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  1. Irish! Thanks for your help. Across two leagues, WDIS? Deshaun or Dak? Pettis or C. Samuel? Brate or Uzomah? Gus or Lockett at flex? and Colts or Bengals? (Yes, only options) thanks again Irish! Good luck to you and all...
  2. Deshaun or Dak?

    Practically tied in most rankings I’ve seen. Texans kickoff in 3 hours. deshaun or dak? WDIS?
  3. Bengals DST ?!

    Thankfully in the playoffs but stuck with two bad choices: Bengals vs OAK or Colts vs DAL Tough call here. Opinions? WDIS? good luck
  4. Eifert Injury Implications

    Truth! After losing (and dropping) Greg Olsen and then losing OJ, I'm looking at: Uzomah Swain Gates Clay Heuermann and worse... Strange times at TE...
  5. Eifert Injury Implications

    C.J. Uzomah - TE - Bengals ESPN Bengals reporter Katherine Terrell expects C.J. Uzomah to be Cincinnati's top tight end moving forward. It's been about one calendar year since we last had a blurb on Uzomah, but he's now stepping into a promising spot in the Bengals' offense as a catch-first tight end. Terrell believes Uzomah has moved ahead of Tyler Kroft on the depth chart. Uzomah caught his lone target for a six-yard gain last week and flashed a bit in 2016 with 25 catches for 234 yards and a score, making eight starts. With where tight end is at in fantasy, Uzomah is on the fringe of start-able. Source: Katherine Terrell on Twitter
  6. Trying to get a better take on Bortles this season. I’ve seen him listed at #19 and 20 in huddle cheat sheets. The recent Huddle sleeper and value plays article has him outside the top 25, but then the article says: Best of the Rest: Blake Bortles: Has a great schedule, a gaggle of moderately talented receivers and he’s been no worse than No. 13 for the last three years. Thoughts on Bortles value this season? ...
  7. Who do I start with Rogers? Keenum vs CIN or Bortles vs HOU? Feels like real coin toss. Thoughts?
  8. Tough call at flex. Hill is always a threat to put up big points and Davis has one carer TD. But I’m leaning toward Davis. Weird. Thoughts?
  9. Season on the line .....Wdis at qb

    Riding with Keenum this week.
  10. Lynch or Bernard

    I like Lynch in this one, hoping he doesn’t get ejected for a bonehead play.
  11. Williams, on a terrible offense with Jones back, because he dominated last week and the weather is bad? Davis, in a bad matchup at Jax, because he has no competition for carries and looked good last week? Darkwa, just because? WDIS?
  12. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread

    Fuad Reveiz - Miami Sunset Sr. High - Class of '81
  13. Winds in Oakland are forecast at 25 to 30mph during the entire game. Anybody downgrading both passing games? I've got Carr, Cooper, and Diggs starting in a few leagues and I'm looking looking at my benches and FAs. Anyone else?
  14. Unbelievably, I won the championship in my big $ local, without a QB. Anyone else? Stanton hurt and Cutler benched after rosters were locked. Somehow, Luck and AJ put up goose eggs and I cruise to an easy victory. NO QB Foster Miller A. Brown Hopkins Moncrief Gronk Zeurlean Lions Strangest, sweetest championship ever!
  15. FF SB Winning Teams - Let's see 'em!

    SB Winning Lineup QB - None. Not Cutler. Not Stanton. RB- Arian Foster RB- Lamar Miller WR- Antonio Brown WR- DeAndre Hopkins WR- Donte Moncrief TE- Gronk K- Greg the Leg DST- Lions