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  1. Dynasty deal for #2 pick?

    the only way I see you getting the 1.02 would be to trade 1.06 and 1.10 for the 1.02 and 2.11. given the depth this year I am not sure that will benefit you. I assume you are trying to trade up for an RB?
  2. Dynasty league trade

    Big Country I agree with your assessment of his offer. I felt it was lopsided to say the least. I did want some confirmation that I was not over valuing my players. Thanks for that. The WR is Corey Coleman. Is Cousins, Moncrief, and Blount fair for Dalton, Mack and a 2nd round 2019 rookie pick? Or do I need to go after Tate.
  3. This is a Dynasty PPR league. I have received the following trade offer. I give Cousins+ Williams+Moncrief He gives Dalton + Mack + Benjamin, Stills or Coleman He has been unwilling the offer any of his starting line up. How would you counter? Cousins + Moncrief + Blount or Westbrook He gives Dalton + Mack + 2nd round 2019 rookie pick ??? * - Starter My roster: QB - Wentz*, Cousins, Mahomes RB - Hunt*, Cook*, R. Freeman, Jamaal Williams, Blount WR - M. Thomas*, Allen*, Parker*, Moncrief, Westbrook, Sutton, A. Miller, M. Bryant, Golliday, Cane TE - Ertz*, Njoku His Roster: QB - Manning*, Dalton, Darnold, Taylor RB - Gurley*, Guice*, McKinnon*, Mack, Breida WR - Tate*, Sanders*, Benjamin, Stills, Lockett, Coleman, Moore, White, C Wilson TE - Doyle*, Kittle
  4. The commissioner was wrong that is clear. Not for trying to stop tanking which I am personally against, but he was wrong for changing the rule without telling the league. It would have been OK not prefered, to change the rules in season with the leagues approval. It sounds like you need to make your tanking rules clear for next season. I have found if you make it clear that tanking is not accepted and you explain why it is bad for everyone in the league it will in general not happen.
  5. Trade question

    I would have to pass. Kamara is too hot. If it is a dynasty. you would consider it with a young WR. Edelman is too old. someone with 1 to 4 years in the league like Kupp, Juju, Watson, Benjamin, Sutton or Kirk.
  6. Ingram & Juju for Mixon & Funchess?

    For long term I like Mixon better than Ingram. Bu Juju has more upside than all of those WRs. Can you get draft pick instead of players. I would suggest Ingram and Juju for Mixon and and his 2019 1st round rookie pick if not Mixon and Funchess is the best combination.
  7. Dalvin Cook Sell

    It depends on how close you are to a championship. They both have the same talent but Cook will do better the next couple of years. He has a better line ( Cincinatti is ranked 30 on their O Line) and Cook has a better offense around him. So the viking offense will keep teams from putting 8 men in the box and stopping the run and the viking will likely be running more in the 4th quarter. In addition Cook will get more catches. That being said if you are 3 or 4 years away from a championship make the trade the picks are worth it.
  8. Which WR should I move?

    If these guys are valued the same by others, I would move Lee. He is a big play guy more than a possession receiver and that make him unpredictable. If you can find some one who is passionate about Davis or Funchess trade them for draft picks or upgrading another position. I believe you should hold Robinson he will be more valuable later once he is back from his injury and working in the new offense.
  9. for 2018 I would rank them in this order Bell, Johnson, Kamara and Fournette. Can you trade Kamara or Fournette for draft picks? they have to be better than some other owners keepers.
  10. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    I don't know your RBs or QBs but it sounds like you need an RB. Trade Funchess, Edelman, Lee and Hooper. All 4 are better than any one on his team. This is at least 3 starter for him, but only one starter (Funchess) for you. He will not be able to say no. Get back the Rookie 1.01 and keep your 1.10 for a rookie WR, IDP or 2nd RB. I suspect Carolina will draft a #1 WR this year making Funchess less valuable after the draft. Strike now before the draft to maximize your value.
  11. need a league

    I have a 12 year old dynasty league that needs to replace an owner. See the rules below. It is salary cap based and you can sign players to a maximum of 5 years. If you are interested please let me know You can see the league here the team available is the "mighty mongoose" http://www56.myfanta...16/home/10978#0
  12. I am looking for a 12th man on in my dynasty league. This is a highly complex and competative league that only takes active owners. See the attached link, you can email me from the website for more details. Basics: 12 teams 3 divisions 6 make playoffs auction draft 1 to 5 year contracts salary cap and signing bonus 20 man roster Contract year limit of 50 cost signing bonus to cut player Franchise and RFAs like NFL Entry fee 125. Thanks, Sam
  13. If you are in the Kansas City area this would be a plus as everyone in KC gets together for the draft. Draft is August 20th. We do Skype for the draft as we have owners in Germany and California.
  14. I have a 12 year old dynasty league that needs to replace an owner. See the rules below. It is salary cap based and you can sign players to a maximum of 5 years. If you are interested please let me know ASAP as we are starting the RFA portion of the draft next week if we can get the 12th man. If interested please reply. You can see the league here the team available is the "mighty mongoose" Basic rules below: Dynasty League Rules Draft The following describes the three different drafts which will be held prior to the beginning of the second and all subsequent years of the league. These drafts will be held in the following sequence: 1. Restricted Free Agent Auction – The commissioner will nominated players based on position, (RB, WR, QB, TE, K) and previous year’s fantasy points highest to lowest per position. All interested owners will bid on the player. Once bidding is complete the original owner then has the right to match this bid. 2. Rookies – Draft order will be determined based on reverse order of finish from the previous year. There will be two rounds in this draft. Draft will be traditional non-serpentine. 3. Free Agent – A player will be nominated by each team and an opening bid will be placed by that team. Salary Cap The Annual Salary Cap is currently $180,000 dollars. The salary cap will be increased by 5% each subsequent season. Roster Limits Teams must consist of no more than 20 players to have a legal roster. Forfeiting GamesGames must be forfeited for the period of games where the “illegal” period occurred. The following conditions/situations will necessitate game forfeiture: Illegal roster, i.e. more than 20 player. Exceeding the annual salary cap. Line Ups 1 Quarterback 1 Running Back 2 Wide Receivers 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) 1 Tight End 1 Place Kicker 1 Team Defense/Special Teams Scoring (Offensive) Passing TD 6 pts. Rushing TD 6 pts. Receiving TD 6 pts. Fumble recover for TD 6 pts. (no yardage credit) Passing Yards 0.03 pts/yard Rushing Yards 0.06 pts/yard Receiving Yards 0.06 pts/yard Extra Points 1 pt. Field Goals <= 30 yds. 3 pts. Field Goals > 30 yds. 0.1 * yardage 2 Point Conversions 2 pts. (for each player involved) Turnover -1 pt Scoring (Defensive/ST)Turnover 2 pts Sack 1 pt TD – Defense 6 pts TD – ST 6 pts Safety 2 pts Pts Given Up 0 10 1-10 6 11-17 2 18-24 0 25-30 -2 31-40 -6 40+ -10 Contracts Length – All players must have contracts. Players acquired via draft or during the season must be signed to contracts prior to them becoming active on the roster. Contracts can range from one (1) to five (5) years in length. Each team will be restricted to a sum no greater than 50 years of contracts on September 1st. Salaries – All contracts will consist of a base salary and a signing bonus. The high bid amount is the total salary for the player’s first contract year (base plus signing bonus). For multi-year contracts, each subsequent year’s salary will escalate by 10%. The salaries for rookies drafted in the rookie draft will escalate at a rate of 50% per year. Signing Bonuses – All signing bonuses will be standardized as follows: 5 Year Contracts – 25% of 5 year contract value is a signing bonus 4 Year Contracts – 20% of 4 year contract value is a signing bonus 3 Year Contracts – 15% of 3 year contract value is a signing bonus 2 Year Contracts – 10% of 2 year contract value is a signing bonus 1 Year Contracts – 5% of 1 year contract value is a signing bonus League Minimum – Minimum bids for each player will start at $1,700. League minimum salaries will increase by 10% every other year. All bidding whether for free agents during the season or auction before the season will use these minimum salaries for bid starting position. Bidding will progress in increments of $100 up to a salary of $5000, but then in increments of $500 with salaries greater than $5000. Rookie Contracts – Rookie contracts are predetermined by draft position. All rookies can be signed up to a five year contract. Waiving / Dropping Players - Salary Cap Implications - Any player waived during the season will have the remaining portion of their signing bonus count (total for all remaining years of their contract) against the current year’s salary cap. Playoffs Each of the 4 division winners and 2 wildcard team will make the playoffs. Division winners are seeded 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the wildcards seeded 5 and 6. The 1 and 2 seeds will have a bye week the first week of the playoffs. The 3rd seed will play the 6th seed and the 4th seed will play the 5th seed. The lowest seeded winning team will play the 1 seed in the second round. Fees and payouts: Fee: $125 at the draft payouts: Win Game: $ 6 per win (13 game season) Win division : $80 Wild card : $40 2nd Place: $160 Win Superbowl: $400
  15. Should I do the following trade: McCoy for E Manning and Owen Daniels league is 1-30 pass 1-15 run/recieve 6 pt pass TDs. Starter 1 qb, 1 rb, 2 wr, te, flex K D Roster Brees Palmer Forte McCoy Asiata Forsett Gerheart Jeffories Harvin Benjamin Terrence William J. Cameron McManus Cinci D