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  1. Interesting, just due to the matchup? Most every where is going with Tannehill over fitz but thats why I picked him up.
  2. starting 1 Qb. Picked up Wentz & Fitz in case weather looks bad. Which do you like out of those? I was deciding between Deebo and OBJ myself as it looks like I can play Boone Monday.
  3. Hey Irish, deciding my WR 2 this week between OBJ, Slayton, or Deebo. Half PPE Tannehill/Wentz/Fitz CMC Carson adams ?? Ertz washington (oak) Boone Pit D
  4. Next choice would be singletary or Deebo vs slayton. Would you go slayton over any of in my lineup? I also picked up B Scott and have a claim in for DeAndre Washington as he got dropped. thought about playing slayton at the 1 pm games then deciding between singletary and OBJ
  5. I have some other options and considering benching OBJ but the matchup is great. The guy i would replace him with is Slayton vs MIA or bench Singletary. my lineup: Tannehill CMC Carson D Adams OBJ Ertz Singletary Deebo Steelers My opponent: Winston Ingram 23.10 Mostert Cooper Landry Waller Bell 9.8 Sutton Saints
  6. Hey Irish, I have Ertz, Goedert, Alshon and Carson and need 1 TE and a flex. If Ertz sits would you go Goedert and alshon or start with Carson at flex. My opponent already had brees, kamara, d Freeman, Robinson and Bears D so looks good so far.
  7. Half PPR; Need two flex guys between Carson @ Min Alshon @ MIA Scarborough vs CHI Montgomery @ DET Deebo @ BAL Penny @ MIN
  8. With Kittle and or sanders trending towards playing would you pivot to Scarborough or singletary? Deebo is the SNF game so may not know in time.
  9. I also have Alshon but coming off the injury this week as an option. Ertz is my TE.
  10. I need two of these options in half PPR. I like Deebo if things line up with Kittle and Sanders out. Mont vs NYG SIngletary Vs Den Deebo vs GB Curtis Samuel @ NO Scarborough @ WAS AP vs Det
  11. DJ for OBJ

    I know right. Not sure what else i could get.
  12. DJ for OBJ

    I own DJ. OBJ owner sent it out
  13. DJ for OBJ

    Trade DJ for OBJ? Other RBs are CMC, Carson, Montgomery, and singletary WRs are Adams, Samuel, Pascal, Alshon half PPR 2 flex
  14. Trade DJ for OBJ? Other RBs are CMC, Carson, Montgomery, and singletary WRs are Adams, Samuel, Pascal, Alshon, and Deebo half PPR 2 flex