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  1. Two WR same team?

    :blitz: In all my years and all the leagues that I have been in, I've had 2 WR's from the same team 2-3 times and it never seemed to work. Some people don't mind, but I try to avoid it if possible.
  2. Week 1 Bold Predictions

    Shady becomes the clear #1 RB in KC.
  3. AB suspended?

    Mort's take on Grudens's take. lol. Seriously we all need lives. https://twitter.com/mortreport/status/1170162050905116672
  4. Any Lions fans? How will Kerryon be used this year?

    He's gonna be a big focus of the offense as they try to take the pressure off of Stafford. Should be solid RB2/Flex all year barring injury.
  5. AB suspended?

    Looks like I'm rolling with DJax.
  6. AB suspended?

    Do you have Twitter? AB just posted a 2 min. infomercial on himself where he is recording a conversation with Gruden. Not sure if coach knows or not but this could be his death blow. He just can't shut the hell up. Check it if you can.https://twitter.com/RaiderNationCom/status/1170152728191913984
  7. 6pts. per TD or 4pts. per TD for QB's?

    This. I've played both and they're equally fine. Ask the other owners what they would prefer. Now if you did a super flex, I would do 4 pts.
  8. AB suspended?

    So, I think I'm gonna roll with him. He's my WR2 on my local where my WR1, D. Adams, did pretty much nada. I figure it's Week 1. I'm pretty set at the position so if he does play and play well, someone will take me up on a trade offer. They have to lol! Better to find out early then to depend on him deep into the season.
  9. Start Bench tool not up yet?

    I've been a paid subscriber since 97-98. Love the content. Used to love the forums but the Great Purge kinda ruined that (although I understand why you guys had to do what you did). But these technical issues are out of hand. It's 2019 and a web site such as this should run smooth as silk. Sometimes changing just for the sake of change isn't a good thing. The site runs kinda glitchy IMO. I don't pay for any of your competitors mainly because most stuff I can figure out for myself but secondly my loyalty to you David. You've always been super fair and helpful when needed. I like supporting the little guy in business but you really need to consider changing platforms or hosts/servers. Just my $.02
  10. WDIS?

  11. Moore or Blaylock?

    I like Moore this week. Maybe he falls on his face, but I believe he will get his shot this week to prove his worth as a starter so that might be the motivation he needs.
  12. RB bye week fill in...

    Brown and Johnson are FA's? I would grab both and play Johnson.
  13. WDIS WR and RB?

    Benson and Engram are your play here.
  14. WDIS?

    Shipp is the safer play but I'm leaning towards Moore. This is his shot to be the starter for the rest of the year and he looked good in limited action last week. Go with Moore this week and take a chance. Plus the Cards O-line is awful.
  15. WR Help

    Have to agree with Blitz. Not real excited but Parker will at least get some looks and opportunities.