that they have some really good playcalling early on and have some success. Then they seemingly forget what they were doing and change everything. Either that or the other teams seem to be adjusting VERY quickly to what the Rams are doing and we can't adjust to the changes they put into place.
  7. VENT ALERT: Anyone going through this?

    We switched to a double-header format every week to alleviate a bit of this. At least in your situation you would salvage a split. It has kept the vital head-to-head element, but it has worked very well to minimize this sort of thing.
  8. The "top 10 RBs" *

    I'd like to see the "other side" of this list. I'm thinking of looking at rb's in draft order in my league and doing a "where are they now?" Because the first 8 or so backs drafted have an alarming number of busts and under-acheivers. Cool list!
  9. Week #5 Injuries

    Zac Stacy calf injury. Return "doubtful." (Not that it matters to this team.)
  10. What is your teams slogan?

    Well, me team name is "4th and Long" sooooo . . . . I guess my slogan is send in the punter again.
  11. Harvin Stepped Out! Who else got screwed?

    Imagine if San Diego had lost by four or something. Jeebus.
  12. This season is just a formality

    Came here to bump. That's all.
  13. What do you need tonight?

    I need Joique Bell to get off his ass and get 20 damn yards. 20! He has 8. I know it's early, shut up, I'm cranky.
  14. Still laughing at DMD

    DMD and I need a beer.