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  1. K Benjamin

    Seems like the perfect Patriot reclamation project.
  2. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    But when people speak our minds against what he did we are labeled as a racist? That's the BS of the whole situation. He has been out of the game for 2 years. I would imagine he doesn't look good when he does work out for teams and they actually have a reason for not signing him. He wasn't an accurate passer before, what do you think a 2 year layoff has done for him?
  3. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    How are they still in the league without paying full dues by the deadline?
  4. One song

    I start every day with Werewolves of London from Warren Zevon. I know its a goofy song but try to have a bad day after starting out with that gem.
  5. Accept or Decline this Trade?

    Id take it. Like someone pointed out, both RBs are wild cards. Why not have another good young player with the wild card?
  6. L Bell and Trey Burton for Kelce

    I feel like this is one of those situations like "My girlfriend goes to a different school". I don't believe this league exists until I see the website. Show us some proof.
  7. Been offered a trade

    Not only should you turn that down...you should punch the guy in the face for offering something that bad. Then help him up. Then punch him again. Rinse and repeat until you feel satisfied.
  8. veto trade?

    Terrible trade. Immediately make bad offers for whatever decent players that guy has left. Take advantage of him. Get his 1st round pick next year while you are at it. Then you should probably either get that owner out of your league or just be the first person to take advantage of him every season.
  9. With a roster like that I think either the other owners are idiots and will take any trade you offer or its like a 4-8 team league and every roster is stacked. Id either offer lower for Zeke to see if they take it or just stand pat with an all-star lineup. Try starting the offer with DJ (hope the name carries weight) and DT (tell them Thomas is about to go big in his new digs) and see if he bites.
  10. Should I accept this trade?

    This...some people will nearly break the bank just for his name on their roster.
  11. Trade advice

    If Hill is healthy I'd take this.
  12. Is this a bad trade for me?

    Resist the temptation of trading for the sake of trading. Your team is loaded.
  13. Did I win or lose this Juju trade?

    You rolled on that one. Watkins is unreliable and Coleman is up and down depending on health of Freeman. Juju is a stud and will just keep getting better.
  14. This is fun

    B, A, C
  15. Big Trade, need advice

    Trade 2 and run!
  16. Trade Advice...Do I say Yes?

    I dont think Evans is enough of an upgrade to let Kamara go. You will have to play the weekly guessing game with Minnesota RBs and Watson wont play for you most weeks with Cam. No point in worrying about back up QBs. They will play 1 game a year for you.
  17. What side wins?

    Thomas > Hill Ingram < Johnson (the first game was an anomaly) Golliday ≥ Gabriel (match up based in my opinion with the lean to Golliday) I do think the gap between Thomas and Hill and the slight edge to Golliday gives that owner the win.
  18. Giants fire sale

    No one will take Eli anyway
  19. I voted fair because it is not far off from being balanced. Zeke over Conner is not as clear cut as people think. Zeke hasn't played well and Conner looks to be a long haul play in Pittsburgh. He will split some time during the second half but will be the full time guy next year when Bell is gone. Hill over Jeffery is the only obvious discrepancy in the trade in my opinion. I'd let it go.
  20. Which Of These Are Examples Of Collusion?

    1, 5, and 6 to me are collusion.
  21. Trade loan collusion?

    The only person who will tell him it is OK is the guy he is colluding with. This is bush league crap. Not allowed in any league Ive ever heard of.
  22. My Kelce for Gronk & Julio

    Do it!!!
  23. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    That still doesn’t change the fact that TD was on pace to rewrite the record books before that moron blew out his own teammates knew.
  24. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    That is a laugher! He was the biggest player on the field in an era where offensive linemen were the size of modern day linebackers and fullbacks. Payton/Sanders LT Smith Dickerson TD Faulk