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  1. David Johnson traded to Houston for D. Hopkins

    Wow.... Just wow.
  2. NFL/Las Vegas is considering eliminating fan attendance at the draft

    Is now officially canceled.....
  3. Garrett done

    This is just weird, even for Dallas. They haven't fired him, but they are interviewing for his position. Meanwhile... Damm Jerry, manure or get off the pot.
  4. With Any Luck....

    Beginning to sound like he is gone.....
  5. With Any Luck....

    That will be the last Cowboy game I have to watch with Garrett as HC. 8-8, another fabulous mediocre season. Actually, it has nothing to do with Luck, if he's not gone I'm boycotting Dallas games next year.
  6. 2019 Playoff Fantasy Football League!!!

    Yep, that's me....
  7. 2019 Playoff Fantasy Football League!!!

    Payment sent....
  8. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    In again.... sent payment
  9. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    The red was all of Garrett's family voting.
  10. Josh Jacobs Ruled Out for Week 16

    per RotoWorld….
  11. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    Just think of the opportunity... You can name yourself the new HC, after all, you are a stable football genius....
  12. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    Hey Jerry...… Let the firing begin. Also, let Dak know his contract numbers are now on the line also.
  13. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    Started a 14 team league with Hopkins, Evans, and later on... Mayfield. What a waste.... Other leagues include Mixon Ertz D. Williams R. Woods Cooks More damm Evans
  14. Coleman

    Dropped him for Tarik Cohen in a 14 team league... And counting by blessings. Not sure why he was dropped, but we have very short benches...
  15. AB to New England

    AB and Gordon.... This is going to end badly and when it does I think it takes the Pats down with them.