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  1. yep
  2. yep
  3. AZ Outlaws will give Year 2017 Draft Pick 3.07 Year 2017 Draft Pick 18.16 To The Perfect Storm for Year 2017 Draft Pick 6.15 Year 2017 Draft Pick 12.15 Agree
  4. 1st or 2nd round...rookie picks and later vet picks in return..just need to balance salary cap
  5. getting ready...cant wait!
  6. Paid on leaguesafe just now
  7. If we get this done quick are we still going to wait until May to do the Vet draft? I'd say a week after the order is drawn should be enough to get ready...other thoughts?
  8. I'll go vet 1.02 rookie 1.14 might as well get a top vet since the top rookies are going to be gone
  9. You rolled 8d20 instead of 8d100
  10. Mine was rolled...I will have last choice of spots with my whopping 398. Rolling a 2 never helps!
  11. Can we pay with paypal or do we need to use league safe?
  12. Present...Currently Franchise 9...not feeling creative enough to name it yet.
  13. Picks for next year
  14. I have him in Dynasty on a bad team I took over and he is my best player to trade for building purposes. I have him on a 6 year deal. Am I greedy in asking for multiple 1st round rookie draft picks and then some? Im thinking 2 1st rounders and maybe a 2nd for one of the best TEs in the game (and locked up through his prime).
  15. I wrestled from 4 years old until I was 19...I have coached it now for 20 years. I also played football, baseball, soccer, and rugby but never on the level that I wrestled. Placed in state and was 6th in the grand nationals my senior year in HS. Nothing teaches toughness and discipline like wrestling.