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  1. Desperation RB advice needed. WTS?

    And drop which of the other 3?
  2. RB Help

  3. I'm forced to start one of the these bums at RB this week. 1/2 ppr. What do you think? D. Henderson @ATL A. Mattison @DET R. Penny vBAL M. Walton(FA) @BUF
  4. Where there's smoke there's fire?

    Don't forget he ripped Robert Kraft on the way out the door. He wont be welcome back to NE and nobody else will even consider him while his legal status is unresolved.
  5. You have excellent RB depth. Use it now to improve you're wideouts. One wideout injury and you'll be scrambling and run the risk of doing something desperate
  6. * Choose 2 of these 3 RBs *

    Latest sounds more optimistic on DJ. Eckler is making hay via receptions(doesnt help you) with Gordon back. That said, DJ(if he is a go) and Howard.
  7. Opinion of this trade

    Without knowing your roster, its 3 decent players for one decent and a bonafide stud. Take Chubb.
  8. Pickup Malc Brown or Edmonds?

    Grab Brown. Something is very wrong with Gurley. We all know he has the balky knee. Now it's a quad contusion? Sounds more like the knee is acting up and they are just covering up.
  9. Malcolm Brown or AP?

    Agreed. Still Brown.
  10. Trade help please!!!

    You bought low on Hopkins. Smart move.
  11. Kelce and diggs offered for...

    You have RB depth and garbage TE's. Take Kelce and run. He will help you get over the loss of Jacobs weekly.
  12. Gus Edwards or Mike Williams?

    Williams by far.
  13. Defense Waiver Advice