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  1. Bell trade offer

    He has made it well known that he loves Watson. I'm just not sure if Cousins is going to be good enough to justify possibly taking the hit.
  2. Bell trade offer

    Should I offer DeShawn Watson for Le'Veon Bell and pick up QBs off the waivers? I'd be looking at taking Cousins probably...
  3. Is this BS or is it just me?

    Both your trade, and the Veto are BS. You were playing within the rules, but that trade if F'd up. It should have been the other 10 guys that vetoed your trade.
  4. 1/2PR Flex

    Burkhead Hyde Crowder Marquise Goodwin (matched with Xavier Rhodes)
  5. It's 1/2pr. I just offered him Alex Collins and either Baldwin or Tate. Still not happening. He want's a 1st rounder and I'm not giving up Zeke for that headache.
  6. I'm trying to capitalize on the uncertainty of Bell either missing 1 or 8 weeks.
  7. Would offering Alex Collins for Bell at this point be laughable?
  8. S. Barkley vs R. Freeman

    Freeman should have a good year, but Barkley is in a whole different class.
  9. 2nd Pick Help

    Bell will be just fine. If even he misses week 1, he's still worth it.
  10. Pick 3: Doug Baldwin Kenny Stills Demaryius Thomas Josh Gordon Marquise Goodwin Sterling Shepard Michael Gallup
  11. Fitz/TreQuan for Mike Williams

    Fitz should be your flex with Thomas and Cooper as starters. Look at his stats last couple years..
  12. PPR Flex WDIS

    Michael Crabtree vs. BUF Randall Cobb vs. CHI Carlos Hyde vs. PIT Sterling Shepard vs. JAX
  13. Zeke or Barkley

    Travis Fredrick on the mend, Stacked boxes, no huge play makers...Does this make things harder for Zeke? On the flip side, OBJ, Engram commanding attention, Will Barkley have an easier time, but a lesser target share?
  14. Gurley, Kamara, Hopkins Keep 2

    Gurley is easy. I'd lean Hopkins. Being a draft though, you can invest heavy in whichever you choose.
  15. Gurley is an easy pick in any draft format. Given that there are probably a decent number of 1st and 2nd rounders being taken, Mixon is probably a good keep in the 3rd. I think you're on the right path. That said, I have a similar situation, but have to choose between DeShaun Watson or JuJu in the last round. I am really ok with either, given the depth of the QB class.