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  1. Full PPR I moved Gurley to my flex so at least I can have options. CMC and Chubb as the starters. Alternates for flex are CJ Anderson and Mark Ingram. Also have Landry but Cleveland plays at 1pm and Gurleys status may not be know till after that game starts. Thoughts?
  2. Somehow made it to the ship/QB help

    +1 for Baker. Ballage is super risky though. So little experience yet now there is film on him. For all their struggles, Jacksonville knows how to plug the gaps and lay dudes out.
  3. QB for Championship

    I might be in the minority here, but of the four I like Mayfield. I was as shocked as everyone he went no. 1 but for ONCE the browns knew something everyone else didnt. Dude is a winner and getting better every week. And the cake matchup with Cincy is the icing.
  4. Brees Cost me!

    In one league I had Brees and Keenan Allen. Other guy had Damien Williams and Fairbairn. He won. Yea, sometimes it doesn't matter, fantasy is a wretched, unforgiving whore.
  5. What to do with Fournette?

    I agree with wear him out, but that's assuming he can handle a full load. I say he goes down after 10 touches.
  6. TE for Champ Week

    An RB eligible at TE. Outside of the givens like Kelce, Gronk, and Cook...Samuels seems like a gift with Connor still banged up.
  7. Todd Gurley will He Start Week 16?

    Have to start Gurley if hes playing. Only problem is if/when they pull him. Hopefully he has ag least 60 yds and 2 tds by then. I have Kelly but have no plans to play him even if Gurley is out. Signing CJ says they dont trust Kelly despite his YouTube highlight clips.
  8. Tennessee or Chicago. Who you got?

    I benched the Bears once this season. It was their bye. They are a no brainer.
  9. Move on from Burton? Njoku on WW

    I luckily cut bait with Burton via trade before he lost his value. Now hes just dart throw to produce anything meaningful.
  10. Would you cut bait with John Brown or Courtland Sutton in favor of DJ Moore? Thoughts? Basically just upside bench depth at this point.
  11. How much FAAB for Lindsay

    Well you said the magic words.... "barring injury". Gotta have a backup plan
  12. WR help Josh Reynolds

    I'm leaning Reynolds and Doctson. Doctson is a very talented wr when healthy and Reynolds will be the guy overlooked first game replacing Kupp. Goff will take a shot or two at him deep. High risk high reward. Trequan is somehow invisible? Can't figure that one out. Jacksonville wr's....#$%& it. No way to predict that.
  13. Te waiver pick up

    Wow. Yea bottom of the barrel indeed. This isn't worth debating. Flip a coin and hope for the best.
  14. Trade help

    Hopkins is money but which arm to do u cut off to get him? Evans is the high upside here that doesn't cut into you're core to obtain