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  1. Should I accept?

    if you need an RB, I like the deal
  2. Godwin or MVS this week?

  3. TY Hilton

    id flip a coin and drop either of those 2.. anyone else on the roster that youd be willing to drop??
  4. Coleman worth a waiver claim?

    Coleman this week! Freeman doubtful
  5. Gurley trade
  6. Gurley trade

    Do the deal if you can
  7. Is Carson Seahwks RB worth it?

    Like it
  8. Possible Big Trade

    Love the trade, getting great value back, but if those guys wont be starting on your team then think about it
  9. Flex HelpWho to Start?

  10. Jeffrey or Boyd

  11. is there any other QB worthy of trying to get by trying to trade russ wilson + a future draft pick for?
  12. thank you for the feedback
  13. flex help

    cooks or breida
  14. Who would get me a better return?

    def lockett and collins