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  1. Are there actually 40 players WORTH putting a claim in for this week (or any other week for that matter)? In all of the leagues I play in, there are rarely more than a handful of players worthy of a claim in any given week...just sayin'... Maybe you should just leave it alone and let this guy claim 10 bye week kickers, then lock his roster so he cant drop them from his roster this week! LMAO
  2. Why Can't Some NFL Teams Do Well?

    "When you have an inept owner, inept front office personnel, and continue to cycle through inept re-tread coaches who have failed in multiple other places, you are destined to not do well." - the outlaw
  3. Aaron Jones - RB - Packers

    Splitting carries THIS week - yikes! Thought I would get at least 1 more week of full workload from Jones! per Rapoport as reported thru (10/15, 8:05am)...
  4. Forums are getting soft - in the past when someone would come in to whine about a trade, the general consensus was to "suck it up buttercup" and move along...the only time any trade should ever be vetoed is when it's a clear case of collusion, let the owner's manage their teams as they see fit, yada, yada, yada... LMAO
  5. Aaron Jones - RB - Packers

    I totally scrolled thru and missed those posts above until now - my bad - bottom line is NOBODY (except maybe Mike McCarthy and/or Packers locker room) really knows how this will play out... However, I'm sure hoping Jones stays relevant since I've invested in him in several leagues, but only have one share of Montgomery (and, that's in my wife's 8-team office league where I use him as a flex behind Gordon and Hunt - LOL).
  6. Aaron Jones - RB - Packers

    There are some camps that believe Jones has over-taken Montgomery as the early down back, even after Montgomery returns from his cracked ribs... Per ESPN, through (10/11, 7:19pm):
  7. Washington earned this loss

    you answered your own question, it was a defensive/kicking team (KC) player who recovered/advanced the fumble...
  8. Washington earned this loss

    Wow - you guys are a LOT more bitter over that loss than I am...honestly, I was very impressed they went in to Arrowhead (one of the toughest, if not THE toughest places for opposing teams to play) in primetime on MNF where in recent history they have traditionally SUCKED, and walked away with just a 3-point loss (that last play only mattered to Vegas and fantasy). And, for the record it was the chemistry of Cousins, Reed, Garçon, and DJax that made the offense click last year (except in the Red Zone where they were 30th in the league in TD efficiency - and, I put that # squarely on the shoulders of offensive boy-genius, McVay). This season you've got a new guy in the system, who until 2 years ago was a QB, a second-year guy who didn't see the field his rookie season, and a third-year slot guy whom they may have slightly lost faith in because he's already muffed a couple of key punts this early in the season (I know fielding punts is way different than catching a nice spiral pass, but who knows what goes on inside the psyche between a QB and WR?). Oh yeah, and the TE who, when healthy, is a Top 2 talent in the league, BUT who can NEVER seem to stay healthy, including early this season... Anyway, this team may not make the playoffs, but from what I've seen thus far, I do think they'll at least contend. That home opener was a complete stinker, but I've been completely impressed the other 3 games by their young defensive talent, and commitment to a more balanced offensive attack. With 1/4 of the season in the books, we'll just have to see...
  9. Doug Martin looking good

    DMD, thanks for the clarification - I thought his suspension was 4, but didn't know (or couldn't remember) he had served 1 of them Wk. 17 last season....
  10. Doug Martin looking good

    Anyone heard any updates on his status? If I'm not mistaken, he has 2 more weeks left on his 4-game suspension due to the Bucs being forced to take their bye during NFL Week 1...however I'm not seeing any current chatter on him at all, though...I've been holding him in one league, but sure could use his roster spot elsewhere, although I don't want to just throw him away...I did read somewhere awhile ago, that he's not guaranteed to get the starting job once he returns...not sure whether to interpret that as "motivational coach-speak" or not...thoughts?
  11. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Just wait until I drive up in my Ferrari and lets see who's "over-compensating" then! LOL
  12. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Dammit, I thought that's exactly what this bad! LOL
  13. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Well, you win! So, I say bring back Jim Brown! But for me, almost 30 years (since the Redskins were last "relevant") sure does FEEL like 50+... Have the Browns ever hired a QB coach (Jim Zorn), who didn't even have any experience as an OC, then before the season, promote him to HC because nobody else wanted to work for them??? LMAO
  14. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    So Bub, are you trying to say you weren't so "Lucky" on the WW this week? LMAO
  15. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    This thread greatly amuses me, but only b/c my team sucks worse than me, since 1990 I've adopted the same "ownership sucks, coaching staff sucks, front office sucks" reverse psychology/mentality that is displayed here, so let me tell you it doesn't work - yeah, there's flashes here or there, to keep you coming back year after year, but at the end of the day.............they're STILL gonna SUCK!!! LMAO