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  1. Need WR Help!!!

    This is getting ridiculous Now his offer is James White and Gordon for Fitz and Washington. Should i see if i can get the same offer but for Diggs instead?
  2. Need WR Help!!!

    He countered with Ingram and Gordon For Diggs and Von Miller Which it's basically 2 players for Diggs and I think that's to high
  3. Need WR Help!!!

    White for diggs?
  4. Need WR Help!!!

    14 team 0.75ppr My Team Qb Cousins Wr Brown, Kupp, Corey Davis, Josh Gordon Rb McCaffery, Kerroyn, Ingram, James White, Coleman Te Cook I screwed up and did not know the roster requirements and we can only start 2 RB. QB, WR, WR, RB, TE, W/T, W/R Was offered Larry Fitz and James Washington for James White and Gordon. Now I think i can get more value for White with it being in a PPR leage His Roster QB Brees Wr Hopkins, Diggs, Washington, Fitz, Torrey Smith Rb Gordon, Samuels, McCoy and Justin Jackson Te Ebron What you think about White and Gordon for Diggs?
  5. Second Season Keeper League

    I can keep up to 3 keepers. I believe what will happen is that i will use a 3rd and 4th rounder to keep two players that would be in the same draft round.
  6. Second Season Keeper League

    See a third worth keeping?
  7. Need to pick up to 3 keepers for our second year. 10 team full PPR. QB: Brady Round 7 Wr: Cooper Round 3, Diggs Round 1, Allen Round 4(Kept last year will be a 3rd round this year), Rb: Ingram Round 6, Freeman (Round 2), Howard (Round 2) Te: Burton Round 7 I have 2 1st round picks and 0 5th rounders. Im leaning towards Ingram in the 6th and Cooper in the 3rd. See any one else worth keeping? Players going back into the draft are: Bell, OBJ, David Johnson, AB, Evans,