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  1. Covid Thread- All things Covid and the NFL

    Andrew Siciliano is out Covid-19.... There goes my NFL Broadcaster's team.
  2. Anyone else doing well and losing terribly?

    In one league I'm starting K. Murray Dalvin Cook Devin Singletary DeAndre Hopkins Robbie Anderson Justin Jefferson Keelan Cole/Chris Godwin (when Healthy) Mike Gesicki and I just won my first game of the year. The first 3 weeks I played the top Scoring team
  3. Week 3 chat

    Guessing I'm looking for replacements for Godwin and Carson next week... It just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Hey, Fantasy Gods,
  4. Week 3 Injury Updates

  5. Artificial crowd noise

    That would explain it then.....
  6. Artificial crowd noise

    Gave me a chuckle, In Philly last week when Wentz threw a pick in the red zone they actually played fan's booing. I thought, no.... But even the announcers mentioned it.
  7. Chris Godwin in concussion protocal

    Wow, Week 1 is killing me... Got Godwin in a couple of leagues, same with Michael Thomas. Had Mack, still waiting for Miles Sanders and Cortland Sutton to take the field, and with Thomas out, that makes my Brees picks in a couple of leagues not so good.
  8. How many leagues?

    In 6 this year. 1 - Guillotine (2nd Year, really enjoy this one, love the format) 1 - 12 Team Redraft PPR, TEs optional 1 - 12 Team Redraft, PPR, no kickers and Bonus Points for meeting certain yardage goals 1 - 14 Team Redraft, PPR, very small bench and Bonus Points for meeting certain yardage goals 2 - 12 Team Redraft, .5 PPR.
  9. Opening Week Talk

    Same old Cowboys..... another 8-8 or 7-9 season. Oh, and you can blame me.... I drafted both Thomas and Mack. Sorry. Man my teams sucked this week. Some of the highlights of 5 teams... D.J. Moore Cooper Kupp Michael Thomas Mark Ingram Miles Sanders/Boston Scott Courtland Sutton Drew Brees Devin Singletary Cam Akers Michael Gallup But there is always next week.....
  10. Am I being petty?

    Honestly, doesn't make sense to me. Was the commissioner even at the draft? If so how does he let it go 16 rounds. But since it did then the league should play with 16 player rosters this year. If it was me, I'd bail on this one next year. The guy running the league just doesn't seem to care.
  11. Setting Up A New Guillotine League

  12. Fantasy this year

    In my hometown league this will be the first year in about 20 that we haven't done an in-person draft, but everyone has agreed to a live, on-line one. There has been some concerns in my other leagues but so far most are moving forward with a COVID IR slot. But I do have 2 that still seems up in the air. I'm honestly beginning to believe that the season will have to shutdown at some point this season.
  13. Setting Up A New Guillotine League

    If your interested..... I have 5 openings.
  14. Setting Up A New Guillotine League

    No, Not using LeagueSafe. I have 12 teams so far, most of them are local folks so we didn't consider Leaguesafe. I do understand the worry though, been burned once before. But if it helps I'm a long Time Huddler, and Commish a league that started on the Huddle (BoTH League), and I'm active in 3 other leagues with folks here on the huddle. If you have any other questions let me know....
  15. Washington Redskins name change: 'Warriors' leading contender

    If it's the Warriors then...... New Team Song