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  1. Trade Saquon??

    I'd do that trade TBH. It would improve your WR core a lot and hurt you at RB a tiny tiny tiny bit. I would hate to lose Barkley, but damn, you get Adams and Carson!
  2. Sanders available on Waivers

    You're never gonna start MVS with the WRs you have. So drop him.
  3. WDIS

    You have the best starting options. You definitely have a good team. This is a pretty good team on a 12 man league too.
  4. Should I make this trade?

    Horrible deal no matter what your team is like.
  5. Trade Saquon??

    That seems like a great trade... But... What is your team? That would help us help you a lot better.
  6. I'm really not a Michel fan this year unfortunately and it's PPR! I'd go Singletary and Thompson
  7. Pick my flex

  8. Sit 1 WR, Sit 1 RB

    0.5ppr Sit 1 WR Fuller, Westbrook, McLaurin, Sutton Sit 1 RB Chubb, Jacobs, Breida, K. Johnson
  9. 0.5 ppr Adams for Mack & Sutton to Team A Breida & Tate for Diggs to Team B My Current WRs and RBs (We start 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 Flex) - WRs: Adams, Juju, Fuller, MVS, Metcalf, Tate - RBs: Jacobs, Breida, Montgomery, AP, Singletary
  10. Start or sit Evan's tonight? Pick 2

    I wouldn't start Crowder. No Sam Darnold. I mean, he could still do good, but how do you know that now?
  11. So I traded Watkins/Samuel for Todd Gurley

    I thought it was the opposite. Don't mind me. Nice trade.
  12. So I traded Watkins/Samuel for Todd Gurley

    I think you lost that trade buddy.
  13. I was offered MAHOMES

    Less of doing anything in your life and more of clicking accept before they take the trade back.