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  1. Trade - full keeper

    .5 ppr I give calvin ridley & Sony Michael and get Joe Mixon. Is sony legit or not?
  2. Who to keep/drop (salaried dynasty league)?

    I wouldn’t keep cousins. I’d think you could draft equal value for less?
  3. Interesting offer? Or?

    Anyone else? This is also a full keeper league.
  4. I get AJ green for ajayi, Howard , and moncrief. .5 ppr my other rbs are EE, Bell and Booker.
  5. Would you make this trade?

    Nah I think he gets the better end of the deal. I think CJ is your answer you've been looking for anyone he's a stud. Also I can't see you starting both TE or what was your plan there?
  6. Would you trade Gordon for anybody?

    God I know... I thought I was soooooooo smart....
  7. Bortles or Mariota ROS?

    Bortles sucks no question. Like shouldn't be starting sucks, but he did look a wee little better last week. He's not a bad ff play because he throws a ton. In my league bortles went 35 followed by 25 mm went 23 followed by 32 so it's risky both ways but I like jags tools better. I'd roll the dice on awful awful bortles.
  8. Who should I start?

    I think I'd go Thomas, if cobbs back Thomas for sure.
  9. Would you trade Gordon for anybody?

    I traded my Gordon for kelvin Benjamin and A Rob around week 4. Haven't slept since
  10. Dak and dez don't seem to fit this year. I think a Rob will be a touch more valuable this year. If you had to start all I'd go the second option.
  11. AJ green deal?

    We keep all of our starters I should say. So qb 2 wr 2rb 1 te 2 w/wr/rb
  12. AJ green deal?

    Full keeper
  13. AJ green deal?

    AJ green for moncrief, Howard and kelvin Benjamin? .5 ppr