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  1. Help T.O. Get His Money !

    level 3 here. -DD21
  2. Better football through economic analysis

    I like the overtime auction idea, the cut and choose would be sweet. -DD21
  3. Who else hates the Seahawks?

  4. Who else hates the Seahawks?

    I've hated them for years. -DD21
  5. NY Jets IDP Outlook

    Yeah Rovers you better be right on Celestin!!! I just took him in the 20th round (of a 32 team league ) as my DB4, I NEED him to pay off. You can't afford to not have production from the 648th pick. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. -DD21
  6. Huddle log out problems

    Isn't that the thing next to your user name on the top left? -DD21
  7. Let's see your league sites

    Dynasty Wars II -DD21
  8. Just joined the Huddle.....

    I saw a draft where someone STOLE Forsey in the 12th round of a draft. -DD21
  9. Moss on grass fields

    I wouldn't be sure you'll even get one shot at Moss, he should be gone by the 13th pick for sure, and getting him with the ninth pick may not happen either, it only takes one guy ahead of you to pick him. His ADP from MFL is 14.15, which has him 12th to go, and his ADP is less than one pick later the 9th player taken. -DD21
  10. CCS

  11. Alexander a no-show at Hawks camp

    WOW!!! Just......... WOW!!!!! -DD21
  12. Seahawks

  13. new "32 Homers" league trying to get started

    I've been on the 32 homers list for Minnesota for years, I applied back when I was living there. -DD21
  14. CCS

    "Dyno-MITE" - JJ -DD21
  15. CCS

    Kevin Jones -DD21
  16. new "32 Homers" league trying to get started

    If it's $25 count me in, for the Vikings. -DD21
  17. new "32 Homers" league trying to get started

    I may be interested in the Vikings, I have a 32 team I'm looking to drop next year anyway. What about cost? Did I miss that? -DD21
  18. CCS Playoff

    Kevin Jones. -DD21
  19. CCS

    Kevin Jones. -DD21
  20. Seahawks

    That's Seahawks21, I think you have him and Seahawk37 confused. -DD21
  21. CCS

    Kevin Jones -DD21
  22. CCS

    MIKE JONES!!!!! WHO?....... oh yeah, Kevin Jones. -DD21
  23. Seahawks

    I will make my yearly/seasonal Seattle home team prediction...... They will make the playoffs.... and lose in the first round. I say it at the beginning of every Seahawk/Sonic/Mariner season, and I'm usually pretty close. I think I need to bring back my 'Seahawks Suck' sigline to counteract this guy. -DD21
  24. CCS

  25. Your biggest draft mistake.

    I drafted Tedy Bruschi in my 32 team league, yesterday. :doah: -DD21