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  1. Pick 2 RBs to start

    Agree with Coleman and Rodgers
  2. Final playoff week -- need some WR advice

    How about Steve Smith instead of Meredith. Min may be mad after their embarrassing game last week, particularly the cornerbacks. Smith will probably be getting tons of targets since his last games.
  3. Who to start?

    I'd probably go with Meredith between those 3. Dallas will be using other backs besides Zeke.
  4. Final playoff week -- need some WR advice

    I guess most people's leagues are finished so not many participating on this forum now.
  5. TE HELP

    I'd start Enron as well.
  6. I'd wait to see who will be running the ball for Pittsburg for sure. I'm reading probably Toussaint but not sure. Pit playing 32nd run defense Cleveland.
  7. Need 2 of these guys: Cameron Meredith at Min - he's been hot but Min CBs could be tuff Adam Thielen playing Chi - is he consistent weapon for Bradford or just has few big games Michael Crabtree at Den - tuff matchup, normally an every week starter, but... Sterling Shepherd at Wash - won't draw Josh Norman but how much will he play and who will be throwing him the ball Steve Smith at Cin - tuff matchup but probably last game and figure Flaco will target him several times Brandon LaFell playing Bal - Cin is running out of weapons Or I could sit Jerrick McKinnon playing Chi and play 3 WRs. It's 1/2 point PPR.
  8. Help with a d

    Which d to start bills home against fins, steelers home against ravens or titans at jags...?
  9. RB help. Farrow Ware

    Need A rb 1pt ppr Farrow, or Ware
  10. 1pt ppr. Need a wr and flex. Also have l green te steelers. Playing olson at te spot. Would you play watkins, steve smith or m thomas.
  11. Any other thoughts... I need to get this right, Crabtree killed me.
  12. T.Y vs A.J. Bouye

    I'd play TY
  13. lineup help to keep playoff hopes alive

    Looks good. Just keep an eye on Reed. Last I read he says he's playing but best to follow that.