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  1. NFC Championship Thread

    It's unacceptable for the ref to miss BOTH the PI and the helmet to helmet hit on that play. I get that people say "one play does not decide the game" but in this instance, it did. The Saints could have run down the clock and kicked their winning FG as time expired. It changed everything. That simply can't happen in the NFL...
  2. Ronald Jones II - Calling TB Homers

    They are playing the hot hand but neither hand is really "hot". Barber has a edge IMO but who knows.
  3. Paul Allen

    0% chance they move anywhere. Non-story. RIP Paul Allen, map props sir.
  4. Tom Brady

    He seemed very frustrated with the talent around him. However, Edelman/Gordon should open things up for his offense. Not buying any "the Pats are cooked" commentary just yet!
  5. Marshawn Lynch just retired during Super Bowl 50

    He took a lot of hits but this was the first year he had any type of real surgery.
  6. Superman would have dove on it . . .

    Face of the NFL? No thanks. You dive on that loose ball every time. It's the SB.
  7. Cam Newton using the race card

    Is this guy for real? Russell Wilson won a SB 2 years ago and this is what the President had to say about that. ""He's only the second African-American quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl, and the best part about it is no one commented on it," Obama said." Seriously Cam, get over yourself.
  8. Graham back to Seattle

    There were rumors about his release because he has a 9.5 mil cap hit and all of that can be avoided with his release. Plus, his injury is not that easy to come back from. All that being said, I dont see how a healthy Jimmy G doesnt help their offense. Yes, they got better after he went down but that had a lot to do with being forced away from Lynch (injury) and needing to win games.
  9. Still think Lynch actually has social anxiety?

    I'm posting so I don't get fined...
  10. Still think Lynch actually has social anxiety?

    Has he personally used that as an excuse though? For the record, he can be "all bout that action" and be mute for all I care.
  11. Wilson is 9-0 vs some heavy iron, bad game or not?

    Technically Brady didn't free up any cap for the Pats but he did do the owner a favor.
  12. Check in on me leaving forums forever

    I have stayed away from the forums for a pretty long time but this guy really reminds me of Ugly Tuna. Does anyone remember that guy?
  13. Need help with a ruling

    Um yeah, no rule against auto drafting means no rule was broken. He might have broke an unwritten rule with you and your buddies but that just means you put a rule in place this year to avoid him auto drafting and beating all of you.