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  1. Trade - GAF/Longhorns

  2. 2019 Roster Moves - GAF

    Drop I. Crowell
  3. No take backs or do overs....yes it is....haahha
  4. Rule Review Discussion: Heisman Bonus Cash

    Booo on rejection...kinda liked the "escape from the norm" part of this.
  5. I understand your point...I still feel like we either keep 3 Devy's or we expand to 4 with the requirement that 1 of the 4 be defense. If you have 3 offense and don't want to bring on a 4th Devy IDP then you don't have to do it but you can't substitute in a rookie/qualifying DTS guy. Way I see it at least the 4th spot allows those who want a IDP to bring them in without losing a position for an offensive Devy/DTS position. For most smart owners they either would take the risk and end up with a IDP that pays off (for the risk) or they carried a guy who becomes irrelevant....