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  1. Waiver Wire top spot

    Samaje for sure.
  2. Playoff Alert: Mike Evans

    What RBs do you have, Sir?
  3. Playoff Alert: Mike Evans

    I am in a 14 team league. I traded my 1st 2nd and 3rd round to land Bell and Mike Evans combo. So my team is very thin. This Monday, another manager said He want Bell, and I said I don't have other RBs, so it is very hard for me to trade Bell. And then He proposed him A brown and Devante Parker... so I accepted it..... Right now my RBs are all wavier wire guys like Rex, Samaje, Ekeler. My WRs are A Brown, Mike Evans, Devante Parker, Marvin Jones, and Sanu. Maybe I should trade Marvin Jones Sanu for some RB like Chris Thompson, Duke Johnson.?
  4. Playoff Alert: Mike Evans

    Thanks My friend. I have 0 RBs. Have to depend on A brown and Mike Evans during my playoff time.
  5. Playoff Alert: Mike Evans

    Well, my other we is A.brown lol haha thanks!
  6. Week 14 vs DET Darius Slay Week 15 vs ATL Desmond Trufant Week 16 @ Car James Bradberry In my opinion, I am considering to trade him before next week deadline. Thoughts?
  7. Week 11 Defense?

    Lions @ Bears easy
  8. Trade for Kelce

    I would do that based on WR. I will do Evans for Kelce!
  9. Get your reserves ready - Zeke suspended!

    clearly not a Zeke owner....
  10. I watched the highlights last week, he ran a little bit better. Right now becoming the feature back, with Seattle -6 Arizona. Anyone consider to start him? I know Arizona has a good run D. Thanks!
  11. I don't like Houston D/ST this week anymore

    I am in a 14-team I pick up Bengals. Perhaps surprisingly, the Jaguars don't give up a ton of fantasy points to D/STs, but we know that Blake Bortles can always be pressured into mistakes if he's forced to pass often. Leonard Fournette takes a lot of the burden off Bortles, but Cincinnati, who has three four-sack games this year and allows only 3.8 yards per carry, could cause problems for both players.
  12. without Watson, they are harder to advance the ball. Then anything can happen....
  13. this really bother me