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  1. Keeper help pick 2

    Carson for a 4th, Golloday for a 7th
  2. Agree with Williams. I think he’s good value there
  3. KEEPER heeeeeelp!!!!

    Do these keepers cost you draft picks?
  4. Cooper, Kittle, or Conner

    Thanks guys, that was my thought too.
  5. Pick a keeper,decisons decisons...

    I like Chucky’s thinking. I’ll wait to see op’s reply
  6. Keeper Help

    Ya that’s a no brainer, Chubb
  7. 12team std league. I can keep one player for one more season with no draft pick loss. Conner seems like the logical choice based on lack of RB depth. But I like the thought of maybe locking up my starting TE considering how extremely shallow that position is. WR is so deep I think Cooper is ruled out. So really it’s a question of keeping Kittle or Conner. What do you guys think?
  8. Keep 1 - A Cooper, B Cooks, or S Diggs

    I agree with keeping Cooper
  9. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    This guy is a clown. Everything has to be about him. I thought it would take an 0-2 start for him to start melting down, he didn’t even make it through training camp
  10. Keep Mixon or Tyreek Hill?

    Thanks for the replies. I don’t love Hill, and won’t draft him unless he falls a long ways. I’m glad everyone agrees with my plan.
  11. 10 team league .5 PPR. We can keep one player for 1 more year as long as he wasn’t a 1st rd pick the year before or a keeper the year before. And we don’t lose any draft picks for it so it’s a free keeper. I already know I have the 4th pick and all of the top picks will be available. There is no flex in this league so we play 2rbs and 3 wr/te spots. Before Hills issues popped up I was set on keeping him but now I’m not so sure. I’m worried something will change and he’ll end up getting suspended during the season. I liked the thought of keeping him and taking the top RB available at 4. But now I’m thinking I’d be better off keeping Mixon as my RB2, drafting my RB1 at 4 and then I’ll still have a lot of great WR options left. What say you? Any other thoughts are appreciated, thanks
  12. JAX LB Telvin Smith to sit out 2019 season

    nice of him to let the team know first
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Ok, it was driving me crazy that none of the guys were talking about it on the broadcast.
  14. "Who's the most desperate guy you know?" ~ Draft Day

    I actually didn’t mind the movie until the end. It was beyond ridiculous
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Jawann Taylor was ranked as the #1 Offensive lineman in this draft and expected to go in the top half. He slid far enough for the Vikings to take him but they passed on him for Bradberry. I was hoping they would trade back into the first round and grab Taylor too. Then Taylor slides all the way out of the 1st round. I can’t find anything that explains why, and none of the guys on the broadcast mentioned anything as a reason why he has slid either. Does anyone here know why?