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  1. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    If Martin misses any time, look for rookie Cedric Houston to get a few carries. He may just outperform Blaylock if given the chance.
  2. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Dallas 27 Skins 13
  3. Tennessee Titans IDP Report

    Thanks spain. Any news on the Sirmon injury from yesterday?
  4. Tennessee Titans IDP Report

    Can some of you Titan homers give me a full report on the 3rd down packages, specifically which LBs are in on passing situations. Kassell has been putting up impressive tackle numbers. Is he in on passing downs?
  5. Is there an inside joke?

    Anyone remember gotime? He was the King of Fantasy Football.
  6. rate my team

    Greatest team ever! Don't change a thing.
  7. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Priest Holt Caddy
  8. Duce Staley: Status?

    Duce to have surgery. Out indefinitely.
  9. T.O. droppin' bombs

    I wanna see someone punch TO in the mouth. If owners would just stand up to these assclowns, this crap wouldn't happen. Don't trade him, don't re-negotiate. make them sit and lose money.
  10. Ohio Huddlers

    I live in Chillicothe. I hate the Browns and Buckeyes. I usually want the Bengals to win.
  11. Travis Henry

    Mortenson reported on ESPNradio, just minutes ago, that a Henry to Tennessee deal could be announced as early as today. He said that Jacksonville may still be in the running though. He didn't mention Seattle.
  12. Steven Jackson

    If Chad Johnson is available at that point, take him and and the next RB at 2.10 and 3.1. Chad is gonna be HUGH this year.
  13. Henry to be Traded?

    I have a question regarding Travis to Jax and Fred Taylor's contract status. I believe Taylor has a large contract. Fred is hurt, and possibly unavailable for a while. Would it be conceivable for Jax to release him if they are able to trade for Henry? Just curious what you all think.