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  1. Reset Password?

    Damn, sorry buddy.
  2. Reset Password?

    Check your spam folder.
  3. Bold Predictions Week 11

    Tyler Boyd goes for over 100 and at least 1 score.
  4. Reset Password?

    Not sure if this is everyone's problem, but I got the same noticifcation as well. Clicked on the the link yadda yadda yadda and nothing! 4-5 times nothing. Getting pissed because I was teetering on 1 position and trying to gather as much info as possible. Well on a hunch, I checked my spam folder and the reset link was in there. I get regular Huddle notifications all the time to my regular inbox but for some reason this reset deal was in my spam folder. Might want to check there. Also, been a member 18 years or so but this is probably my last year. I know a bunch of old timers have said as much too but I really don't think the powers that be really care. The tech issues are really basic web site functionality and for there to be so many issues makes me think that this whole site is just an after thought. It's a shame too because this used to THE place to go for all things FF wise. Sad.
  5. Ertz officially safe to drop

    Not me. I only run one TE all year so he's in until the wheels come off.
  6. D. Adams is active

    Been waiting all afternoon for this. Was gonna have to add Lazar or Allison at the last minute. Whew. Expecting 7-84-1.
  7. Gave up Drake for Edmonds last week

    DMD = Debbie Marie Downer? lol
  8. Chris Conley

    I think it all depends on Westbrook. If he's healthy, then Conley goes back to his boom or bust role. If Westbrook sits, then I see him as a decent WR3/Flex this week in London. I snagged him this week and plan on getting up early to make sure Westbrook sits or starts before I plug him in. Remember, it's a 9:30 a.m. EST start.
  9. Cam newton

    If he's healthy, he's getting his job back. Greg Olsen needs him bad. Reallyyyyyy bad.
  10. A.J. Green

    I know in my league (12 team) the FA wire is pretty dismal. If you have the room, I would keep him. Or if you need players, maybe dangle him out for trade bait. Some are more optimistic about his return and his effectiveness in that putrid offense.
  11. Andy Dalton benched

    There goes my Boyd value
  12. Cam newton

    Do you already have a solid starting QB? Then no, he's not. Ride your starter and stream for the bye week. At this point in the season I'm stacking other position players for a playoff run.
  13. I really hate FF

    I've had similar years including this one. Main local league. 2nd in PF but 1st in PA. I've played the league's top scorer 3 weeks and lost 2 weeks ago by .64. All this with my main guy Devante Adams riding the bench. No divisions, just a 12 team 1-12 with top 6 making the playoffs. Just have to crawl into 6th place and get my team healthy at the same time. I've got a shot. That's all I need.
  14. Advice on League Trading Bully

    No such thing as a fair trade. While some in your league might call him a bully, other people might call him savvy. So many dynamics in trades. Hard to predict who will benefit the most but like others have said, it's not so uneven as to veto it. Vetoing trades is messy and ends up eliminating the fun factor in that league. I say let it go and focus on improving your team.