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  1. Oh man... I'm thinking of starting Davis now. Cobb and Matthews have much harder match ups... I'm thinking Seahawks are going to play a much better game after getting smoked at home against the Rams.
  2. Haha, same here, except I only lost Adams and Burkhead... But... Had Gurley too =D
  3. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Pick 1 0.5ppr Rishad Matthews Randall Cobb Mike Davis
  4. WR, pick 2 for the championship

    JuJu and Evans easy.
  5. Pick my WRs for my championship game

    Shepard and Matthews definitely! I like Westbrook over Bryant though.
  6. Ok with starting bell and bryant?

    I like Shepard a little more than Bryant.
  7. I think it's Williams too that gets a huge boost but you're right, he has to throw to somebody. If it wasn't for the illegal hit, Adams will be an automatic start...
  8. Yeah only nearly perfect. Wth man! Lol. Jkjk. Guess my flex position is going to be a tough one. I was actually leaning towards Matthews now with Hundley starting over Rodgers.
  9. QB for the championship? Will help in return

    Bortles looks good to start over all 3. But I think Goff and Rivers are safer bets. Help me out.
  10. Title Game Questions

    Bortles. Duke. Westbrook is a good option, I think last week was a fluke on such low numbers. Help me out
  11. Your choices for me have been near perfect. I think I'm going to just listen to you and call it a day lol
  12. Pick my WR... Please!

    Hill / Thomas Get Shepard. If you do get him, then do, Thomas / Shepard
  13. Going for 1st! Final game, need help! 0.5ppr Current Line Up QB: Bortles WR: Hopkins WR: JuJu RB: Gurley RB: Gordon TE: Olsen Flex: ? K: Tucker DEF: LA Chargers
  14. I have considered that too, but Burkhead has been productive even with Dion Lewis doing well too and it's looking like it's going to be a high scoring game.