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  1. Patriots - Steelers Avatar / Sig Bet Anyone ?

    Bump to get some more Patsies homers.
  2. Willie Parker Owners summit meeting

    I was joking, because I can't believe anyone would trade Randy Moss for Willie Parker. You'll get a lot more of those whan your Patsies are 1-2.
  3. Willie Parker Owners summit meeting

    Santana Moss? I have Willie in a number of leagues and while I do fear that his production will go down once Bettis and Staley are healthy, I think Parker's worth having around in case one of my big-name studs should get hurt.
  4. Help your fellow Huddlers

  5. CJ Injured?

    I knew who he meant.
  6. chat........

    Anyone? Hello?
  7. Willie Parker Celebration thread

    Have him in 3 leagues. Started him in 2.
  8. chat........

    Why's the f-ing Skybox closed?
  9. PGA Championship

    Just wanted to share with you all that this week I played Elkington but not Olazabal, and this is where they stand right now: 6 Jose Maria Olazabal -4 T61 Steve Elkington 5
  10. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Do you also believe in Santa Claus?
  11. Somewhere, T.O. is laughing. . .

    My Steelers are looking pretty good so far. Steelers