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  1. It is a deep IDP dynasty league. Trying for at least 10 teams, maybe 12. Kinda want to get 10 first and see what everybody else wants to do, I would really like for all of the owners to help with the decisions and not just me so there's no disputes or disagreements rules and stuff like that. Right now entry fee is only $20 and we are using league safe. When we fill up if everybody agrees to raise it more we can I'm just doing 20 to get it full. Kinda in a hurry and on my phone to type all of the rules and what not but basically just standard rules with either whole point or .5 point PPR. Email me at if interested or wanting more info. Also hoping to do a email draft if we get it done in time and it will be ran through
  2. Bump... I probably should have included I am looking for one preferably for $. Prefer no more than $100, but not set in stone.
  3. Email is Thanks
  4. If anyone had a big keeper league(like 14+ teams AT LEAST) I would definitely be interested.... Prefer a higher buy in and no duplicate players please. Or if anyone is interested in helping me start one I have what I think is awesome set up to get one going but needs a bunch of owners to work. Anyways email is
  5. If anyone had a big keeper league(like 14+ teams AT LEAST) I would definitely be interested.... Prefer a higher buy in and no duplicate players please. Or if anyone is interested in helping me start one I have what I think is awesome set up to get one going but needs a bunch of owners to work. Anyways email is
  6. Hey I would be interested in taking over any available teams. If any left email me at I also had a couple questions if one is available
  7. Update: So it looks as if league is about half full of verbal commits at least.. So still looking for owners. Also wanted to add a couple things.. Thinking about for the first season or at least to full up league, lowering fee to $25 to fill up the league for the first season. Then if everyone wants to we can raise it before things get rolling or have a vote next year. Was also debating if we leave it at $50 doing a $10 referral fee, where if u refer someone I'll pay $10 of just your fee. I would limit this to 1 or possible 2 per owner though. Also as said before I would like a couple co-commissioners and these rules aren't completely set in stone if the majority has better ideas. EX: I'm not very experienced with auctions and salary cap, so if a co-commissioner is, and would like to implement it, that's fine with me. Just really going for more of a owner ran league(like the real NFL)
  8. Standard scoring with decimals. $100 league safe(majority vote).Paying 1-4, 4th will win entry fee back and go up from there.starters are as follows: QB-1, RB-2, WR-2, TE-2, FLEX-2, K, Team D, DL-3, LB-3, FLEX(DL/LB), DB-4. Roster size limit-40. IR-5(must be on IR in real life. Will startr draft as soon as NFL draft ends. 30 keepers per year to help keep it competitive. Any other questions or if you are interested, just post in here or email me at I could also probably use a co-commissioner or twoif anyone is interested in that also...
  9. Not sure if people are allowed to look, but that is league link... Also am open to any rule change suggestions from future members, and will probably switch to leaguesafe since people seem to prefer that..
  10. And also it is on espn, and league fee's will be collected on tilt.. So I will not personally handle money, in fact we can set it to where you don't get charged until everyone has paid so it charges us all at the same time.. When we get full I would also like to assign co commissioner powers to other players who are willing!
  11. I saw the thread above mine talking about people trying to rob people by posting league starts on here, just wanted to insure u that is not my goal... I've just been wanting to start and join a dynasty league for a long time and came across this forum searching for openings recently that is why I am new... I would be glad to answer any questions or take suggestions, like I said I want this league to be basically commission by committee so there are no trust issues...
  12. Basically me and some guys have a standard PPR league with 2 defensive players right now. At the end of the year I will be switching to a deep dynasty league(will post rosters and scoring at bottom of page). I don't know how many owners we will need for sure yet, I am guessing around 6. When we drafted at the beginning of the year, no one, including me knew we would be switching so there is no team more prepared than the other. However, I feel one team is a little less talented. To compensate for that, and so no one thinks I have an advantage for knowing I will let the new owner of that team choose 2 players off my bech. Will most likely 4 or 5 out of Lamar Miller, Randall Cobb, Josh Gordon, Trent Richardsob, Dwayne Allen, Travis Kelce, Odell Beckam, or Brandob Marshall(I will have to decide who to put in my lineup to protect). Then I will fill my two roster spots with free agents. Our roster sizes will at this point be 18. At the start of training camp next year we will have a auto pick draft to fill our rosters to what is listed below(at this point all the studs currently in the league will already be gone, that is why an auto pick). You will have all the way from the end of the current season till training to camp set your player rankings for this so there will be plenty of time. Entry fee will be $50 for first season, payouts will be listed below. After this is done from here on out the league will vote on everything, from roster or scoring changes, to whatever we want the fee to be every year. It will basically be commissioner by committee. If you need any addition info, message me or my email is . Now rosters and scoring: offense is standard PPR. Defensive players are as follow: Sack-3, tackle-1, Blocked kick(any)-3, INT-5, forced or recovered fumble-3, safety-5, pass defensed-2. They do score almost as well as offensive players usually, but won't put up over 30 points unlike offensive players when they have a great game. It is a 6 team playoff, if u make the playoffs u ATLEAST make your money back, so these are the payouts at $50(again we can always vote to raise it). 4th-6th $50. 3rd-$100. 2nd-$150. 1st-$200. Starters QB-1 RB-2 WR-3 TE-2 Flex(RB,WR,TE)-2 K-1 D/ST-1 DT-1 DE-2 LB-3 CB-2 S-2 Bench-25(With 2/IR)Once player is put on IR he is done for the season.