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  1. lmao @ PIT

    LMFAO @ this thread...
  2. Crowder -2 pts.

    at this juncture no native Americans are worth starting as they can't even accumulate points in "garbage time"... Unfortunately, I stupidly started 3 of 'em this week, Cousins, Perine, and Crowder... what a dumpster fire...
  3. Cowboys and Redskins

    the only thing apparent about last night's game is that one team actually showed up to play, and the other decided to play with themselves in the locker room... my local Pop Warner team could've beaten the native Americans last night... however, the thing that most pisses me off about last night is the fact I actually (and obviously stupidly) thought Crowder had turned the corner on his abysmal season after Week 12, but how quickly I forgot his 2017 "breakout" game was against the putrid G-men... if Dallas could play Washington every week, I guarantee the '72 Dolphins would be shaking in their shoes... Godspeed to all who actually give a flip... good day...
  4. NBC Skycam/view fail

    the chick (I believe her name is Kay Adams) is kinda cute...
  5. NBC Skycam/view fail

    people actually WATCHED TNF??? that's the biggest shock to me... LOL as for the "Madden" cam, all of the Millennials who host Good Morning Football on NFLN were raving about it this morning... just watching a few of the highlights made me feel nauseated, but I'm like REALLY old! LOL
  6. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    Jones, Johnson, Smith and Williams would all be good adds... LMAO
  7. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

    Should also check for "NPLFL" (National Plus London Football League) or "NPAOCFL" (National Plus An Outside Country Football League"... LMAO
  8. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

    There are way too many things "wrong" with the NFL right now, to list here. But my biggest problem with Goodell is, as others have mentioned, the lack of consistent administration over disciplinary matters. But hey, if the owners want to pay him $50M to be their puppet, more power to him. I personally think they should be doing the opposite - i.e., showing him the door. However, no one has made me King for the day, so my opinion doesn't mean manure! P.S. - btw, if the London expansion ever does come to fruition, will they change the name and re-brand the shield to the "IFL?"
  9. Fast Willie Snead...

    Ok, so ZERO targets in a 47 - 10 blowout is definitely NOT 1) a 12/175/2 stat line, nor 2) the least bit encouraging...
  10. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

    I'm not disagreeing with you - as I said, the owner's (a/k/a puppet masters) pushed for this so they would have the complete upper hand. The players (at the time of negotiation) likely just "wanted to play" and had no clue as to what type of a monster they were creating. Now there are reports that Goodell wants a $50M salary plus lifetime use of a private jet and healthcare for his family - who knows whether that is real or fake news...but if real, the owners are total morons if they do grant him that, when what he really needs is a good swift kick to the exit... Regardless of whether he gets an extension or not, it will be a very interesting negotiation when the current CBA expires.
  11. Fast Willie Snead...

    Now that everyone is dropping him, he'll explode for 12 catches on 15 targets and 2 TDs...sprinkle in 175 receiving yards...that's just the way it is...just sayin'...
  12. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

    IMO, DeMaurice Smith is actually the one to blame here, for allowing the current CBA to grant the Commissioner full, unilateral reign and discretion over all NFL disciplinary matters...Jerrah (as one of the 32 puppet masters) is also partially to blame himself, for pushing (or at least not protesting the move) to give such unilateral power to Goodell when the CBA was negotiated...
  13. Are there actually 40 players WORTH putting a claim in for this week (or any other week for that matter)? In all of the leagues I play in, there are rarely more than a handful of players worthy of a claim in any given week...just sayin'... Maybe you should just leave it alone and let this guy claim 10 bye week kickers, then lock his roster so he cant drop them from his roster this week! LMAO
  14. Why Can't Some NFL Teams Do Well?

    "When you have an inept owner, inept front office personnel, and continue to cycle through inept re-tread coaches who have failed in multiple other places, you are destined to not do well." - the outlaw
  15. Aaron Jones - RB - Packers

    Splitting carries THIS week - yikes! Thought I would get at least 1 more week of full workload from Jones! per Rapoport as reported thru (10/15, 8:05am)...