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  1. Dak Prescott, Top 5 QB, against the best DEF or Jameis Winston against a terrible DEF?
  2. Golladay or John Brown

    Then go with your gut feeling.
  3. Who to start at an this week

    Winston will throw 3-4 ints, but also 4 TDs and like 400 yards and it's an easy match up. Go Winston.
  4. Pick 2 RBs This Week!

    Mixon definitely. Ronald Jones should do good against Atlanta's terrible defense... Right?
  5. Trade Thielen for Matt Ryan?

    Hell no. Streaming a QB is better. Healthy Thielan is a top 10 WR.
  6. Golladay or John Brown

    No Stafford, you're starting John Brown. He's literally Josh Allen's go to guy.
  7. Tough WR Decision

    You're starting the top 3 on the list. Adams and Cooper are automatic. And Williams has a great match up.
  8. Help with Flex.. I have lots of options

    If Sanders is healthy, you gotta go him.
  9. Is tyler Boyd droppable?

    On your team? Yes, if you can pick up someone helpful.
  10. Set the Trade Deadline earlier. This shouldn't even be an issue. Only 2 to 3 weeks left in the season before fantasy playoffs. I would have this vetoed too, sorry. Gordon alone isn't enough for those 2... I mean, it really depends on the team, but still.
  11. QB help

    Allen is the better QB, but Wentz has the better Matchh up. I'm thinking Wentz is gonna have to sling the ball a lot since they'll be playing catch up most likely, so I'd go him.
  12. Need to drop someone for week 12

    With your team, you will never start Hyde, ever.
  13. 0.5ppr Pick 1 WR Pick 1 RB Pick 1 Flex - Will Fuller (if active) - DK Metcalf (100% starting if Locket is out) - Golden Tate (Bears DEF is no joke) - Tevin Coleman (lost me 2 games) - David Montgomery (on bench, he produces. In line up, nothing special) - Bo Scarbrough (waiver pick up)
  14. 0.5ppr Who would you rather have rest of the season?
  15. Stefon Diggs for Tevin Coleman

    So yes, or, no? Lol.