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  1. Never, ever ever ever ever ever ever again. Never ever.
  2. I'm 11-2 and 2nd in total PF in Hannibals BOTH league. 3 man mandatory keeper, PPR, TD's = 6. My keepers were A. Brown, D. Hopkins and J. Landry. All draft picks over the years. I used my 1st rounder (4th rd. in all practical purposes)to grab Fitz. Then grabbed D. Williams so I actually had a RB for 3 weeks, then D. Carr to solidify my QB position, then went TE in Ertz before I filled out my roster with some surprises (R. Mathews) and the rest RB duds and cast off's such as Duke Johnson, Charles Simms, TJ Yeldon and Alfred Morris. Added D. Lewis midway through the season but he's been a letdown.
  3. Not if you're playing Fitz.I suddenly love them
  4. This.
  5. . Nothing like playing down to your opponent.
  6. Excellent feedback.
  7. Cannot log in. Was able to when they took my cc info but now I can't. The support info says 24/7 but then once on the page they say "not online".
  8. Yup x 1,000.
  9. People are pointing to the latest incidnet and asking, "what's the big deal?" "Why can't a guy go out and have some drinks with his friends?" etc.... The problem is that everytime Johnny has gotten into trouble, alcohol was at the center of the problem. Yeah, he can probably go out and have some drinks most of the time and it's no big deal. But his drinking gets him into trouble. The incident with the gf was alcohol realted. The Browns have drafted a marginal talent (IMO) to be their QB and he can't keep it together when it comes to drinking. They have the right as his employer to set whatever guidelines they want to make sure he can be as succesful as he can be. If he's out getting into scuffles, smacking around his gf, whatever, there is no telling how far it might go. We're not talking about an Andrew Luck here. He should be focused on his job and giving the oppourtunity he just was, starting QB for the rest of '15, his energy should be spent on learning how to be an NFL QB.
  10. During a particularly hard hit to the side all the organs can shift and the kidney can bounce off a rib. Same prinipals of a concussion and your brain bouncing off your skull.
  11. Don't forget their free phones too! Thanks Obama! FTW!
  12. Mike Evans.......again. And to think I was so happy getting him and Jefferies at the turn.
  13. I see what you did there
  14. My local 2 weeks ago no less. I couldn't resist pulling the trigger on Cruz in the 6th. Might of been the name recognition, might of been the beer, not sure. Should of paid more attention to how hurt is actually still is. Just praying for some kind of comeback this year.