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    I had freeman on my bench also bud. I needed 8 points from Thielen to win 3rd place. I dominated my league all year and ended up in 4th. It happens.
  2. Wr Start?

    Sanders, or Beckham?
  3. Need help at rb pick 1

  4. Thielen

    Lol right, which of those two guys do I sit and put thielen in?
  5. Thielen

    Replace him for E. Sanders or Beckham Jr. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Thielen

    Do I replace him for E. Sanders or Beckham JR. lol
  7. Thielen

    Is anyone considering starting him today?
  8. Wentz...

    Starter or... pick up on waiver
  9. AJ Brown

    I feel you dude. I have thielen also. E. Sanders and OBJ are starting for me right now. I’m just being picked about sanders I guess.
  10. Mostert, or Washington?!?

    Thanks everyone. I’ll be playing Mostert for the win!!
  11. AJ Brown

    Is everyone buying into this dude? Worth the add and play for fantasy playoffs? Or did he just have a few good games or are he and tann on pace for some good games ahead.
  12. Ekeler, I wouldn’t sit him even if Jacobs was out.
  13. Juju

    Is available on the wire. Worth the pick up and play this week? If healthy.
  14. Who’s the pick up here. Both had good weeks. Both have good match ups coming up. Tough decision lol.