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  1. 1. QB Brees vs Tenn outside or Rivers?? 2. Flex K Allen, A Jones, D Freeman or M Sanders? 3. Def Atl vs Jags or Colts vs Panthers?? Had Hopkins who killed me yesterday and leaves me behind needing points!! Help!!!
  2. PPR lineup help

    QB Brees RB Carson, Mixon WR Hopkins, Thomas TE Kittle Flex K Allen Bench Rivers, M Sanders, D Freeman, R Woods, A Jones, K Hunt Any changes you would make?? And why?? Also Indy or Seahawks Def?? Ty
  3. QB Brees WR Thomas, Hopkins RB Jones, Carson TE Kittle Flex R Woods Bench Wentz, K Allen, Freeman, K Hunt, J Mixon, M Sanders Should I make any changes?? Ty for your help!! Steve
  4. Wentz or Brady??

    Thoughts. Had a Wentz starting but found out light rain and 15 mph winds. Do I switch to Brady vs KC or stick with a Wentz vs Giants??
  5. Thinking Freeman and Sanders. Not so sure about A Jones and K Hunts touches. Your thoughts?? Ty
  6. I need to pick 2 A Jones D Freeman C Carson K Hunt M Sanders So far I have Hunt and Freeman. Concerned about the Jones, Carson timeshare and Howard coming back affecting Sanders volume. PPR full point so I need a receiving back. Thoughts???
  7. Need high ceiling. Way behind bc of Brees, Thomas Thursday night. Which one and why?? Thank you
  8. QB Brees WR Thomas (both subpar games) WR Hopkins vs NE RB M Sanders RB A Jones TE Kittle flex Boyd Ive got B Snell on the bench, K Allen, C Carson, R Woods and D Westbrook Any changes you’d recommend?? i appreciate the help!!!
  9. I’ve got A Jones and Carson at RB. Hunt in the flex and Samuels on the bench. I’d like to play Samuels but don’t know how to get him in or even if I should. Thoughts??
  10. PPR lineup help

    QB Brees RB Jones, Carson WR Hopkins, Thomas TE Kittle if he plays, Griffin on bench Flex K Hunt Bench Brady, Samuels, Mixon Should I leave the lineup as is or make any changes?