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  1. Divisional Game Thread

    Well this one is over.... GO SAINTS.....
  2. Divisional Game Thread

    Wow, this is heading towards beatdown status....
  3. 2019 NFL Hall of Fame finalists

    Tony Gonzalez Ed Reed Gil Brandt Champ Bailey Isaac Bruce
  4. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    In... Payment sent....
  5. What do you need on MNF?

    I need DeSean Hamilton to stay under 30 points...
  6. Saturday Gameday Thread

    Starting Allen in a 3rd place game over Reynolds, Foster, and Gus Edwards
  7. Super Bowl teams, who do you have?

    Still debating my starting line-up..... Looking at this motley crew, half of these guys are WW picks. Can't believe I've made it this far. QBs P. Rivers RBs D. Cook L. Fournette/Yeldon D. Williams/S. Ware J. Howard K. Ballage WRs D. Pettis D. Baldwin G. Tate R. Foster TEs G. Kittle Browns Lutz
  8. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

    In again...
  9. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    Down 45... My opponent is done but I have Brees and McCaffrey left..... So, 48 points to be safe...
  10. Who do you need today

    This along with Tate… Started that POS Fournette so I'm already behind the 8 ball so how about D. Cook and Spencer Ware.
  11. McCarthy Out in Green Bay

    Just heard he was let go after losing to the Cards
  12. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    According to Roto/ProFootballTalk NFL placed Kareem Hunt on the Commissioner Exempt List
  13. Fournette Suspended 1 Game

    I get a 5 point bonus when a RB breaks 100 (He had 95 when he was ejected). I lost by less than 5 so I blame him.... And now in a must win situation this week I will have to start Yeldon or Howard in his place
  14. Fournette Suspended 1 Game

    Yea, why not..... His ejection cost me a win that would of locked up a playoff spot (5 yds away from a 5 point bonus). Been waiting for how many weeks to get this guy in my lineup and now this. Add this to the Kupp injury and Tate becoming a shell of what he once was since the Philly trade. Sometimes I just hate the Fantasy Gods....
  15. O. J. Howard on IR

    Man, I can't catch a break on one of my teams Green - Out the last 2 weeks Kupp - IR Tate - Useless since he went to Philly Collins - Looks like he's been replaced and now Howard to IR…