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  1. Auction Draft: Bell & DJ price tag

    Ok, thats a good point as I was wondering how that would work for the next draft. However, I do know that from here on out we are not doing Auction. The Rook drafts will be normal snake style.
  2. Auction Draft: Bell & DJ price tag

    This is full dynasty, so I don't think that applies. As far as I know. But I should get clarification on that as I'm not sure how it will work next year with the Rookie draft.
  3. Auction Draft: Bell & DJ price tag

    That definitely seems reasonable. I have a feeling it won't be enough to get them, but this is a new league so I'm not sure how some of them will bid.
  4. So, this is my first auction draft coming up, and its a dynasty. 1/2 PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, 2 Flex, 1 DST. 9 bench. $230 budget. My main question is if you think David Johnson and Bell are worth the price tag of $60 - $70? I'd like opinions before I give my thinking on this.
  5. PPR Keep 7 league. I have Palmer and Rivers, but league mate really wants Arob and keeps sending me offers. thought on Arob for DT and Wilson? My thought is no, but want to make sure I'm not making a mistake.
  6. Yeah thats kind of how I feel too. I like Arob but he only has 1 great season to reflect on while AJ Green has a proven track record. Thats not to say Arob cant or wont be great, but just a little bit more risky in my mind.
  7. PPR League, keep 7. Got offered ARob and Alshon for AJG and Bell. My other keepers are Nuk, Watkins, Ingram, Reed and Eifert or D. Lewis. I really don't want to give up Bell, but this does seem like a pretty good trade. Thoughts?
  8. My AJG for Cobb?

    Ok, thanks for the help. Think I'll hold onto Green for now.
  9. My AJG for Cobb?

    Been offered Cobb for my AJG. PPR keeper league, team in sig. I'm a major contender in my league, undefeated, but want to try to make one move to give me a better chance. So, would you move AJG for Cobb? Both are struggling, but with the bye week Cobb should heal up and get back on track. Talent wise I say AJG, but I feel Cobb will get more targets and provide better numbers. What do you guys think?
  10. Trade: Rams Gurley for GB D. Adams

    Depends on your team. If you don't really need Adams or have a solid backup to slide in, then it's a home run type move. I own Gurley in a keeper league, and while he could be great this year, I'm looking more towards next year. It remains to be seen how much they will use him.
  11. Davante Adams in Waivers

    Seriously. He was drafted in the 4th round of my league.
  12. I'm running Agohlor as my flex this week too. Have a good feeling for some reason. All i want is 12-15 points, think he will produce.
  13. Was an interesting draft. Went fairly well, grabbed some guys I liked. I think my season will rest on my #3 and #4 picks. Matthews And Jeffrey, hope they have big years. My biggest regret is taking CJ Anderson over Gronk. But if CJ has a big year hopefully it won't matter. QB: Big Ben, Rivers RB: CJ Anderson, J Stewart, CJ Splitter, Vereen, Hillman WR: D Thomas, J Matthews, Alshon Jeffrey, Jeremy Maclin TE: Eifert, A. Seferian-Jenkins K: Matt Prater What do you think of my team?
  14. Alshon Jeffery

    Just did a draft and got Alshon. Fell all the way to the fourth round. Playing him as a flex. I was super high on him awhile back but now I've cooled off. I really hope he tears it up.

    Likely, but he would still be able to play the first part of the season while an appeal plays out.