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  1. Gronk

    I have him in Dynasty on a bad team I took over and he is my best player to trade for building purposes. I have him on a 6 year deal. Am I greedy in asking for multiple 1st round rookie draft picks and then some? Im thinking 2 1st rounders and maybe a 2nd for one of the best TEs in the game (and locked up through his prime).
  2. Gronk

    Picks for next year
  3. What's everybody's *actual* sport of choice?

    I wrestled from 4 years old until I was 19...I have coached it now for 20 years. I also played football, baseball, soccer, and rugby but never on the level that I wrestled. Placed in state and was 6th in the grand nationals my senior year in HS. Nothing teaches toughness and discipline like wrestling.