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  1. Gurley is out!

    Here is my SB winning roster: QB D Watson RB T. Cohen RB CJ Andersom WR D Adams WR D Hamilton Flex D. Williams Fkex. J. Williams TE Engram You show someone this roster at the start of the '18 FF season, and it'll be more than "a few chuckles".
  2. Gurley is out!

    CJ FTW!!
  3. Gurley is out!

    Seriously I know this isn't the place, but CJ over Kelly?? Forgive me for my WDIS sins but I have both and this is Super Bowl week!!
  4. Can't get to the Start/Bench tool

    WW. It's working per your instructions (using your link). This just a temporary glitch?
  5. Long time local league. #2 seed, semi-final game. Bye week last week. We start 3 Flex (RB, WR, TE)players to go along with SR - 1 QB 1 RB 1WR 1TE 1 Def 1K. Full PPR. Options: Need 2. A. Robinson WR vs. GB D. Pettis WR vs. SEA J. Wilson RB vs. SEA A. Jones RB vs. CHI (pretty much ruled Jones out after seeing what the Bears held Gurley to) T. Patrick WR vs, CLE What say ye?
  6. Greg Olsen probably done for the season

    I had that. It's easily a 2 year recovery and super painful. Basically you re injure it every morning when you get out of bed and put weight on your foot. If you work on your feet all day like I do, it's pure hell.
  7. Weekly Player Projections

    This has happened a few times. Nit picking for sure but this is simple proof reading. Adam Humphries WR TB: "Six of the 14 touchdowns allowed by the Buccaneers have been scored in the last five games, and the position has been held in check otherwise in 2018. Receptions and yardage figures have been just average. Humphries has seen enough playing time to be at least a lineup decision to be made in PPR. Based on the options at hand, he is in the flex conversation." It reads as if Humphries is playing against the Bucs instead of for them against the 49'ers. Unless they're using Tampa's stats against their own WR which really makes the analysis useless.
  8. go out and get this guy

    If it's ppr, your Landry 6 for 50 and Tre would of been a push.
  9. I'm done with FF Fellas

    First off, if you're in multiple leagues, drop down to 1. This way you can focus on 1 team, 1 set of FA's, one group of guys to make trades with, one WW etc... Secondly, if you're this bad at it, Let me know when your draft is next year and I'll give you a hand with keepers, draft picks, over all draft strategy and weekly line up suggestions. Main thing is we'll bounce your ideas around first and see if your strategy overall is flawed and that why you're where you're at.
  10. Keke Coutee out

    The HOT pick up when Fuller went down takes a 1-2 punch to owners who were trying to decide between him and D. Parker. First the nagging injury seems worse than first reported and now the trade for D. Thomas.
  11. go out and get this guy

    Yes, my team is WR heavy but Tate being traded to Philly puts a hit on my team because now I have Jeffery and Tate on bye. Time to dust off Smith at home vs. the Rams. Could be a shootout. I'm flexing him against A. Jones. Taking a shot.
  12. Who has been here since the 90s?

    32 Homers OG too. Someone took the Dolphins before I had the chance, so I took the Raiders for a year. Was here before the content went pay, but not sure exactly when.
  13. Todd Gurley #1 pick next year?

    lol. Not asking for advice. Kind of thinking out loud.
  14. Todd Gurley #1 pick next year?

    lol. Um, no thanks.