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  1. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    My most vivid memory of that day was later that afternoon. I took a break from the coverage and was standing outside. I nearly jumped out of my skin as the Missouri Air National Guard came streaking over my head, flying low and fast on patrol over my city armed and prepared to shoot down anything that was percieved as a threat, because at this time we still didn't know if it was all over or not. Our world had changed forever. One of my best friends is a fireman, and I called him that day and caught him while he was packing a bag to fly to NY on his own dollar to help in the recovery effort. We will never forget.
  2. Five-player deal

    I had shot him an offer before, but last night certainly lit a fire under him, that's for sure.
  3. Five-player deal

    I've been proposed a trade by the team that has Priest (I have LJ) because they know I need a QB and a backup RB, and have depth at WR. They need a WR to replace Walker, they want to get LJ, and are deep at QB. They have proposed: LJ, Stokely, and Pennington for: Warrick Dunn and Tom Brady My roster: T. Green, Matt Hasselback, Pennington Edge, Portis, LJ, Kevin Jones, Arrington, and took a flyer on Ricky Williams Holt, Deion Branch, Andre Johnson, Housh, Stokely, Kevin Curtis Whitten, LJ Smith M. Nugent Their roster: Culpepper, Brady, Priest, Barlow, Blaylock, T. Bell, T. Henry, Dunn Randle El, Lelie, B. Edwards, Chambers, Porter, Colbert, Roy Williams Antonio Gates Elam, Josh Brown 8-team league, 6-point TD, 3pt. passing TD, performance points only after 100 yds rushung or recieving, or 300 yds passing, so it is a little TD-heavy. (In 2 starts, trent green has put up 2 zeros for me.) Watcha think? take it? leave it? potential counter-offers? Thanks for your help, I'm new to the boards and the huddle, but have been playing FF since 1993, when the commish went nearly blind every week reading NFL box scores.