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  1. What to do with the Rams D?

    With an offense that won't be keeping them off the field much, gonna be a gassed group of guys each week
  2. Antonio Brown Trade

    #2 is best option...the difference between OBJ and AB is slight and possibly preferential in most cases. Getting Maclin on top is gravy
  3. Not a long term J Landry believer; not that he'll be worthless, just WR2 status. 2 offers to move him: Both involve giving Landry/Forsett, the gets are AP/E Decker and C Hyde/M Floyd 12-team PPR, what ya thinking
  4. Virginia residents can't join MFL10s leagues anymore

    I honestly can't wrap my brain around why there's such a social stigma around fantasy sports in specific and gambling in general. In the supposed age of liberal views toward societal activities, there's way too much "you can't do that because we think it's unsafe for some"
  5. Dynasty/rookie drafts

    *curses the gods again for Zeke's 0% chance availability at my 1.02 spot*
  6. Dynasty/rookie drafts

    That'd be cool if I weren't color blind First I couldn't be a fighter pilot, now I can't improve my FF draft strategy! *curses the gods*
  7. It's a Gatorade commercial, Manning has been a spokesman/client of theirs for years (can probably say decades now), he has's a send off to one of their mainstays. I think the skepticism is better aimed at political ads; their lies, perceived or true, are far more impactful than a sugary sports drink commercial
  8. Aren't commercials, by design, a PR function?
  9. Your team's draft grade

    ITwiT is like the Johnny Manziel of posters, but with more staying's mostly a train wreck, but it's entertaining nonetheless
  10. ***OFFICIAL*** 2016 NFL Draft Thread

    I'm more happy for the upcoming post-draft fantasy mocks...but let's hope the Steelers do something about their secondary for real football's sake
  11. Lebowski league...

    Down to one spot remaining, let's fill this and get started! Am I the only one around here who's excited about a championship trophy?!? (references are fun) This is gonna be a fun league formatted to promote year round activity through contracts, RFA, and competitive rivalry. Get on board!
  12. Lebowski league...

    Tiny bump...almost full. PM me if interested. Hopefully can get this going once MFL is back online
  13. They better do their due diligence and then some...just moved team's future for one of them, best make sure they choose the right future
  14. Lebowski league...

    Bumpity bump...would like to get inaugural startup draft going come next Monday YOU GET A TROPHY AS LEAGUE CHAMPION!
  15. Hey fellas, I'm in the finishing stages of setting up a new dynasty league and will needing to fill about 6 franchises. It's offense only (1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1FLEX/1DEF), 20 man rosters, 4 IR spots, and 6 taxi squad spots. It will be a contract format similar to this league, along with RFA and franchise tag options. A big difference that I'll point out now will be how dropped players are handled; instead of dead cap years, it'll be a financial penalty determined by contract length (X amount of $ per years remaining). The owners currently are all friends from local redrafts, but not enough to fill out a 12 man league. I'd like to populate the remaining spots with guys from the Huddle since there's a built in level of trust (would make it a BoTH league if I thought I could). Cost would be $56 (50 for league, 6 for MFL fees) The catch: this league is themed after The Big Lebowski, meaning each team will need to be named after some reference to the movie. In addition, there will be a trophy for league champion called The Dude and last place will be forced to be renamed Shut The F*ck Up, Donny for the next season. Silly, but fun. Should this be of interest to you, please PM me and I'll get you a copy of rules to look over to make sure it's on the up and up for your desires. I'd like to have it filled pretty quickly so as to have initial league draft with rookie draft picks as available options before NFL draft, then do rookie draft later in May.