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  1. Nutty Professor, indeed.

  2. New England's CB depth a concern?

    Ellis Hobbs is raw, but he's going to be good.
  3. The Results of Martins MRI are....

    Prognosis negative?
  4. Calling all Purple Eater Fans!

    "stay within themselves" has to be one of the silliest comments ever made.
  5. what do you need on MNF?

    In one league, I need Tiki and Antonio Pierce to score 50 points, assuming Keyshawn and Gibril Wilson score 0. When donkeys fly. I another, I need Julius Jones, Jay Feely, Antonio Pierce and Lamar Marshall to outscore Will Smith and Courtney Watson by about 1.5 points. Think I gotta chance here. In yet another, I need Julius and Deuce to outscore Tiki and Jason Witten by more than 29 points.
  6. Burleson out for game

    And here I thought he had no stats to speak of due to having Culpepper for a QB.
  7. Can Tice be fired in the middle of a game?

    So where's Mewelde Moore in all this? Is he getting any play at all here?
  8. This is a scary place. People actually hang out in the advice forum? Apparently whining elicits a response. Keep this in mind for the future.
  9. Is there an inside joke?

    You must slide a reference about his shiny white Ponies into the comment though. GB Mystery Huddler.
  10. I'm Enjoying This Game So Far

    I can't believe Trotter got himself thrown out before the game even started. Doofus.
  11. Jenkins out for the year

    Speculation on the radio today was that Jenkin's injury yesterday turned the tide in the game, ie., Peppers was freer to do what he does when Jenkins was tying up a couple guys, etc. I didn't see it so I can't really say. The CAR D was looking like a great play this year. Who backs up Jenkins...will he be able to do the job? I know Jenkins is a HUGE guy, so they're big shoes to fill.
  12. Are the 49ers this years chargers?

    Standing alone atop their division.... Much as I hated to see Steven Jackson doing NOTHING, I enjoyed the comedy of Mike Martz coughing up a fur ball.
  13. How bout that Colts D

    Flipping Cato June is [this close] to causing me to lose a game tonight. He's got a whopping 21 points in my dynasty league thanks to that INT/TD.
  14. Walker tears ACL

    Well. Crap.
  15. Fanball cr@ppin out

    I have one league there. I've been trying to convince them to go to mfl for years now. It's awful.
  16. Player you absolutely hate.

    A guy like TO's talent is undeniable...but I think that the damage he would cause to team chemistry just isn't worth what he brings. Then again, I'm a Pats fan. I'm a firm believer in the chemistry/team model as opposed to the individual superstar model. And of course, I'm way happy to have Harrison on my team. I was a fan of his when he played for the Chargers though, too.
  17. Superdome may have to be torn down

    I think the NFL should kick in some big bucks to help rebuild a stadium and permanently put the super bowl there, but they won't be ready to build a stadium for a pretty long time. Bigger fish to fry, as it were.
  18. Koren Robinson

    So Mike Tice got lonely without a headcase WR to babysit? At least Moss was talented...
  19. Skins LB Robert McCune released

    So much for that hype
  20. Stephen Friggin Jackson

  21. Another Maddenism

    I had the game on briefly last night. The score was 14-0 Rams. It was right around the point in the game when Terry Fair was hurt. The game's getting ready to resume and Madden says, "You know, one thing I notice so far is that the Rams seem faster than the Lions."
  22. Demarcus Ware

    I'm just mad that I took the wrong rookie DE in Dallas this year. Demarcus Ware / Marcus Spears.
  23. Bears wrestle with starting Orton

    What's to wrestle with? If Orton totally falls on his ass, they can always come back to Hutchinson right?

    Yeah, but Romeo is a great coach on D. He'll whip 'em into shape, although it would be hard to imagine the transformation taking place in the first season.
  25. Cholesterol #s

    The diet is very important. People who are genetically predisposed to cholesterol problems aren't likely to have a ton of success with it though. You could go on the perfect diet and stick with it and still not lower your numbers much. Those folks really need the lipitor, or whatever.