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  1. Lindsay, Howard, Cohen?

    PL and TC
  2. Waiver Help

    Do I drop Doug Martin for Gus Edwards? or Chris Thompson is also available if he ever comes back from injury... You can see my team in my signature:
  3. I have been offered Alvin and Julio for my Gurley and AJ Green (Team 1 in signature). I just saw a report that AJ was scheduled to see a foot specialist and possible surgery could be had. Do I make this trade or hope AJ is fine and plays the rest of the season?
  4. Trade??

    In the 10 team listed in my signature, I was offered to trade Doug Baldwin for Tyreek Hill... Should I make this trade?
  5. Trade draft picks? HELP ME DECIDE!!

    Im trying to get as many top ranked players as I can and feel that having 4 of the top 25 ranked could help but I do agree that I am giving up a lot by trading away the 2nd pick. He asked me if I wanted to trade him spots in the draft. He would go at 2 and I would go at 5 (i was looking to trade down a bit). I came up with this trade offer. I did this once a few yrs ago and ended up winning the league but who knows lol
  6. League Info: 10 Team 1ppr I currently have the #2 pick in snake draft and the player drafting at #5 has offered me the following trade: He gets my 1st round (#2) and my 4th round (40th) I get his 2nd round (#16) and his 3rd round (#25) So, in retrospect, I will have 0 first round picks, 2 2nd round picks, 2 3rd round picks and 0 4th round picks. I would have picks #16, #20, #21 and #25 Im torn and not sure what I should do.........HELP ME DECIDE!!
  7. Kicker question

    im rolling with Butker
  8. QB: Who to Start

    Jimmy G
  9. D.Henry vs Jax CJ. Anderson vs KC 1ppr league
  10. Pick a QB

    Opinions on which QB to start!?!? Aaron Rodgers or Phillip Rivers?? Thanks in advance!!
  11. Of these 3, who will be the best option today to replace Gronk? Austin Seferian-Jenkins, New York Jets vs Denver David Njoku, Cleveland Browns vs GB Ricky Seals-Jones, Arizona Cardinals vs TEN
  12. Wondering who has the better fantasy outlook for the remainder of the season?? Buck Allen or Eddie Lacy??
  13. I’ve already got Brady and Hogan penciled but my problem is who to start at my Flex...James White or Tarik Cohen?? I don’t know how I feel about starting 3 guys on the same team in one week. It’s a .5 ppr league. Please help me figure this out, I’m running out of time 😞