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  1. WDIS?

  2. Moore or Blaylock?

    I like Moore this week. Maybe he falls on his face, but I believe he will get his shot this week to prove his worth as a starter so that might be the motivation he needs.
  3. RB bye week fill in...

    Brown and Johnson are FA's? I would grab both and play Johnson.
  4. WDIS WR and RB?

    Benson and Engram are your play here.
  5. WDIS?

    Shipp is the safer play but I'm leaning towards Moore. This is his shot to be the starter for the rest of the year and he looked good in limited action last week. Go with Moore this week and take a chance. Plus the Cards O-line is awful.
  6. WR Help

    Have to agree with Blitz. Not real excited but Parker will at least get some looks and opportunities.
  7. #3 WR woes....WDIS

    Jags def is tough. Pennington has looked like crap so far. I might lean towards Key @ SF. I'm not a fan of NE's WR's.
  8. WDIS

    This game has the makings of a blow-out. Edwards is slowly coming around and might be good for some garbage time points. Plus he is the #3 and will likely get nickle coverage which could be a huge plus.
  9. Rackers vs Reed

    Could be a low-scoring ugly game. Go with Reed.
  10. WSIS? DST question

    Cincy vs. a rook QB.
  11. Flex help input needed for big match-up!

    I like Larry Johnson @ Den personally. Flex is a gamble anyway and all your other options have ??? Fraud is going against a pretty decent Jets run def., Stokely is a 3rd WR, Kennison never scores, Lewis-ick, Jimmy Smith will draw Ty Law on coverage so it could be a long day for him. Johnson should get at least 4 or so series. Might be enough to get some yardage and a score.
  12. In a bind

    If M. Moore is available, I would snag him in a second. He gets the start this week and looked good last week when he got the nod. As a starter he knows he has a shot to cement himself as the Vikes permanent starting RB since Bennett is in the doghouse. Look for a pretty decent if not really good game against the Saints.
  13. A n00b question

    Your avatar rocks though. As far as your question goes, Def and K's are crapshoots. They add to your team but will not make or break them. It is understandable if your trying to decide between 2 RB's or WR's to start, but as little as K's and Def's usually score in the overall picture, you should be able to make those decisions yourself. Nothing personal by any means but if a person needs help deciding on his Def or K, should he really be playing FF at all?
  14. Start/Bench List

    Man, your one of those smart dudes aren't ya? Thanx steeler.
  15. Start/Bench List

    Scrolling? What is this scrolling you speak of.