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  1. Cadillac

    American car clich├ęs aside, what does everyone think of Cadillac's durability? He already has a slow leak in one of those tires. Does anyone have the stats on rookie running backs starting every game of the season? I seem to recall they are pretty low. Reasons are Hitting the Rookie Wall, much harder hitters in the NFL, blocking for blitz pick-up, etc... I'm also trying to pick up Pittman this week. But Cadillac seems like a prime candidate for an injury or a late season melt-down. Thoughts?
  2. Mewelde Moore

    Believe me, I like seeing that in the Start/bench list. But can it really be true? Is he a good start this week? I planned to keep Mewelde stashed on the bench until Tice gets his head out of his hindquarter. I definitely think he's the best of the bunch in Minny. But that aint saying much right now. Anyone playing him this week?
  3. King Of The Mountain

    SEACHICKENS over RedBirds. Thanks for reminder.
  4. Cadillac

    missed that one. GO CADILLAC!
  5. Cadillac

    Because, so far, other than Edgerrin James, no other rookie RB starting all 16 games in a regular season has been mentioned here. Seems like the odds are against him.
  6. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    Alexander Julius Tiki
  7. Mungro and Rhodes

    Good info Captain. Does this mean Edge will actually find the end-zone this week?!!
  8. Your picks to click....

    How bout Cadillac? Already has a slow leak in one of those tires. What are the stats on rookie running back starting every game of the season? I seem to recall they are pretty low. Hitting the Rookie Wall, etc... I'm also trying to pick up Pittman this week. But Cadillac seems like a prime candidate. Thoughts?
  9. Housh!

    Didn't see the game but Housh had a nice statline. Anyone think he'll put up decent numbers in Chi next week? Is he really a stud #2 for the season or just a matchup start? Trying to figure this guy out. Along with the rest of my roster... The felinecats are growing into Tigers. Well, I'll be....
  10. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    Noticed the exact same thing. Especially with the mic in her right hand. But she's a HUGH improvement over Tafoya, who looked like a freakin Purple Anything Eater last week. I don't care how good she may be at the job, if she's fugly on TV, nobody's gonna like her. I like the new chic, elbows and all...
  11. Housh!

    Just might have to do the same....
  12. Desperate in Detroit...

    Keeper for the Lionesses, I meant. Better than Orlovsky, which is the only reason Joey didn't get his ass put on the bench last week. But those stats are ugly, I must admit! Maybe they should make a move for Ramsey?
  13. Housh!

    Got him in the 9th as well. But I've been starting Branch and Coles. And have Clayton too. I can use him in a flex this week, as K. jones has a bye. (If I did that last week, I would've won.) CHI is tough and my other receivers are there teams' # 1's. He's an intruiging start, but seems like a risk.
  14. Desperate in Detroit...

    Mike McMahon was a keeper. Shouldn't have dumped him Mooch!
  15. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    LT Fitzgerald Holmes
  16. Weekly Blitz

  17. I have a chance to trade Kevin Jones and Laverneous Coles for Tomlison. With the improved D's in the AFC West, is he still the clearcut #1, way ahead of other RBs? My WRs will still be ok for the most part without Coles. I was pretty high on K. Jones for this season, but I'm thinking I should jump on the chance to get LT? Shouldn't I?
  18. Am I Overracting?

    DO IT.
  19. QB help

    Ouch. Tough call. I would expect Plummer to bounce back against SD, who let Bledsoe put up big numbers. As for Gus..I think it's anyone's guess at this point. He did look good though. Good luck.
  20. Chance to get Ladanian

    Branch Coles M. Clayton TJ Housh Lloyd May be able to pick up Colbert in the trade.
  21. King Of The Mountain

  22. Two TD drops?! What the FUHH is up with that?! I saw one on a highlight. Only just heard about the other. I had Coles in my lineup but couldn't watch the game. Can anyone give more info about his play? Routes? Drops? Impact on the game? Looks like the J-E-T-S will suck, suck, suck this year....