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  1. So with David Johnson gone for 2-3 months I figure I might try and trade Fournette to the the person who has him on their team for a WR. I have LeSean McCoy, Ezikiell Elliot, Lenard Fornette, Mike Gillislee, & Tevin Colemen (only 8 person league) for one of his WRs since I could use another good one since we have to start 3. His WRs are: Micheal Thomas Davante Adams Stefon Diggs Keenen Allen I figure Thomas would be a good trade since I have Brees already. What do you guys think. Its the second team in my signature
  2. Rex & Rob Ryan fired by Bills

    I know he won't butake he can really h3lp a team as defensive coordinator but he'll never take a demotion
  3. Both Ryans have been fired by the Bills https://www.google.com/amp/amp.usatoday.com/story/95873350/?client=ms-android-verizon
  4. No they'll save him for the playoffs and rest him
  5. Check in for 2016 League Winners

    Won my 10 mam league (only league I played in) for the 3rd time in 4 years. Was though at the start with so many injuries or underperformers (Ingram, Baldwin, Hill, Decker, Watkins, Foster, etc). For the championship game I only had 2 players I drafted started in Julio Jones and DeMarco Murray so thankfully I picked the right players of waivers! My mvp this week was Matt Bryant and his 19 points at the kicker position. Ironically ingram and Baldwin had big games for the championship but we're on my bench lol. Thankfully my other players scored enough to win. I might need to try more leagues next year to get more of a challenge
  6. Stupid decisions...

    Starting inman over Baldwin and Latavius Murray over Ingram. I'm currently up be 52 points and he has big Ben and bell left to go so as long as they don't put up a combined 52 I win
  7. Trust Seattle's Offense?

    I don't trust them still but I'm forced to start Graham since no good ones are available.
  8. .5 ppr Fitzgerald @ Seattle Baldwin vs Cards Mitchell vs Jets Inman @ Cle
  9. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    PPR pick one WR and a defense: Fitzgerald @ Seattle Baldwin vs Cards Moncrief @ Oak Mitchell vs Jets Inman @ Cle Rams vs SF Falcons @ Car Bengals @ Hou Steelers vs Bal
  10. WR2 & Defense help

    PPR pick one WR and a defense: Fitzgerald @ Seattle Baldwin vs Cards Moncrief @ Oak Mitchell vs Jets Inman @ Cle Rams vs SF Falcons @ Car Bengals @ Hou Steelers vs Bal
  11. Trust Seattle's Offense?

    Anyone else having difficulty trusting most of the Seattle's offense for the FF championship. They haven't looked good lately and they play Arizona which we know how that went last time. What is everyone doing with Seattle players in their lineups for this week? I personally don't think I can trust them and will not be starting any of them unless theres a sudden injury to one of my starters.
  12. Owner Dying, but hasn't paid fee for the year

    Wow you sound horrible to think of asking someone who is DYING to pay a few for a fantasy football league. Really dude? Is this even a serious question? The right thing would be to send all the money (fees, winnings, etc) from this year and the money his nephew won last year to him to help pay for medical bills he probably has. I mean thats if you are an actual human being rather than a person debating over where to charge a dying man money for something that won't matter to him soon (hopefully not). I cannot believe you are even asking this question this has got to be fake, if not then shame on you as you shouldn't even have to ask what to do to know what the right thing is to do.