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  1. How to geet a league Trading?

    Trades have to help both teams, so each must be deep enough to cover. Most FF players are too scared to make a trade for their studs just in case it doesn't work out. Nature of the game, but you have to make it make sense for both teams.
  2. trade offer

    no... walk away. C.Johnson is money and DD plays for Houston... nuff said.
  3. Who else is 0-2?

    0-2 in two leagues, but I don't dwell on it. Manning had a sub par outing last week, but so have a lot of FF studs. The high scoring games will come around to give up the FF points, but so far I see the Texans and Ravens as weak FF payout only because the offenses are in such disarray. This is why leagues should pay out the highest for overall points.
  4. Big Trade for Owens?

    In a heartbeat. TO is money, and so is Palmer.
  5. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Lost to I Like Soup in the GVE league 102.48 to 102.38... life is cruel.
  6. 27,604 posts...

    Oh what sad times are these when passing ruffians can hurt the fragile newbie tool soul. Smack is smack, and its foundation is sarcasm... get a clue before you call someone out.
  7. Did Theezman and Crew

    I can't stand Theisman or Macguire, and wonder why Chris Bermann isn't put in that slot... back, back, back, back... But even more disturbing than Theisman is your avatar... please change it.
  8. Is T Bell injured?

    me too.
  9. Jamal Lewis

    Owning Chester Taylor and not Jamal, I'm leaning towards an RBBC to see who can run the rock. The O as a whole looks like shat, and it's killing the D. Too early to jump ship, and FWIW there are a bunch of slow starters. A. Green, DD (though he did have one TD today), and a bunch of other teams are yet to peak. Manning didn't do squat today but win the game... not like he's going to be benched anytime soon on any savvy FF team, but you know some newbie dipstick will trade him away for W. Parker.
  10. Let's talk about the Metal

    I swore when I was 16 that I still be listening to Aerosmith till the day I died… not too insightful. I don’t listen to head banging music unless I’m working out, but Tool and Rage against the machine make the list. Still a big fan of early grunge, and while you can slam it, the lyrical content in Pearl Jam and Nirvana are excellent. Bands like Poison and Cinderella were more show than anything, and I’d really like to catch a live show when a bunch of washed up metal bands come to town.
  11. 70's Show

    Donna of the two, but the blond sister would be more fun than either Jackie or Donna.
  12. Mike Anderson?

    me too, only I have to pick bnetween Anderson and Suggs... the lesser of two evils.
  13. Ricky Williams

    I have Suggs and Anderson in the GVE league with Ricky on the bench. With those backs you'd probably not play him, considering R. Brown will have a few weeks under his belt and a RBBC is about best case. I'd trade Benson to the Jones owner to upgrade a WR and pick him up. Benson will have good weeks, but Jones isn't going away unless he's injured, so RBBC is the best bet there as well. The Bears don't have the offense to support an elite back, but Miami might. I don't care that Ricky is a dork... FF points are points. There is a lot of upside, and I really am looking forward to see how it plays out either way.