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  1. Perine RB2 ROS

    Perine is definitely an every week Flex spot at worse. Who else do they have that is going to run the ball? I'd start him over White, Buck, McKinnon, & Coleman at this point. He's not great, but he did have a few weeks of down time to be better suited as a lead back. Give him a shot. Now mind you, don't just go starting him because he had a good week, be patient and he may just be a weekly RB2 for the remainder of the season.
  2. Tough choice. 0.5 ppr Pick my Flex: - JuJu (vs GB) - Burkhead (vs MIA) - Darkwa (at WAS) - R. Matthews (at IND) ------------ My Current Line Up: QB: Smith WRs: Hopkins & Adams RBs: Gurley & Gordon TE: Olsen Flex: ???
  3. Brees or Russ

    Still may go Wilson. The running game is so good in New Orleans that I see another field day for the RBs while Seattle has no run game aka many more pass attempts and pass TDs
  4. Who to drop for Dede Westbrook

    I used a waiver pick on Burkhead lol. If you guys think I shouldn't drop someone for him. My team has been pretty solid.
  5. 0.5 ppr My Team: QB: Smith WRs: Hopkins, JuJu, Adams, R. Matthews, Goodwin RBs: Gurley, Gordon, Ekeler, Burkhead, Darkwa TE: Brate, Olsen (IR) We start 2 WRs, 2 RBs, and 1 Flex
  6. Robert Woods or JUJU Smith-Shuester?

    Goff has been good lately, but idk... JuJu has such an easier opponent. I'd go JuJu.
  7. Haha, that would be crazy
  8. Oops. I made a mistake. I edited 1st post. Melvin Gordon is already starting.
  9. There is a trade in my league that I need to accept or decline Fair trade? 0.5ppr Person getting Thompson needs RBs and person giving Thompson has McCoy, L. Murray, & Ingram.
  10. .5 ppr Record: 7-3 Start 1 WR & 1 Flex Darkwa Burkhead Adams JuJu R. Matthews I'm starting Hopkins, Gurley, & Gordon over these guys.
  11. I do like Burkhead, but it would be nice to handcuff Ekeler to Gordon. I only have 3 RBs right now and I want just 1 more for depth. We start 2 RBs and a Flex. I have Gurley Gordon Darkwa
  12. I was thinking of going for Ekeler only because I have Gordon for insurance purposes. Maybe he won't get picked up and can wait til he's a FA