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  1. Lineup help

    Lineup look good?
  2. Lineup help

  3. Lineup help

    So lineup Qb Brady Wr Adams and Woods Rb Joned and Hined Te Everrett Flex Michel Flex William's Do I start 2 running backs on the same team?? Bench Alshon Jeffery Jonnu Smith Duke Johnson FA Robby A Russell Gage Alex Erickson
  4. Lineup help

    Full ppr. 10 team Qb Brady Wr Adams, Woods Rb Jones, ?? Te Evereett Flex Michel Flex ?? Bench Cousins, Cook and kirk bye Jonathan William's Ind Hines Ind Jeffery Jonnu Smith I put waiver claim for both William's and hines think I would get 1 but instead got them both. Who do I start?
  5. Cook trade? Am I crazy?

    Idk cook is a beast. What does the rest of your team look like I took am contemplating trading cook. I have an offer where I give up Cook and get Tyreek Hill
  6. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    Offer now is Hill for cook
  7. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    Tyreek hill for dalvin cook
  8. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    Hill for cook straight up
  9. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    Swap out dak with mahomes?
  10. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    I told him if he wants cook he needs to give me julio and bell for cook and a wr not named adams We will see how responds
  11. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    Is current joke of an offer He gives Julio, Bell, Prescott and saints d For Adam's, cook, duke and alshon
  12. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    He offered me julio bell and mack for cook and adams
  13. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    He thinks fournette and cook is an even swap
  14. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    Whose better ROS? Bell or fournette? Full ppr