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  1. I accept
  2. mills023@gmail.com
  3. I'm interested in your league. What are the details?
  4. So this is a best ball format, where you don't set a lineup?
  5. No. As a rebuilding team there were plenty of times last year that I tried to get a FA to fill a hole but with limited resources to spend I was outbid. Also it's not like you can just pick up FAs throughout the week so you're manure out of luck if the FA period passes and you don't win your bid on a player and/or players. I don't see this changing unless you either allow players to go through waivers from worst teams to first or if you allow teams to acquire FAs more than just one day a week.
  6. 50 smackaroos sent via PayPal
  7. I worked hard to get those 4 wins. Not having my own first round pick was extra incentive but my goal is to increase my win total every year
  8. Minnesota back
  9. Kenneth Acker KCC CB sign to 1 year
  10. David Irving signed to a 3 year contract