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  1. Atlanta 28-24....
  2. Watching it on-line. Took a while to get a decent feed. Once it became a blowout I guess a lot of people quit watching. Sounds like a local problem with the feed.
  3. At least here it Tucson, on Championship Sunday, the Fox Channel is DOWN...... If it doesn't come back I'm just going to assume Atlanta won. Anyone else having a problem?
  4. This is my upset this weekend.... So put them pants back on
  5. Man that new Logo sucks.....
  6. Paid....
  7. Sign me up.... I usually suck at these so it's free money for someone
  8. He has found his way back in the lineup this week because RGIII is Pryor's QB.
  9. A few years back we had one of our owners pass away in my local (not in season) so we offered the team to his sons and paid the first year's fee for them. They have been back every year since....
  10. Maclin....
  11. Freeman, Vikings D will be tough today
  12. Yep, would stick with Hill
  13. I tried it last year in one league and wound up streaming Eli and Rivers (14 Team League). Worked out pretty well. So this year I waited till 6-8th round and now I'm playing with Bortles, Eli, Big Ben, and Cousins so we will see.
  14. Liking Jessie James in the last couple of Rds. L. Green still isn't playin g and someone has to soak up Heath's receptions from last year
  15. Went 7.6 in my current draft. 6.5 and 7.12 in another