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  1. My Kelce for Gronk & Julio

    Do it!!!
  2. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    That still doesn’t change the fact that TD was on pace to rewrite the record books before that moron blew out his own teammates knew.
  3. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    That is a laugher! He was the biggest player on the field in an era where offensive linemen were the size of modern day linebackers and fullbacks. Payton/Sanders LT Smith Dickerson TD Faulk
  4. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    This is just nuts. Terrell would hold every RB record there is if it weren't for the idiot Matt Lepsis diving into his leg out of bounds. And he would have done that on ANY team in the league in ANY scheme. He was a special talent. Jamaal Charles couldn't hold his jock strap. TD belongs in the hall, JC buys a ticket to look at TDs bust. Being as much of an Elway fan as anyone...TD was the reason they won the super bowls. Without him they don't get it done.
  5. Trade Mark Ingram?

    Do it fast! Ingram will not hold the value he has right now. He exploded on his return but he is the back of the past in that offense. Kamara is the future and it will show after the bye. Expect the roles from last game to flip for the remainder of the year.
  6. Should I veto this trade?

    Normally I would say no...but any trade involving Jamaal Charles in 2018 should at least get a second look at a veto. I didn't know he was even still trying to find a job!

    Take it...run...laugh...win.
  8. Id do it. I dont think the drop off right now is that big from DJ to Hyde. If the Cards get their crap together it may end up being worse but for right now I dont dislike it. Plus you add quality AND depth at WR.
  9. can't stop trading

    I would do that in a heartbeat with your team. You dont know what is going to happen with Bell but you know OBJ is a stud. Michel is looking like a good thing too who with the right week can produce like Bell.
  10. In Trouble

    You are winning...dont trade for the sake of trading.
  11. Mahomes has one TD in the last 2 games...he is slowing down.
  12. Trading for Antonio Brown

    Maybe throw in Coutee. He had 2 good weeks and that may be enough to make him feel like the drop off isnt as bad. Watson, Lindsey, Coutee For Brown, Cousins, and the drop Play up the Watson-Coutee connection
  13. You can play 2 TEs right? Id do it. Mahomes is slowing down and as there is more film to study on him in that offense it will continue.
  14. Lineup Help

    Ajayi and Shepard