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  1. Dynasty Drop

    12 team ppr dynasty I need to clear up a roster spot, who do I drop? Deandre Washington JD Mckissic Z Pascal K Coutee
  2. 12 team PPR dynasty league I have Cook and am looking to acquire Mattison. I can get him for a 2021 2nd Round pick. I'm leaning towards doing that but just want to get some other insights/opinions.
  3. Dynasty Trade

    Would Swift or Dobbins be worth if Taylor isn’t available?
  4. Dynasty Trade

    12 team PPR I have the 10th pick in a snake draft. I’m being offered 1.04 & 4.09 for my 1.10 & 2.03 I could use some RB help, my RBs are Cook AJones Mostert Cohen and trash after that. Take it and grab the best RB available at 1.04 or stay put try my luck at 1.10 and keep my 2nd rounder?
  5. Am I the only one here?

    It's a sad reminder of just how quickly the FF season goes by
  6. Assuming Cook & Mattison Sit

    Over which one?
  7. Do I start Boone vs GB over Chubb vs BAL or Fournette @ ATL in NON PPR? NON PPR Scoring
  8. I have Tannehill (vs NO) & Matt Ryan (vs JAX) on my roster, but I need to clear a roster spot to add Boone. Which one do I drop?
  9. What team(s) took you to the championship game? ?

    12 team non ppr QB: Jackson, Rodgers RB: Cook, Drake, Peterson, Laird (Drafted D Johnson over Zeke @ #5 so i got pretty lucky in this league) WR: Lockett, McLaurin, DK, Fuller, Pascal, Boyd TE: Kelce, Waller K: Tucker D/ST: Pitt
  10. The waiting is the hardest part

    I'm up 29 and he has Thomas and Mack tonight. It's non ppr but I'm still not getting my hopes up.
  11. GM Irish Non ppr scoring Who should I start? Julio @ SF or Golladay vs TB Chubb @ ARI or Fournette @ OAK
  12. Coin flip

    i sat Crowder too. oh well its been a fun season. I couldve used his 27 pts, I'm up against an elite lineup this week.
  13. First World Problems

    NON PPR Which RB do I sit? Most rankings I see for Week 15, have them all close together Cook @ LAC Chubb @ ARI Carson @ CAR Fournette @ OAK
  14. Hey Irish! Do I drop Cousins to pick up Tannehill and go with him for the playoffs?