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  1. Seriously

    huh, step away for a few weeks and the whole neighborhood changed
  2. Adrian Peterson... Next stop

    He covered all the bases, by missed covering home plate: a threat to go play for the Packers, which now is an interesting idea since they just cut Starks and are a balanced-offense away from making a serious run.
  3. Todd Gurley this week vs 49ers?

    Hoping you didn't cost some teams a FF championship. Between this bonehead call and the debacle that was the Elliott thread, you should take a bye week and get your head together. Good news is that you and Irish seem to be hitting it off, so you'll have some good company in the doghouse.
  4. What to do with Zeke?

    Thanks. I am not sure why some people here have a tough time admitting when another poster is right. The conversation was never about how many fantasy points he was going to score. It was about his workload. I even said I wouldn't bench him, just temper expectations. Had he received his normal workload, he would have rushed for 150-170 and perhaps another TD or two. Many were probably holding out hope for a Leveon Bell/Devonte Freeman type week where he single-handedly won teams fantasy championships. It was pretty clear when the Giants lost that the Cowboys weren't going to use Elliot in that manner.
  5. I think its cute that you try to come off as some sort of fantasy guru.
  6. That's kind of how over/under's work.
  7. What to do with Zeke?

    Of course you still start him....but temper your expectations. Those here saying it will be a normal week (which for him is 24+ touches) are kidding themselves.
  8. He's averaging just over 24 touches per game through 14 games. I will be you whatever you want he doesn't get that many on Monday night.
  9. Those needing Zeke this week in championship games better be rooting for a Giants victory tomorrow night. If Phiadelphia wins at home, the Cowboys game Monday night is meaningless...and I would think they take the foot off the Elliott train a bit to start resting him for the playoffs. I wouldn't bench him, but I wouldn't expect his normal 20+ touches either.
  10. Todd Gurley this week vs 49ers?

    I would have said that was his ceiling. Not really saying much, since most of the league employs RBBC. He's barely better than some guys who only play on 3rd down. I think most expected him to be materially better than Bilal Powell and Rashad Jennings. He's closer to Yeldon than Elliot, stat-wise. He might be the bust of the year.
  11. I need Edelman to get through this game without injury (I am on a bye, and need him healthy for Week 15)
  12. For whomper

    What is a whomper? Are some larger than others?
  13. Chiefs - Raiders Thursday Night Game Thread

    It's supposed to be in the mid-20's, light wind. Thats football weather Now, if it was low-10's or single-digits, thats something else. If either of these teams claim that weather was a factor, they deserve to lose....and not be playing in January.
  14. H2H or Victory Points (or other) ranking system

    Points-scored can often be the result of one or two blow-up weeks, and not a real representation of true overall rankings. Our points leader in my 10-team league is actually 4th overall in terms of record. He is 1st in points because he had blow-up scores in Week 4 and Week 10. Other weeks, he was as average as they come. If you play in a head-to-head league, and coaches plan each week to beat the team they are facing (sometimes, its better to go with a sure 10 points than a shoot-for-the moon flukey player that might get you 15), then you sgould use overall records to rank teams. IMO