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  1. Chark for Conner?

    Conner owner will say "NO"
  2. WDIS for wr2 and flex

    Easy. Kirk and Montgomery. Both are mouth-watering matchups!
  3. Trade: Juju for Adam Thielen?

    yeap I would say Slightly better.
  4. Trade: Juju for Adam Thielen?

    My friend also warm me about that.
  5. Trade: Juju for Adam Thielen?

    anyone else?
  6. Trade: Juju for Adam Thielen?

    Yeap. I want to take the risk.
  7. I am 8-1, probably will get the first week bye @Week 14. So ALL i focus now are week 15 and week 16: Week 15: Juju vs Buf, I think the matchup is brutal Thielen @ LAC Week 16: Juju @ NYJ, a plus matchup? Thielen vs GB Thielen owner possible to accept the trade because Thielen hamstring injury. What do you think? THANKS!
  8. First of all, I am a Drake owner, and I started him tonight because I have no other choice. I know most of Drake owner right now try to sell him, not sell high, because DJ and Edmonds miay come back and the upcoming schedule is terrible. So it is your time to buy him, I have a second thought: 1. I do think Edmonds will go to IR. 2. Do you think when Cardinals 3-8-1 will risk DJ during week 14-16? I would buy low on Christian Kirk too. Happy Halloween!
  9. Hyde or Breida?

    Hyde Revenge Game!
  10. 0.5 PPR currently 4-1, however super weak at TE spot. QB: Matt Ryan RB: Saquon Barkley RB: Carlos Hyde, Kenya Drake, Chris Thompson WR1: Julio WR2: Chris Godwin WR3: Juju TE: Chris Herndon + Wavier Wire TEs I know Robby Anderson is a great great buy (Sam is back and easy schedule ROS). Austin Hooper will further build the connection with Matt Ryan. I know this offer seems very low...So Should I accept it or decline it? Much Appreciated!