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  1. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    What is the deal with Gurley? Is he hurt, or did he seriously piss off McVay a while back? I don’t understand what’s happening with him
  2. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    I agree with that.
  3. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    You Saint fans need to go back and watch the OT drive of yours in the 09 championship game. There were 3 booth reviewed calls that the refs still got wrong, plus a horrible PI call against the Vikings. All of these kept the drive alive to get the Saints in for a field goal to win and go to the super bowl. I for one don’t feel bad for you
  4. Transition Tag Dispute

    I don’t comment much but I agree with the others here. Your constant issues and whining is tiresome. Enough is enough
  5. AFC Championship Thread

    I agree, when they changed the rules after the 09 season I don’t understand why they didn’t make that part of it. Football teams have an offense and a defense, both units for both teams should see the field at least once to decide the game
  6. NFC Championship Thread

    I call it a make up no call for the horrible PI called on the Vikes in the 2009 championship game that allowed the Saints to beat the Vikes in OT. In all seriousness though that was a horrible missed call.
  7. Wild card game thread

    How about them colts.
  8. It seems as though Shannahan was the key to their Super Bowl run, not Dan Quinn
  9. Week 15 Milk Carton (Playoff edition)

    Ebron, Cooper, Hill, now Edelman. My season is over in both leagues I have going. Granted I was lucky to be there in the first place after drafting Bell, losing Conner, Hunt, and Ware
  10. Chiefs Homers - Hill

    Nothing on Hill?
  11. Cooper to Cowboys

    Well I think it’s safe to say Cooper was worth the 1st rd pick
  12. I think you guys are nuts. Barkley is getting that award unless mayfield goes nuts and the Browns win out
  13. TNF - Jags vs Titans

    He does look heavy and slow
  14. Alshon Jeffery

    I’ve played him through all this funk. I sat him this week for the playoffs so I’m sure he’ll go 100 and 2 this week
  15. TNF - Jags vs Titans

    Playing against Fournette in 2 playoff matchups. I need him to stink up the joint