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  1. Should I Panic?

    10 Team Standard Scoring I'm not panicking yet, but should I be looking into making any roster moves? I'm 0-2 now both losses have come down to me playing the wrong QB (Stafford over Luck in week 1 & Luck over Stafford in week 2), including me scoring the 3rd highest point total and still losing this week. My Roster: Luck, Stafford AB, M Thomas, Diggs Howard, Mixon, Collins, Hyde, Bernard, Chubb Cook, Njoku I know TE is my weak spot, I'm hoping Cook can solidify the position until Njoku can start producing. Olsen is on WW, considering adding him and holding him in my IR spot and hope he comes back this season. Any insight or opinions are appreciated. Thank you in advance
  2. I'm 0-2 and looking to make a splash. Not sure of my chances but thinking of offering some combo of AB or M Thomas & J Howard or Mixon for Gurley in standard scoring league. My roster: Luck Stafford AB M Thomas Diggs Howard Mixon Collins Hyde Chubb Bernard Njoku Cook What say you?
  3. Should I Panic?

    What ya think about AB (or Thomas) and either Howard or Mixon for Gurley? Not too many options in my league for someone that is deep at RB and weak at WR.
  4. Should I Panic?

  5. it's just a piercing, not like it's a tattoo. Let it close up and BOOM! no more pierced ear Solid team. I'm personally not a fan of your RBs but all in all not bad
  6. WDIS @ TE

    Non PPR Scoring Chase the points with Cook @ DEN or go with Njoku @ NO
  7. Who do I flex?

    Non PPR Scoring Collins @ CIN (TNF) Diggs @ GB Hyde @ NO
  8. Who do I flex?

  9. Who do I flex?

    I hope so. I bought in hard last week...
  10. P. Barber on Waivers

    You make a valid point. That's why I'm second guessing dropping Shepard, but barring any injury I wouldn't start Shepard over my top 3 WRs anyways.
  11. P. Barber on Waivers

    10 team Non PPR scoring Peyton Barber was dropped during this last round of waivers. I know he's nothing exciting but he is the lead back in TB. Should I try to add him? My roster: Luck, Stafford Howard, Mixon, Collins, Hyde, Chubb AB, M Thomas, Diggs, Shepard Njoku, Cook Thinking about dropping either Shepard or Stafford if I were to make a bid at Barber. What say you? Thanks in advance
  12. P. Barber on Waivers

    Yeah, for insurance in case the inevitable Hyde injury happens, plus it's a keeper league with goofy rules so he will be a keeper option for next year if I hold onto him. Thanks for the input
  13. Trade for Hopkins or Diggs

    I'd rather give up Enunwa than Adams.
  14. Conner or Mixon?

    As far as who to start this week? If that's the question, then yes go with Conner
  15. Is this waiver claim suspicious?

    It could be a timing issue, anyway you can find if anyone else in the league submitted a waiver claim on Allison or Dorsett?
  16. Replace Olsen on WW

    It would benefit you to not use that #1 waiver priority on a TE. You'll thank yourself when you have it to use on a potential stud RB or WR. It's only week 1
  17. WW TE

    Non ppr scoring I need TE help & have claims on Ebron, J Smith (Ten), Eifert & Cook in that order. Should I change up the order or leave it how it is?
  18. WW TE

    Cook, Eifert, Ebron, Smith?
  19. Doug Martin

    As a Doug Martin owner last year... No
  20. Hmmm. Collins, Connor, Gordon

    Is that Josh Gordon?
  21. Who do I sit?

    0.5 PPR Rex Burkhead Lamar Miller Chris Hogan I need to sit one, which one? Thanks in advance
  22. Who do I sit?

    He's not on the injury report so I would guess he is.
  23. Who to start at RB week 1

    I'd go with Rex and William's but I'm not high on Henry this year, personally.
  24. Package for Bell. Help

    It will help if you can provide Bell's owner's team
  25. Who to drop?

    12 Team 0.5 PPR Scoring League I was conveniently auto drafted Chicago Bears DST (one day prior to the Mack deal), I am intrigued to see how that works out, but I do no feel good starting them week 1 in GB. I am thinking of picking up the Detroit Lions DST for a Week 1 filler but dont know who to drop. My Roster: Luck Zeke, Miller, Burkhead, C Thompson, Powell, T Coleman, Breida, Morris Adams, Hill, Hogan, Shepard Burton Who do I drop? Or should i just roll with CHI DST?