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  1. C. Johnson @ CLE Steve Smith vs. NO M. Clayton @ MIN
  2. Do you downgrade these guys a bit (I have Deuce #7 overall) since they probably won't play a single 'home' game this year?? Or will they play their butts off and have a monster year?? discuss
  3. Giants fans

    Count me among the Big Blue faithful!!
  4. Need 1 WR

    Anyone else have any insight... gotta turn line up by 1:00 starts
  5. Need 1 WR

    I gotta start one of these 2... Line up go in soon... thanks
  6. Giants have no stamina ...

    I would agree Grits. As a life-long Giants fan it si tough to watch a promising season go straight to heck. I didn't expect a ton this season and then they go and get my hopes up... :doah: It is like a
  7. RB wdis

    heh... I would start Alexander & Jones. Manning will be winging it down the field every chance he gets
  8. I think the right starters are DDavis & McGahee... What do you think? Thanks chad
  9. Any Jamal Lewis Updates?

    Found my own answer... Jamal Lewis' injured ankle still aches and it is hard for him to make certain cuts, but he told the team's web site that he will be ready to carry the ball as much as needed on Sunday. "My main goal [is] just keep Peyton off the field and try to run the ball effectively and take control of the clock," Lewis said. "As long as I can stay in there and stay hot, I'll be all right."
  10. Anyone have the info??
  11. D/ST help.

    I like the SD choice
  12. Davis is da man Please see my post chad
  13. Jones ... please see my post chad
  14. I am still alive in a few leagues and I need some help I have to start 2 of these guys -- McGahee at CIN- No Brainer? DDavis at CHI OSmith at DET Jamal Lewis at IND - Injury issues make either a tough play Chester Taylor at IND And I have to start 2 of these guys in another league-- Martin vs SEA Jamal Lewis at IND OSmith at DET Rudi Johnson vs BUF and 1 QB Carr at CHI Rothlisberger at NYG Thanks!! chad