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  1. Start or sit

    I say Jones. Despite him being in a committe he is clearly their best back. That and the fact that indy is down both Hilton and Doyle sounds like a lot of three and outs for the Colts, limiting Hines touches.
  2. On paper it's a steal. The injury issues are clearly the X factor here. If you have the depth I'd say do it. Fournette and Hilton are Tier one talents when healthy.
  3. Trade John Brown

    Not sure who might bite on what but hes a perfect "Sell High" candidate.
  4. I wouldn't. Russ stock is down but hes so much better than his current output. Even if it takes a long time to rebound
  5. Was offered Baldwin and Collins for Kupp

    Referring to Jones or the whole thing is a non starter?
  6. Was offered Baldwin and Collins for Kupp

    Marvin Jones was the alternative to Baldwin. Not crazy about that
  7. Was offered Baldwin and Collins for Kupp

    Rb's are Gurley, Ingram, J. Allen, Carson and D. Lewis. Wr's are K Allen, Kupp, Diggs, M William's, Watkins and Jordy.
  8. Help me trade AWAY Gurley

    I never consider anyone untradeable but Gurley is close to it. I too was looking for the get a couple very good players in exchange for Gurley's greatness. Better for starting depth I thought. The guys here straightened me right out. You can only start one Gurley, but he really is just more productive than anyone else...except maybe Kamara...hmmm.what if I send......nah, just kidding. Ride Gurley
  9. TE help

    Kroft is an serviceable player who's next man up. A healthy Vance McDonald is a beast. Ive got my ww claim in...
  10. Le’Veon Bell Trades

    Until one gets hurt. Having three gives you depth. It's the old two is one, one is none. I've had Bell thrown at me as well. We wont see him for 3 weeks, IF he reports to the team. Tier 1 talent, tier 1 chalupa. Just saying. Maybe I'm telling myself....dont get sucked in by the Bell vacuum. I wouldnt put it past him to fake an injury after all this given what's happened thus far.
  11. Every week Goff and Mahomes cement qb1 status. Wilson is still a solid qb2. Your working from a position of strength. Take advantage of it and make it on your terms
  12. Most Epic Trade Ever

    It's made from real bits of panther.
  13. Most Epic Trade Ever

    Yep, do it. Hurry. Zeke IS the cowboys offense. AJ is healthy now but has a tendancy to get nicked up and miss games.
  14. Things that make you go Hmm...

    It's a fair trade