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  1. Thoughts on trading draft picks?

    I know this is tough for some people, but a little common sense goes a long way
  2. Trade - Diggs for Adams

    Ya not an even trade. I would never give up Adams
  3. Thoughts on trading draft picks?

    I’m in a 10 team redraft league where we have always been able to trade draft picks. We can keep one player for one extra year as long as they weren’t a first round pick or a keeper from the year before. We are in our 11th season and it’s never been an issue. Everyone has the understanding that you can’t dump top tier players for low picks. For example the commish isn’t going to let a team out of the playoffs dump DeAndre Hopkins for a 3rd or 4th round pick
  4. McCoy/Thielen for Woods/Johnson

    I say no, Thielen is the best player in the trade
  5. I say no unless you can flip one of your WR for a RB. You already start two stud WR, and McCaffrey has been great in PPR. But if you do it take Hill for sure
  6. Should I make this trade?

    Your team looks solid, I’m surprised your 1-5. But that trade doesn’t help you
  7. Cook out. Is Murray a good play?

    Already paid off
  8. Ito Smith

    I like it
  9. Cook out. Is Murray a good play?

    Yes I think today is a good game for that. I think the Vikings are going to make a strong effort to get the run game going
  10. Trade For Kamara?

    Laughable trade offer
  11. NEED 1 RB

    Sony for sure. If you don’t want to deal with this all year I’d trade one of them though
  12. Fitzy Droppable...

    Ya I don’t see him as usable anymore
  13. Who to start: Cousins or Winston?

    I agree with Winston. That game should be I high scoring shoot out. Obviously Cousins has been great but I agree with you, I think the Vikes want to try and establish the run tomorrow.
  14. Kamara owners

    This I don’t understand. So Ingram takes something that is banned, gets suspended for it, and you think Payton wanted to show him love in his first game back? It’s not the leagues fault that Ingram was stupid. Now I can see them piling up the touches on him to give Kamara break but I’m not buying that he was showing Ingram love. If anything his teammates should be pissed that he missed four games out of stupidity