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  1. Ravens cut Alex Collins

    A little late...… I cut him back in Nov
  2. Having Trouble logging In. Site says my membership has expired, but It was just renewed on 1 Jun 2018...… 

    1. DMD


      Sorry! Instant message me your name, email address and username for the site, not the message board.

    2. JoJoTheWebToedBoy


      Charles S Rhoades


  3. Greetings

    Yea but Gibbs is still in Washington.....
  4. What a joke

    Are you kidding me. You get near the goal-line, twice and you have your 2nd and 3rd string RBs playing. And instead of trying to score you try and line it up for a kicker that doesn't even belong in the NFL. Please, Payton can't spell offense much less run one. That was a lame 2nd half.... They deserved too lose
  5. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    Andre Johnson Kevin Jones Baltimore Are killing me now add in Javon Walker........
  6. When do they bench Dante?

    Last week....... He just didn't know it
  7. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Because they coined the phrase first....... Check the US Patents Office, they have it for 50 more years As for the score: 27-24 Cowboys......
  8. what do you need on MNF?

    In Gen Lost I need McAlister to score like 75-100 points..... But in my work league I need Julius to out score Witten, and in my other league I need Julius to put up at least 12 points.....
  9. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    Started Andre Johnson, for the 2nd time. Started to lineup B. Edwards in his place and talked myself out of it.
  10. Holmes down

    I thought it looked like a knee to the head and he was going down
  11. Atlanta player fined!

    Maybe his own players should hit him. Then maybe he would hit them, with a pass every once in a while.
  12. Ok, so what's the skinny on Witten?

    San Diego was playing Witten close. IMO because he was the only reveiving threat last year. That opened up a few good looks for Crayton. And he took advantage of them. Once the opposing team realizes that they can't shutdown the passing game by bottling up Witten, his numbers will rise again....
  13. Did Chargers lose because they benched Gates?

    Whatever gets you thru the week.... Cowboys were the better team in week one. That's why they won.
  14. What an awful game by McNabb

    Just another reason to hate the Eagles.....
  15. I friggin' HATE