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  1. I play in a 10 team .5pt ppr redraft league. We have two keeper options. You can keep one player for free for one more year as long as he wasn’t a 1st rd pick or a keeper from the year before. And we can also keep a Rookie for one more year as long as you drafted him and held him the whole season, but this one costs you the same rd pick that you drafted him. So anyways, you are allowed to trade draft picks in this league. I’ve never been the type to give up on a season and sell my team but I’m considering it this year because it’s just not looking good and I will be 2-5 after tonight. I have Adam Thielen and have been offered a 2nd round pick next year but they want me to send my 5th round pick back along with Thielen. I don’t really think that’s fair to the rest of the league to give him up for that. Or am I wrong? I’m not experienced with the draft pick trading. Let me know if you think that’s a fair trade. Thank
  2. Start planning for next season

    I was thinking the same thing. Counter with Thielen and a 7-8th rounder
  3. OBJ done - Torn ACL

    Good info, thanks for the insight
  4. ZEKE/LAMAR trade

    Newton has been trash and the Cowboys are a mess. Normally you would say heck yes but I don’t like it
  5. Cooper/Ronald Jones for Crowder/Mixon?

    Absolutely not. Cooper is going in the tank without Prescott, and Fournette is back and healthy which proved to be troublesome for RJ
  6. OBJ done - Torn ACL

    Wow, boost for PJ?
  7. Mike Evans done?

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised. I wanted nothing to do with him heading into the drafts. Brady doesn’t sling the ball like Winston and the young guys do. Evans is a downfield threat and that doesn’t work with Brady’s game anymore. It sucks cause you can’t drop him, nobody is going to trade for him. He’s basically useless.
  8. Week 7 Chat

    So Shanahan comes out and says their plan all week was to rest McKinnon in this game. All week the fantasy sites were saying McKinnon is expected to start. How does nobody find out that they were planning to start Wilson? Ridiculous, in all honestly what difference does it make in game planning for the Patriots. Is there really any advantage to keeping it a secret that McKinnon is going to be rested?
  9. David Johnson or MG3 ROS

    Johnson mainly because he really doesn’t split time. He hasn’t been great but he has been consistent
  10. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Wondering the same thing, thought he was supposed to be the starter today and Wilson has gotten all the touches right from the start
  11. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Why is Jeff Wilson getting all the RB touches?
  12. Standard scoring league, would you pick up Bernard and play him over JuJu?
  13. Hunt or Henry

    Why do you have to choose only one of them? Regardless I would never bench Henry
  14. Pick 2: Drake, Jacobs, Jamaal

    I read that if Jones doesn’t play that Dillon would actually take over his role and Williams would still have his normal role. Drake may have a tough matchup but we know he’ll get his touches
  15. Antonio Brown burns my ass

    I saw that story about the Seahawks showing interest because Brown is friends with Wilson and Geno Smith and trained with them in the offseason. Why on earth would they take the risk of bringing him in and disrupting what they have going right now. You really want that guy coming in and possibly messing with Metcalf, and Lockett? As someone who has Metcalf I sure hope they don’t bring him in
  16. .5 pt ppr, I’m 2-4 and feel I need to improve my RB situation. I’m definitely still in the mix for the playoffs since we have two five team divisions and the top three from each division make the playoffs. I can play 3 rbs due to the flex spot. I currently have Drake, David Johnson, Bell, McKinnon, and Akers. I’m having a hard team figuring out who to trade and what to try and get back. Right now I plan to start Drake, Johnson, and McKinnon this week. Figured I’d like to see what Bell does before I start him. The guy that has CEH also has Taylor and D. Henry. I’m trying to think of a trade that would work for both of us. Unfortunately I don’t know if having CEH and Bell on the same team will be good for Fantasy. Or if he would even want that. Would I be nuts to offer him Bell and Drake or Johnson for Taylor? I doubt he’d trade Henry The guy who has Mostert also has Sanders, Conner, and is actually starting Scott this week as of now. Not sure I see Conner as an upgrade over Drake or Johnson Both of these guys are 3-3 so we are all right there battling for playoff spots. If you guys see an angle I should take or a good trade offer I should try, I’m all for suggestions. Thanks
  17. WR Trade Advice - Metcalf

    I have Metcalf and I wouldn’t give him up for Evans and Parker. Metcalf has been the best and most consistent WR in fantasy. I want nothing to do with Evans. With Godwin back and Gronks involvement trending up.
  18. Trade CMC??

    I like the side that gets Cook and Taylor. I have CMC and if I was offered that I’d take it
  19. Dobbins worth a stash?

    I’d still rather hold Akers
  20. Ceh for zeke?

    You got Zeke for CEH straight up? Unreal
  21. Drop JuJu, pick up Fulgham??

    You don’t have anyone else you could drop besides those guys? I wouldn’t drop JuJu but I am sitting him until something changes
  22. Potential trades (buy low, sell high)

    No way, you’d be making your team Worse IMO. Bell splitting time with CEH will likely score more than Montgomery. Godwin is just getting back and will improve. The two players I’d want the most you would be giving up. I have JuJu and am sitting him for Higgins until he shows something. His situation isn’t looking great with Claypool and Dionte Johnson getting all the action
  23. Trade or stay the course?

    Mixon is not enough to get Metcalf IMO. But if you could get Golloday for Rojo that would be good
  24. Dropped to 1-5, Week 7 Lineup Questions

    Insert McKinnon into to ur starting line-up. Mostert is going on IR