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  1. Aarron Curry twitter stuff

    That's a lofty statement, lol. Brian Bosworth Dan McGwire Rick Mirer
  2. Going to be in Seattle next weekend

    Sounders game was the single best sporting experience of my life. Just saying; my wife had a great time and she doesn't understand or enjoy soccer. Some things out of town people have enjoyed are... EMP/SF museum Space Needle Gameworks Seattle Aquarium Kinda depends on what you are into I guess. Also Huskies suck.
  3. Realistic expectations for Mark Ingram?

    I say he never becomes a week in week out stud, and people who said he isn't worth #1 overall can pat themselves on the back, but he also has stretches of solid RB1 performance and people who took him #1 overall can pat themselves on the back. Everyone wins, except the Saints.
  4. Chris Johnson's ride

    That's disgustingly ugly.
  5. Santonio Holmes

    I think Holmes becomes the #1 target for the jets after the bye week, his first action as a Jet saw him getting about equal targets to the the two previously starting WRs. He's a better talent than either Cotchery or Edwards, and that'll shine through. Braylon - 11 targets (5/70) Cotchery - 10 Targets (5/46) Holmes - 9 targets (3/41) LT - 7 targets (5/13) Keller - 5 targets (2/14) Small sample size, but it's all we got. League sizes differ, but a guy getting about 10+ targets a game is usually startable IMO.
  6. The Wire

    Amazing show, I'm looking forward to rewatching it, very soon.
  7. Time to pimp my show on FX

    I have to say FX is becoming one of my favorite networks... Sons of Anarchy, Sunny in Philadelphia, Rescue Me... honestly I watch more of their original programming than I miss, the only one I can think of that I don't watch is the one with Glen Close in it. Terriers will be Tivo'd for sure.
  8. Never gone to the immernets for help before...

    No way to know if they're identical before they're born. We've even been told it may take a while after they are born to be certain one way or the other, outside of running a DNA panel, and we won't be doing that, just wait and see.
  9. ... but my lady and I are having twins, and we're working on names, and when we go to family the advice always seems, well tainted. Here's what we are thinking of going with right now... Alexis Jade Overton Elianna Reese Overton (el-E-ahna) If the phonetic spelling is askew I apologize, but want to give anyone who would like to respond an idea since it can evidently be read about 25-30 different ways LOL. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated, so I can put this issue to rest and get back to my draft prep. Thanks, -DD21 Edited to add last names.
  10. Names that must be hard to go thru life with...

    Not really a double entendre, just a ridiculous name, my boss when I had a paper route... Scotty Scott. I always wondered if it was his real name, years later while I was working at Walgreens I had to help him with an RX, his state ID said Scotty Scott. (He didn't recognize me, so I asked for ID)
  11. What is the best college football movie ever?

    I'm not sure if it was HS or college, but what about Radio & Remember the Titans. Good flicks, bad memory.
  12. Any pre-draft rookie rankings out there?

    Me too. You post yours 1st. -DD21
  13. Strongly prefer IDP, auction would be cool, but I could take it or leave it. I haven't done a dynasty startup draft since GMX, and that was like 5-6 years ago now. Just throwing it out there, shoot me a pm if you know of a league, or you think you might wanna little help getting one going. Thanks -DD21
  14. "V" reimaged show begins tonight (11/3)...

    Everyone in my household enjoyed it, there was a mix of people who have seen the original, and some that knew nothing about it. It has achieved Season Pass status. -DD21