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  1. Well hell, you make it sound easy, lol. Count me in.
  2. Interested, but never participated before. Someone enlighten me if you would?
  3. interested
  4. We keep 1 player from the previous season. You get $150 at the onset to draft a minimum of 14 players, with a max of 17 on the roster. The only rule for keeping a player is that if you choose to keep him, his price goes up $5 from the previous year. Which of these guys would you consider keeping if you were me? The prices next to them are what I would have to pay NEXT year. Luck $26 Wilson $29 Blount $11 Rawls $27 OBJ $40 Cooper $18 R. Matthews $9 Its a full PPR league with performance bonuses added in. I really want to keep Beckham, but $40 is a lot. Right now I'm thinking about keeping Blount. Thanks for any advice!
  5. I think I would rather keep 2 from the group of Blount, Murray, and Nelson. Then see if you can recoup either your 1st or 2nd rounder by trading Gurley.
  6. Which one looks like the guy to eat up the Browns this week?
  7. Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New year as well! Been a member for about 10 years or so, changed names a couple times on the boards due to forgotten passwords and such, but the advice and insight on here is invaluable. Back in the Super Bowl this year because of it! Enjoy the day!!
  8. Tough call here, Houston is good against the pass, and Petty locks on to Anderson. Being a PPR system, I'd say go with Anderson here. Might not be a huge difference, but my guess is that Anderson gets you a little more. Good luck!
  9. Both have decent matchups... Wilson vs an Arizona D that got torched by Brees last week Luck @ Oakland in a possible shootout what say you?
  10. Hey GGL! I'm going nuts trying to figure this out, playing the #1 seed in the semis this week, OBJ got me off to a good start last night so I need to capitalize and make good choices (obviously). Full PPR league Luck or Wilson? Blount, Powell, Ware, or Rawls....need 2. Cooper, Inman, R. Matthews, or Mitchell....need 2 of these as well to go along with the already mentioned OBJ. Thanks in advance, and Happy Holidays!
  11. left Ertz on the bench, luckily.
  12. Ertz vs NYG tonight (also have Beckham going) Inman @ Cleveland not sure if I want 2 guys playing on TNF
  13. Thanks for the responses so far, I'll take all I can get!