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  1. Putting anything offensive or not aside, I don’t get it. Changing the name is a big deal, choose something unique. Why would you want to retread something like warriors?
  2. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Yeah I like them too, but not where a top 10rb will most likely be drafted.
  3. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Ish, man that list sure takes a dive after Henry.
  4. Hall of fame game cancelled

    I hear you, but didn’t they cancel it last year too because the field condition was so bad? They could have taken care of that last year if they really wanted too. I think it is more to do with the fact that it’s meaningless, and nobody can attend anyways so why bother. Don’t get me wrong though, I do think there are going to be a lot of issues if they try to have a season this year.
  5. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    The first thing I thought was Kamara not on there but Chris Carson is? Head scratching list and rankings
  6. Kamara outlook

    Well to be honest I was thinking about it and who would you take before him? Not a lot of options. I’d be willing to gamble on a bounce back season from him over someone who’s never done it before. I’m not sure I’d even take Cook before him assuming he signs and plays.
  7. Kamara outlook

    I’ve also done that. Unfortunately no changes made in that league
  8. Kamara outlook

    Yeah I took him 4th overall in my 10 team PPR league last year. My 2nd rounder was OBJ. I somehow still led the league in scoring but lost in the semi-finals. I’d still take him top 5
  9. Dalvin Cook holding out.

    Agreed, I still think they will come to an agreement on an extension but I would rather see them plug in Mattison and use the money elsewhere
  10. Dalvin Cook holding out.

    I think you’re going to be disappointed again. They will come to an agreement and he will sign before training camp. And it’s going to be for more money than you would like to see them give him. Our offense is built around him and whenever Spielman says he wants to sign a player he has done it. We just need to hope that he can stay healthy
  11. Drew Brees

    My Wife and I argued about this last night. I told her to read everything he said before judging him. He has every right to feel the way he does about kneeling, it was just the worst time ever to say it. And it’s sad how all these people are now coming out and saying fu** Drew Brees. Showing the same intolerance that they are fighting against.
  12. Second-year wideouts

    Based on what we saw of him when healthy last year I’d take Brown. Lot’s of potential there
  13. Dak Prescott offered five-year, $175 million deal

    If I’m remembering correctly Dak’s team wants less years because the QB market and pay changes so fast. So he wants something big and guaranteed for that final year if he’s going to sign a 5 year deal.
  14. Dak Prescott offered five-year, $175 million deal

    I keep hearing that the Cowboys want to do a 5 year deal. Apparently Dak’s agent is saying if they take a 5 year deal they want the 5th year to be guaranteed 45 mil. I’ve heard that a couple times on various sports talk shows. Don’t know if it’s actually true