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  1. So yes, we have a game in week 17. It's the total of the last 2 weeks and I have a 36 point lead. But Bell is out and Mariota is out. My starters are Stafford, D. Johnson, D. Murray, DMAX, Pitta, Rawls, Chiefs D I need one more flexible guy. Choices are Ware, Hopkins, Deangelo Williams, Theilenterprise, or Meredith. Ware is still questionable and hasn't done a whole lot anyway lately. Everyone else is sort of boom or bust. I'm tempted to go with Theilen because he always seems to get targets. I have a good lead but my guys could just put up goose eggs. It might come down to the last game because he has Aaron Rodgers vs my Stafford.would be nice to still have a decent lead going into that game.
  2. So I am in the championship this year. We play 2 weeks for the championship so it's this week and next, total points wins between both weeks. I need to pick one. Ware, Martin, Rawls, Hopkins, Lockett. I am leaning towards Ware just because the volume is there however Martin does have a good match up. I need the guy with the most upside for big points. I am almost considering Lockett. He has the most boom or bust but I am still kicking myself for having him on my bench last week. Thoughts?
  3. I think I'm going Rawls. I'm already projected to win 165-72 so not to worried.
  4. Need to choose one. I am leaning towards Rawls at this point. All seem to have fairly decent match ups. Thanks
  5. The other guy would have to be very desperate to consider it but if he's willing then that's not even a question
  6. I need to make a decision to start either D. Jackson or Marvin Jones? OR bench both guys and wait for Hopkins to clear my trade on Friday and start him? Also please choose one- Ware, Forte, Rawls, or Martin. Thanks
  7. bump
  8. Thats my thought. I tried to get Rishard Mathews but someone else higher on the waiver wire got him. Steve Smith is still out there and may try and grab him. Jackson I think is a sleeper this week but kind of boom or bust
  9. Please take a look at my team. 10 team, standard scoring. Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR 1 Flex, choice of 2 RBs/WRs. Can start up to 4 rbs or 4 wrs or mix QB- Mariota, Stafford RB- Bell, DJ, Murray, Forte, Ware, Rawls, Martin WR- Hopkins, D. Jackson, M. jones TE- Reed D/ST- Giants K- Mcmanus I ended up 7-4 and Im the 3 seed in the playoffs. I am extremely deep at RB but thin at WR. I decided to keep my big three of RBs together vs trading them for a WR1. I have come up short in trading a couple of my bench guys for decent WR2's low end WR1's like Baldwin, Tyrell Williams or Fitzgerald. I really wanted Baldwin but he was the best player for that guy. I even offered him Ware and Booker and he declined. I did trade Cooks for Stafford. Now i can plug him in for Mariotas bye and possibly against Denver and KC. I also traded Booker for Hopkins with the hope he will produce a little down the stretch. I guess I just have a very deep team that way if someone gets hurt (Bell or Demarco mostly-Knock on wood) then i can plug someone in. Anyway, the trade deadline is next week, should i stay the course or try and make another move?
  10. I just cut ties with Cooks. Hes to streaky for me. His fantasy relevance is dependent on big plays and he has 2 this year. Unless its PPR, then that point is not so much true because he does get a lot of targets. As far as Thomas goes, I like him more than Cooks myself
  11. Seems pretty fair and good for you. Rivers has a decent ros. and Jordy is an upgrade from Hilton. You don't lose anything with Palmer, Gurley is well......, and Landry is hit and miss.
  12. That's a no brainier for you if he'd accept it. But if it were me, id have to be pretty desperate to take it.