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  1. Lineup help

    For who? Bench 4nette?
  2. Lineup help

  3. Lineup help

    Who do I start? It’s the championship game. Full ppr Qb Mahomes wr woods and Diggs rb Gordon and Fournette te Njoku flex Edelman and Jamaal Williams bench AP Damian Williams Ballage A Rob Keke Fitz
  4. Starting lineup Qb Mahomes Wr Diggs and Woods Rb Fournette Rb ? Te Njoku Flex Edelman Flex ? Bench Melvin Gordon(Quest) AP Keke A Rob Fitz Ito Full PPR
  5. Flex start

    Maybe swap out Robinson for Harris or AP?
  6. Flex start

    A Robinson and Collins in my flex Full PPR Bench AP, M. Harris, Ito Smith, Fitz
  7. Reed or Njoku ?

    Full ppr. Toss up
  8. Lineup help

    Any more thoughts? Can I trust Fournette this week? Or do I not have much of a choice what about Reed over Njoku? Njoku has been battling some injuries. And Was should be in a shootout
  9. Fitz or M. Harris

    I currently have Fitz in with Harris on my bench. But I’m not so sure it ppr or standard? Help mine out please
  10. Lineup help

    Current line up. Full ppr qb Mahomes wr Edelman wr Woods rb Gordon rb Peterson te Njoku flex Fitzgerald flex Ito Smith Bench Fournette, Diggs, Reed, Collins, Robinson, Bell and Harris Look good or should I take a chance on Fournette? I’m not sure on AP this week
  11. Currently 7-2. 10 team full ppr qb Mahomes wr Diggs, Woods, Edelman, Fitz and Robinson rb Gordon, Fournette, Bell, AP, Yeldon Ito Smith, Collins te Reed and Njoku Think I should go for a top wr? Or maybe someone like Juju or Keenan?
  12. Make this trade

    Any of the 3. But to keeper players kept another season you will have to give up more. I think the round he was kept minus a round. So if he kept Hunt who was a 5th rounder he will then be considered a 4th rounder if the owner wants to keep him again. I think
  13. Make this trade

    A lot of players go back into the draft. First round keepers go back into the draft AB Bell David Johnson Obj Julio Mike Evans
  14. Make this trade

  15. Make this trade

    Currently 1-6 in 10 team half ppr keeper league. We kept 3 players from last year. 1st Round Le'von Bell. 4th Round Kennan Allen 5th Round Kareem Hunt. Current roster Qb Brady, Smith Wr Allen, Jones Jr, Crabtree, Shepard, Cooper, Moore Rb Bell, Howard, Hunt, Ekeler Te Reed, Watson Current offer is Stefon Diggs, Mark Ingram and a 1st round pick for Kareem Hunt and 5th round pick. I also have deal for Bell and a 4th round pick for my 7th rounder. Im serious considering this deal. But he would then have Barkely, Hunt and Gordon as his 3 rbs What should i do? I can rebuiild for next year. Have 2 first round picks. I lose Kareem Hunt as a keeper and I will also lose Bell since 1st round keepers are only kept 1 year.