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    Just got home and turned on the game..... WTF Steelers??????
  2. Down to 15....

    Quite an impressive list this HOF year this year.... Ray Lewis, LB Brian Urlacher, LB Edgerrin James, RB Randy Moss, WR Terrell Owens, WR Isaac Bruce, WR John Lynch, S Brian Dawkins, S Everson Walls, DB Ty Law, CB Tony Boselli, OT Kevin Mawae, C Joe Jacoby, OT Steve Hutchinson, OG Alen Faneca, OG My picks would be.... 1. Ray Lewis 2. Edgerrin James 3. Joe Jacoby 4. Isaac Bruce 5. John Lynch
  3. Black Monday Tomorrow

    Who's in, Who's Out Would liked to see Jason Garrett shown the door but I don't think it happens so I'll make the safe choice and say Fox in Chicago
  4. 2017 Playoff Fantasy Football League...

    PP sent today...
  5. One-and-Done Playoff Contest (Old School)

    In.... Payment sent.
  6. 2017 Playoff Fantasy Football League...

    I'm in again.....
  7. NOS RBs vs NYJ DEF ?

    Playing against a team that's starting Kamara Ingram Thomas My guess is he doesn't have any respect for the Jets defense.
  8. How much of a downgrade for Eagles Ertz and Alshon?

    As an owner of Jordy Nelson...... It could be a major downgrade
  9. It's Playoff Time!!!!

    Got two teams in the playoffs and managed to survive this week. In my 14 Team local we have 8 teams make the playoff with no bye week and as the 8th seed I managed to bump off the #1 seed with the help of Hopkins and the 4th quarter benching of Rivers and K. Allen and the scoring slow-down for Jeffery and Gurley. In otherwords, I got lucky
  10. Jason Garrett Has Lost His Team

    To me, Philly made the adjustments at halftime and Dallas didn't. The coaching staff is piss-poor.....
  11. What Do You Need On MNF?!?!

    Down by 1.5 (freaking Fournette) and I need Tate and Prater to outscore Theo. Looks good but I have had stranger losses
  12. Fournette inactive

    This week just keeps getting better and better.....
  13. Why do the cowboys always wear white?

    Because they are the Good Guys.....
  14. Dez is in decline?

    He's been on the decline for several years now... And with no real #2 (why is Williams still in the NFL???) it just makes matters worse
  15. Leaguesafe allowed in Arizona???

    Live in Tucson and used LeagueSafe for several years now (eCheck) without a problem
  16. Looking for a league on MyFantasyLeague

    I have a $50 12 team Re-draft league that is looking for an owner. You can find the details in the Both Forums, The California League. It's a slow draft and we run the site on MFL
  17. Championship Blowouts + SB Prediction

    Atlanta 28-24....
  18. Way to Go DirecTV

    At least here it Tucson, on Championship Sunday, the Fox Channel is DOWN...... If it doesn't come back I'm just going to assume Atlanta won. Anyone else having a problem?
  19. Way to Go DirecTV

    Watching it on-line. Took a while to get a decent feed. Once it became a blowout I guess a lot of people quit watching. Sounds like a local problem with the feed.
  20. Who wins this weekend?

    This is my upset this weekend.... So put them pants back on
  21. The Los Angeles Chargers

    Man that new Logo sucks.....
  22. 2016 Playoff Fantasy Football League...

  23. 2016 Playoff Fantasy Football League...

    Sign me up.... I usually suck at these so it's free money for someone
  24. Are you benching DeAndre Hopkins?

    He has found his way back in the lineup this week because RGIII is Pryor's QB.
  25. A few years back we had one of our owners pass away in my local (not in season) so we offered the team to his sons and paid the first year's fee for them. They have been back every year since....