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  1. MNF - What do you need (Week 11)

    I need -1.2 from Goff, Kelce, & Zeurlein. Non PPR's been a rough year
  2. Bye Week Hades Trade

    This kind of passive aggressive behavior is a recipe for not getting any input in the future. The more you know...
  3. Rly want to grab Bernard, help!

    Given your roster, I agree that Njoku or the kicker are your only options. With Njoku on Bye there is a chance you may be able to pick him back up. For reference, what TEs are currently FA?
  4. Which TE this week?

    Non PPR scoring My options are: Cook vs ARI RSJ vs OAK Heuerman vs LAC Watson vs PHI Rudolph vs CHI McDonald / James vs JAX J Smith vs IND Uzomah vs BAL Any insight is appreciated
  5. Limited Flex Options

    Non PPR scoring Baldwin vs GB tonight or John Brown vs CIN
  6. Week 11 Streamer

  7. Week 11 Streamer

    Need a week 11 TE fill-in for Kittle's BYE. Debating on who I should drop to make the roster space Roster: Big Ben, Luck Chubb, D. Lewis, Collins, Drake, Breida Boyd, Fitz, J. Brown, Landry, Baldwin Leaning towards Drake or Baldwin right now. Waiting to see what Breida does tonight. Non PPR
  8. Who Do I Sit?

    Non PPR Scoring Need to fill my WR2 & Flex spots, options are: Fitz @ KC Drake @ GB Landry vs ATL Baldwin @ LAR Right now I have Fitz and Baldwin filling those spots
  9. QB Spot Start

  10. QB Spot Start

    Just realized Watson is on Bye this week. Need a QB fill in. Who should I pick up? Carr vs LAC Mullens vs NYG McCown vs BUF Prescott @ PHI Bortles @ IND Rosen @ KC
  11. Howard and Diggs

    What do you think about Collins Landry and Baldwin to get Howard and Diggs ?
  12. Tre’Quan or Dez rest of season

    Sounds like your mind is made up already
  13. Howard and Diggs

    Is Collins Landry and C Kirk enough to offer for J Howard and Diggs? Non ppr
  14. Diggs Replacement

    IF Diggs doesnt play this weekend, do I play Tre'Q Smith or DJ Moore in his place? NON PPR Scoring