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  1. The "WR" Ty Montgomery

    PPR Monster with Aaron Rodgers around, plus Goal-line work with GB offense. Montgomery's set to receive a monster workload with injuries to Nelson and Cobb. I have him, enjoy the ride.
  2. Just traded Demarco Murray for T.Y Hilton, good trade?

    good luck with Luck back...
  3. Top 5 RBs

    where is Melvin Gordon....
  4. Trade Help Needed!!!

    0.5 PPR League I give Marcus Mariota, Ty Montgomery, and Chiefs D I get Tom Brady, Isaiah Crowell, and Alshon Jeffery Should I accept it? I really like Ty Montgomery... Thanks!
  5. Ted Ginn Jr.

    Why nobody talked about him? He outscored K.Benjanmin and G.Olsen past several weeks.
  6. jameis/evans

    i have this combo on my team. Hope win me the champion this year!
  7. I trade away Ware and package Hilton to try and land Antonio Brown? You won't get him.......
  8. sorry to tell you.....GB Defense...
  9. I have Eli Rodgers and Eddie Royal on my bench.
  10. Week 14 JAX Week 15 Ind Week 16 GB all good matchups!