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  1. Devy Player Tracker

    Pick 8.07 TJ Edwards - LB - Wisconsin Used QB devy pick I dropped Rashan Gary before I made the pick
  2. On deck pick up for trade

    Trading the pick on deck (3.07) for trade...looking for pick(s) next year in exchange.
  3. Devy Player Tracker

    Pick 2.07 - AJ Dillon - RB Boston College There is not a RB Devy pick so I am using a WR spot.
  4. Devy Player Tracker

    Pick 1.07 - Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin
  5. Devy Player Tracker

    I could have sworn I asked this before and was told we couldn’t cut them or it says something like that in another rule.
  6. Devy Player Tracker

    So devy players can be dropped in the off season or even during the draft to make room?
  7. Wolverines/Columbus trade

    Wolverines gives $10 Columbus gives Nelson Agholor agree
  8. AFL Owner listing

  9. Confusion any interest in moving Gronk?

    1. rr23724


      It would take a lot...at least an early 1st

  10. Gronk

    Picks for next year
  11. Gronk

    I have him in Dynasty on a bad team I took over and he is my best player to trade for building purposes. I have him on a 6 year deal. Am I greedy in asking for multiple 1st round rookie draft picks and then some? Im thinking 2 1st rounders and maybe a 2nd for one of the best TEs in the game (and locked up through his prime).
  12. What's everybody's *actual* sport of choice?

    I wrestled from 4 years old until I was 19...I have coached it now for 20 years. I also played football, baseball, soccer, and rugby but never on the level that I wrestled. Placed in state and was 6th in the grand nationals my senior year in HS. Nothing teaches toughness and discipline like wrestling.