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  1. No take backs or do overs....yes it is....haahha
  2. Rule Review Discussion: Heisman Bonus Cash

    Booo on rejection...kinda liked the "escape from the norm" part of this.
  3. I understand your point...I still feel like we either keep 3 Devy's or we expand to 4 with the requirement that 1 of the 4 be defense. If you have 3 offense and don't want to bring on a 4th Devy IDP then you don't have to do it but you can't substitute in a rookie/qualifying DTS guy. Way I see it at least the 4th spot allows those who want a IDP to bring them in without losing a position for an offensive Devy/DTS position. For most smart owners they either would take the risk and end up with a IDP that pays off (for the risk) or they carried a guy who becomes irrelevant....
  4. Disagree Def....being able to watch a college football season and then identify a few top defensive guys who are solid next year prospects is not that hard....even if you are just doing some basic analytics work on guys staying back another year. Again not everyone has the time or interest...but for those who do why would we not open up a 4th spot for that purpose....does it really take away from anyone.
  5. Not to quote you directly Fleming but its not randomness...what it does is it rewards those "active owners who are paying attention year round" why wouldn't we want to do that.
  6. Apologies you are actually the 4th Devy would be a big deal and I would get behind.
  7. Rule Review Discussion: Heisman Bonus Cash

    Damn!!! Love concept whoever suggested. Yea I'm for it....and $5-10 is a good number but not more than that.