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  1. NFL Draft

    I came back here just to laugh at the Bears. Giving up all that for one spot. LOL
  2. BRADFORD traded to minny

    I love how everyone here is a GM...lets revisit this midseason and BEGIN to see if this was a good or bad trade...i for one am glad the Vikings did SOMETHING...i cant watch Hill
  3. What do you need Monday? - Playoff Edition

    Trading for Calvin POS DECOY Johnson cost me the title
  4. Milk Carton Thread -MNF Edition-

    I only need 4 catches for 40 yards from Calvin...i cant believe what i am seeing ...goodbye championship next week. (the really bad word)
  5. Week 9 Milk Carton

    Wheres Martavis
  6. Week 2 Milk Carton

  7. 2014 NFL Draft Contest Winner!

    Well i got more than Kiper haha
  8. Semi-Official Super Bowl XLVIII thread

    Denver 34 - Seachickens 27
  9. Neighbors at war

    Seen this before but its hilarious
  10. Disney world tickets

    What's the best way to get tickets and not spend my life savings?
  11. Zimmer to be Vikings HC?

    haha, this guy always posts like this, he's a clown
  12. Zimmer to be Vikings HC?

    Its official
  13. Zimmer to be Vikings HC?

    Sources are saying its a done deal... you heard it here first!
  14. GB/SF

    That hold that freed Rodgers up might have been the worst non-call I have seen in 10 years
  15. Thank god the Eagles got rid of Andy Reid