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  1. Michael Bennett to Arizona

    look here
  2. start/bench list

    You mean this?: Player list by position
  3. Huddle Rankings

    Certainly not true. Two popular sites provide both weekly rankings and weekly projections. One of those sites has a web interface where you can enter your scoring system and it will customize the cheat sheet to match, using the projected stats. The data is all there here on the Huddle to do the same things. It's just not presented in a format which makes it easy.
  4. Huddle Rankings

    I don't think this is what the guy was looking for. I think he was looking for staff projected rankings for the upcoming week. In other words, a cheat sheet to use as a guidline when setting lineups. The stats link you supplied, although quite useful for me personally, is just a list of real world current rankings and is not the same thing. To the original poster... while you may be disappointed that they have not provided a quick reference cheat sheet, there are a number of other resources that can assist you in making these decisions. The projected stats from DMD. The start/bench list from WW. The game stat matcher. Target data. The list goes on. With a little effort on your part, you will be armed with plenty of information to make those decisions. Cheat sheets are for wimps.
  5. I checked it out this time just to confirm my belief that it would blow. It did. So did the 60 seconds with Jimmy Kimmel spot. I have enough stuff to do around the house to find another way to spend half time.
  6. Larry Johnson Arrested!

    Keep in mind he is on probation stemming from another incident last year. We may not have heard the last of this yet. I'll see if I can dig up a link. I haven't benn able to dig up a link to the original news reports, but they reference it here on this Yahoo page. link
  7. Fumble recovery?

  8. MNF?

    This is why I will be changing the channel during half time.
  9. MFL Draft

    Login as the commish. You can pick for any team when logged in this way. Simple.
  10. Benson SIGNS !

    Just got him with the 8.11 pick in a 12 team keeper draft. The Jones owner is going to be pissed.
  11. 10 reason why I detest fantasy football

    This is probably the most important part of that diatribe. He is writing about something he knows very little about. I found most of it completely ignorant. Seems likeit was written for no other reason than to poke the hornets nest and see what happens.
  12. Steve Smith

  13. SOFA IDP draft thread

    Looks like they are going to get another chance....
  14. What happened to Onterio Smith?

    I'm stunned that you don't already know this, as it was all over every media outlet available....... He was caught carrying dried urine and a device called the Whizzinator which is used to cheat drug tests. The NFL suspended him for the season.