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  1. Culpepper Projection?

    The odd thing is that Culpepper is completing a high % of his passes, about 65%. Yet on those few throws that don't connect, he is tossing an interception every 3-4 "incomplete" passes.
  2. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Raiders home unis, Vikings home unis, seahawks away unis, Jags home and away unis, chiefs home unis. NOT the Charger's powder blue stuff--it looks like it should be used by the white wine spritzer crowd.
  3. Ron Dayne?

    Jeez, the ghost of Ron Dayne's football career rises from the grave yet again! Haven't we had enough hype about him in the past 3-4 years? Every year, we get a certain number of people saying that this is the year that Ron Dayne has worked out, got in shape, and is going to actually accomplish something offensively. Sorry, but this baby needs a stake driven into it's heart right now. Ron Dayne could not beat out Tiki Barber, who is multi-talented and works hard, but he is not a prototypical NFL back. Ron Dayne could not even replace Tiki Barber in SHORT YARDAGE SITUATIONS! That alone should tell you all you need to know about Ron Dayne. So by all means, pick him up as bye week filler, but while a rebound of Ron Dayne's career is a mathmatical possibility, don't go expecting 100 yards and a TD per game from here on out. More realistically, expect something below 3.5 yards a carry and a touchdown every 2-3 weeks.
  4. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Going INTO the season, anybody who took Cadillac Benson in the first round ought to have their head examined. Maybe in a 16 team league, but definitely not in anything smaller. He went in the 3rd round in our league--about the 25th pick. There were 5-6 guys who would have gone ahead of him too, but they were keepers (McGahee, Julies Jones, Kevin Jones, etc.) I would have gladly taken him with my 3rd rounder, but I drafted at the end of that round.

    Darrell Jackson is looking pretty good so far. Also, Randy McMichael, Kerry Collins (so far he has kept the interceptions under control) and Willie Parker (though he is not getting hyped a lot). 3 of these guys are on my main team, but their work is getting dragged down by CPep and Domanick Davis :/ I did win my first two games, but basically because my scores have been a few points higher than my even more lackluster opponents.
  6. Shut up M Irvin

    I think Irvin should shut up on this subject as well. Yes, Javon Walker got injured. However, Brett Favre didn't plan or intend that when it happened. Brett is the team leader in Green Bay--everyone knows this. Does that mean that maybe Brett gets in people's faces a little too much from time-to-time? Probably yes. However, thats what works for him. Tell me, who would you rather have as your QB if you were hoping for a playoff run? Brett Favre, or some guy who has good QB skills, but has no reputation for being a leader--like Aaron Brooks or Matt Hasselbeck. What I am saying is that you cannot "turn off" Brett Favre on some of these issues--right or wrong (and he is usually right) Brett is going to sound off on this stuff, because that's what someone with his gung-ho leadership style does. Javon knew that he was going to hear from Brett Favre when he started talking about a contract. Heck, everything I heard about this in the media was "I wonder what Brett Favre is going to say about this". Javon could have said "I appreciate Brett's feelings, but this is about my future" He could have even told Brett to go to Hades. However, Javon Walker made his own decision, based in part on what his team leader and pro-bowl QB was telling him, and it just didn't work out as anyone (including a pile of Javon Walker fantasy owners) planned. Besides, what is the alternative to what happened? Let's say that Brett Favre did keep his mouth shut. And that Walker had got either a new contract or was holding out right now. The end result would be that either way Walker would not be playing right now, because he would still be either injured or holding out. The only difference would be that the Packers might be saddled with a long-term contract for a player who is not going to be on the field this year. I don't necessarily see that as a big improvement for anyone other than Javon Walker. The team still takes a hit. The Packer's organization takes a hit. The fans take a psychological hit, and have to pay just that little bit more each weekend to pay off Javon's new contract.
  7. Big Ben Questionable for Sunday

    I wouldn't be overly concerned. A) the Texans are looking rather woeful anyway, so even if Rothlisberger can't start, they Steelers should be able to take them anyway. Big Ben probably will be around for the game C) The Steelers have a bye week in two weeks, so he can rest up then if he is a little banged up.
  8. Javon Walker

    The numbers I heard were 6-12 months--which would be after the SB. I think that Javon is getting some other medical opinions, and the Pack are not really finding anybody who lights their fire on the waiver wires, so they are happy to keep Javon on the roster until they get something really definite about when he may or may not be back.
  9. L. Johnson

    Larry Johnson has also lined up Lawrence Phillips and Ike Turner as character witnesses!
  10. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    I think its way too early to get all that jacked up about Willie Parker. He might pull a Quentin Griffin, and fade after the first couple games. Still, I have him on my team and I am happy to do so. Anytime that you can get a potential 100 yard-a-game rusher in the what was essentially the 14th round of a fantasy draft, that's getting some pretty good value.
  11. I swear the apocalype is coming!

    Daunte has those high turnover games occasionally. Other than the INTs and fumbles, he threw pretty well. Basically, everthing he threw was caught by somebody
  12. Who else got bloodied today?

    Let's see, I have Dom Davis, Daunte Culpepper, Steven Jackson, with Josh Brown kicking--I play in a performance league, so with points taken off for turnovers (thanks Daunte!!), these guys scored me a massive 11 points.... On the plus side, the rest of my roster played pretty well--Steve Smith, Darrell Jackson, Randy McMichael and the Bills D. So it looks like my score for the week will be 72 points, which is kind of an average score for our league. ESPN's servers seem to be dying right now, but considering that my opponent had Kerry Collins and Randy Moss already, and has Jamal Lewis going tonight--he should be in pretty good shape to beat me. It could be worse. You just know that somewhere out in fantasy land, there is some poor schmo with this lineup: "Doh!"nte Culpepper Dom "as in domesticated" Davis Shaun "Not to be confused with Alexander the Great" Alexander Andre "the midget" Johnson Ashley "is a girl's name" Lelie And in his name, I offer the following....
  13. Does Madden Have A New Lover?

    You guys are way overeaching on this one. In your heart of hearts, you KNOW that Favre is Madden's number one, no matter who else might catch his eye momentarily. I haven't looked at the Monday Night schedule, but I suspect that the minute the the Packers show up on MNF, the cameraman will practically have to be wiping Madden's man-goo off the lens to keep the show on the air.
  14. LaMont Jordan Owners

    As I recall, he also had a couple catches for about 30 yards. So thats a 100 yard game against one of the best defenses in the league. No TD, but for a fantasy 2nd RB, that's still a solid game.
  15. Same old Moss?

    Eh, I am thinking that the Raiders will go around .500 this year. The defense and Kerry Collins sporadic play will keep them from going much farther than that. Last night, I saw a lot of the Kerry Collins that I saw last year--not looking off receivers, forcing the ball into coverage. On the plus side, the Raiders ran pretty decently against the current world champs, which was a definite upgrade from last year's crappy running game. Also on the plus side, Kerry Collins did throw away the ball on several occasions, as opposed to throwing it in a bad situation for an INT. That's a positive. As for how Moss plays on a team that will probably not make the playoffs, I really can't say. He did bail out on a couple plays last night, and that needs to change. But on a fantasy level, he still had a heck of a game.