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  1. Rank These Teams from 1-4

    I get that. OPB has the #1 QB, WR and TE. They all had slow starts, but are on fire moving forward.
  2. RB Trade

    Depends on your depth, and playoff hopes. In all honesty, Morris might be a bit better than Cohen, but he very well might be a bust. I'd probably stick with Cohen.
  3. I would start Hunt and Kamara, Julio and Thomas with Hogan at flex.
  4. I'm forming trade offers and need to decide who to keep for the season, and who to shop: Duke Johnson or Derrick Henry. This is .5 PPR
  5. Which 2 WR get the start?

    Agholor > Woods > Amendola > Bryant In PPR, I'd bump Amendola up a bit, but Woods is facing Arizona who has been sucking against the WRs
  6. Trade help

    I'd be OK rolling with Rivers
  7. Make this trade?

    I'm looking to send Jordy Nelson and either Tevin Coleman or Alfred Morris away for A.J. Green. Is either of this feasable? (The guy is a Cowboys fan).
  8. What to do at QB

    I have Stafford and Jameis Winston on my Roster. Alex Smith and Carson Wentz are on waivers. 2 teams need a QB (1 had Rodgers, the other has Deshaun Watson on bye). Should I shoot for Wentz over Alex Smith? If I can get either Wentz or Smith, should I get rid of both Stafford and Winston? (I'm trying to trade away Winston for Adam Theilen)
  9. Who dropped Foreman in a 14 team league?
  10. Start Duke or Ingram

  11. Duke Johnson @ HOU or Mark Ingram vs. DET? And would you start either over Tate @ NO at flex?
  12. I'd consider Mack.
  13. Trade CJ Anderson for Julio Jones?

    Best point yet.
  14. Montgomery for Ajayi?

    As long as Cutler is starting, I wouldn't go there.