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  1. Reports today are that Kirk has stated he absolutely refuses to negotiate LT deal with Allen...I miss the good ol' days of JKC, Bobby Beathard, and Charlie Casserly... sadly, I'm officially DONE with these clowns...
  2. ESPN now reporting Kirk has asked for a trade, but been told "not to get his hopes up"... You really can't make this crap up! LOL
  3. with Mike Evans in the Red Zone and D-Jax stretching the field over the top...
  4. LOL - this is happening only about 20 minutes from where I live, but think I will take a pass... more important things to do, like watch my dormant grass grow...
  5. Yeah, it's a total $H!+SHOW at Redskins Park right now... Apparently Scot McCloughan has never had full authority over personnel decisions, as had been advertised when hired, and Bruce Allen is a total dictator... according to several sources, McCloughan wanted to sign Cousins to a 3-year, $60M (what Kirk wanted) deal last year, but Allen quashed it... instead, he's now been tagged 2-years in a row, to the tune of $44M ($20M in 2016, and if not traded or long-term deal reached, $24M in 2017). Fans are even staging a 2-day protest at the offices and training facility (Redskins Park) for tomorrow and Saturday to have Bruce Allen fired, and Scot McCloughan retained! LOL What a total $H!+SHOW...
  6. I sure hope you're right, Irish... at this juncture I have a lot more confidence in Kirk's abilities, than I do Bruce Allen's to do the right thing (I still think he and Danny S. are controlling the purse strings and cap, while Scot McCloughan is merely the talent evaluation guy)!
  7. I still don't think the drama is over, guess is they'll still try to strike a deal w/SF for a ton of picks...we'll see...yeah, I'm overly pessimistic because this team has disappointed way too many times over the past 25 years...
  8. @ stevegrab, the link contains a video excerpt (it takes awhile to load) from one of their NFLN shows where Casserly discusses (preseason 2016) receiver corps rankings...his review included Doctson instead of Crowder, so it is definitely dated (although Crowder stepped-up in a huge way this season, IMO)... I don't necessarily disagree with anything you've said, was just pointing out (for d3's benefit), there are those who believe they do have a very above average group of receivers - collectively, not individually - I have no idea what analysis and/or metrics went into any of these reviews...
  9. Some of these are from preseason (less reliable) and others from later in the season (using actual results/stats). Either way, the Skins' receiving corps consistently ranked Top 5... so, I would say (like I did), arguably one of the best in the league... Here they're #4 (and, BTW the Rams are #25), Here, they're #2 (although preseason) but I 100% trust former NFL GM Charlie Casserley's opinion over yours (no offense)... And, here they're #3 (after Week 12) with the Rams coming in at #30, so please don't even try to compare the two groups... Anyway, those are just a few examples of what I am "hearing" or reading when I say the Skins had one of the best receiving corps in 2026... that of course will be completely tossed out the window next season (not because McVay left, but...), because D-Jax and very possibly Garcon will be gone, too...Doctson is an unknown (at least at the NFL level), and they'll likely have a lesser talented QB... That's all I've got, so I'm done on the topic... P.S. - OK, I thought I was done here, but BTW Packers and Falcons are both below the Redskins in each of these rankings... both of those teams "x" factor is the QB, not better receivers (as a group, not individually - of course Jordy and Julio are better, individually, than anyone on the Skins)... Just sayin'... Now, I'm done...LOL
  10. For anyone interested, here is the CBS Sports article regarding the comments Florio recently made during a local radio interview about the possibility of Cousins landing in LA with McVay. I realize most of these guys just like to hear themselves talk and they have to fill the air with something (usually controversial to generate ratings), but I think there is some merit in this case. I ultimately believe Cousins lands in SF to replace Kaep once Shanahan is hired there, though. I don't think the Skins will let him walk outright, but will tag him non-exclusive so they will get some form of compensation (draft picks) when he least that seems to be McCloughan's M.O.
  11. it's funny (because they won) that no one is talking about the multiple "no calls" on Adams, especially the one where his jersey was practically ripped off his back... just sayin' the calls went both ways...
  12. Unfortunately, I do think they'll let him walk...for whatever reason, he doesn't seem to be McCloughan's "guy"...I personally like him a lot, and absolutely do not believe they'll find anyone even close to what they have, but all indications are they believe Colt McCoy can run Gruden's scheme just as effectively (I do not)... if they had faith in Cousins, they would've locked him up last year... now he feels slighted, and believes he earned a huge paycheck, but they still do not - it's going to get even more contentious before March 1st...anyway, there's 100% chance the Redskins offense will regress next season, but it really has nothing to do with McVay's departure, it will be because Cousins, D-Jax, and even possibly Garcon will be gone, Reed can't stay healthy, and they don't have a legit workhorse RB (don't get me wrong, I love Fat Rob and he's a warrior, but there's a reason he was an UFA) - and, they absolutely HAVE to address too many defensive needs in the draft...
  13. BTW, where the Redskins are today (vs. a few years ago) has nothing to do with Sean McVay and EVERYTHING to do with a fellow by the name of Scot McCloughin... Cousins will not be the QB in DC next year... he'll either be in SF with Shanahan, or in LA with McVay (Florio's idea, not mine, but one that makes a lot of sense, IMO)...
  14. also, why WOULDN'T I measure his performance against the better defenses, especially when his team had everything to play for, and his opponents virtually nothing to play for? I am actually bitter about that...
  15. my bad on the Barry as DC mistake - you're absolutely right, they got Wade as their DC and Barry as their AHC, which makes absolutely ZERO sense to me (the Barry part, that is)..but anyway I bitterness that McVay left at all... his play calling (if you've followed the Redskins at all) is absolutely atrocious, especially in the Red Zone - how many times can you say, "back shoulder fade?" Rams fans will be saying it a LOT because that's all he knows in that area of the field... as for "fairly average receiving corps" I'm not sure where you're coming from with that comment, but around the league, many "experts" believe they (arguably) have one of the more talented over all groups in the league, particularly if you include Reed in that discussion...McVay is nothing more than a "media darling" IMO - all glitter and no substance, which is perfect for Tinsel Town...but only time will tell on that...I think the Rams will find out sooner than later, though... again, just my opinion and I'm by no stretch any type of brilliant football talent evaluator, but I do know what my eyes have seen the past couple of years