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  1. Week 2 Chat

    Just heard that the Giants fear Barkley has a torn ACL
  2. Week 2 Chat

    I’m watching the game, they are just pounding it with Taylor. Doesn’t look like Hines is part of the game plan, he’s only been in for a couple offensive plays.
  3. Who is GB’s WR2

    Lazard is on the depth chart. MVS is the higher upside guy though. He had two terrible drops last week, one of them would have been a 50+ yard td. I would rather have MVS than Lazard
  4. Trade offered to Me "Advice"

    OBJ has way more up side. I’d do that trade for sure
  5. Did CEH outperform DJ week one?

    I was very pleased with what DJ did. I got him with the very last pick of the 2nd round in my two leagues. Both are free keeper leagues so really you could say it was the end of the 3rd round. If he can stay healthy I think he will be bargain this year Regarding the actually question here, I wouldn’t consider it a one outperforming the other. They both did well for fantasy purposes considering the game flow. All I know is I wanted CEH on my teams and didn’t have a chance to get him
  6. DeAndre Hopkins extension

    First off, good for him. Moving past that, does anyone else think this is insane!!!!! Bill O’Brien definitely should have gotten a better return when he traded him but if this is what Hopkins wanted, and the Texans knew that, does it surprise you that they traded him?
  7. how are you watching NFL?

    youtube tv does have an option to add nfl network and redzone for $10 more a month. But they just raised their monthly price to $65 a month or two ago so now you’d be in at $75 a month. I just canceled it. I haven’t had Sunday ticket or redzone for a couple years now. I just watch all of the network games.
  8. Washington released RB Adrian Peterson.

    I know the Patriots already have Sony Michel, but I could envision AP playing the role that Blount did in New England for those couple years. Bruising runs and a lot of TD’s
  9. Drafting out of the 4 hole - which RB do you like?

    I’d go Henry or CEH, to that point probably CEH just for the fun of it. Cook and Kamara have concerns, Henry is probably the safest and CEH is the wildcard with the huge upside. Even if he doesn’t quite blow up this year he should be a great keeper for years to come.
  10. Keeper: Kareem Hunt or AJ Brown

    Yeah with the cost and with next year in mind I’d keep Hunt as well. Plus if Chubb gets banged up this year.....
  11. Trade M.Thomas for CEH?

    No I wouldn’t. You need to get more than an unproven rookie for the best WR in the league
  12. Kamara's holdout

    Oh I’d be totally fine with that. Just would want a safer pick for that high 1st rounder. I got Burned by Bell the year he sat out so I’m gun shy on stuff like this. I don’t expect Kamara or Cook to sit out the season I’d just be concerned about them milking injuries over concern for their health and lack of contract security
  13. Kamara's holdout

    Yea I think I’d be knocking Cook and Kamara down my draft list. I didn’t have to worry about it at either of my drafts last weekend but If I had picks in the 3-5 range I think I’d feel more comfortable with Henry or even taking CEH
  14. I’m a Vikings fan and I would take Henry before Kamara and Cook and maybe even CEH. My issue with a cook is staying healthy and his contract status. If he gets banged up a little I’m worried he’ll sit out when he normally wouldn’t because of the contract.
  15. League plan for Covid 19 shortened season

    This is exactly what my local voted on at our draft on Friday. Except if it gets canceled before 8 weeks they wanted to roll the money to next year.