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  1. Dynasty trade

    do it. you need the WR and the best guys you can get at those spots are RBs or TEs.
  2. Do I take the trade??

    I dont like this draft class at all but Jacobs is worth much more than he is offering.
  3. What RB would you rather draft?

    Bell with Johnson a close second, it really depends on how the offenses will use each player. Cook is injured too often to be selected in from of any of the others.
  4. Derrick Henry Keeper Advice

    you can draft him or someone just like him in the mid third.
  5. I have received the following trade offer in my dynasty league. this is a ppr league Chubb for Njoku, Wentz, Dede Westbrook and my 2020 first round pick. All of these guys are my back ups, but it seams a high price for one player. Is Chubb worth it with Hunt returning in week 9? Starting line up: Mahomes, D. Williams, D Cook, M Thomas, A Robinson, Golladay, Ertz, Flex - Sutton, A Miller or OJ Howard