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  1. I hadn't thought of that, thank you. I'll the first pick of the 9th round and the last (10th) pick of the 10th Round
  2. Standard Non PPR Scoring Who do you take?
  3. Non-PPR Scoring Which would be the better keeper value? Isaiah Crowell - 9th Round Pick Tevin Coleman - 10th Round Pick
  4. At the end of last season, i thought that Tevin Coleman (10th round keeper value) was a no brainer to be my keeper. Now i find myself considering Isaiah Crowell (9th round keeper value) as a better option. Losing Shanahan makes me less confident in Coleman being the obvious choice. Which route should i lean? 10 team Standard scoring league
  5. Sounds like you're talking about a play in the Seahawks/Lions game. Bud Dupree gave Matt Moore some sweet chin music with the crown of his helmet
  6. It's playoff teams only
  7. I agree with this
  8. Bump
  9. Thabks GGL
  10. Standard scoring I was going to take a chance on AJ Green but it looks like hes not going to play. Which WR should I plug in? S.Smith @ PIT (hasn't played well vs PIT) Jeffrey vs WAS (covered by Norman) Gabriel @ CAR (Julio is back, low targets) Lockett vs ARI (ride the hot hand?)
  11. Should I play Sanders vs NE, Gabriel vs SF, or Jeffrey vs GB? STANDARD SCORING Need to pick 1 to start
  12. Bump
  13. I'd play Bennett
  14. bump
  15. AJ Green can no longer stay in my IR slot so I need to drop someone My roster: Big Ben, Mariota Bell, McCoy, Gilislee, Tevin, Dixon Sanders, Green, SSS, Gabriel, Moncrief I have Marshall but I have a waiver claim dropping him to get Jeffrey Standard Scoring